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Information and Purpose

Some Parsons & Quint genealogy, stories and photos. Parsons in Ireland emigrated in 1840's to Ohio. The long range purpose of this page is to preserve some common family interests. Currently, genealogy and Ray Parsons' Art Gallery are accessible from this site. Changes may be made periodically. This CD disk is copied from my files on the internet at and associated pages.

Interest in Genealogy

My parents, Philip George Parsons and Hazel Kathryn Quint. (Photos Sept. 1924) were active in collecting genealogy information for many years and I inherited the job of preserving and adding to it. Recognizing that genealogy data is somewhat boring, my parents collected related stories which were more of general interest. Access to both data and stories is available from this site. I have added some photos to some of the stories.

My mother's line goes back through Remember Allerton (a Mayflower passenger) and her husband, Moses Maverick to English Knights , Lords, Kings, William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, etc. You can see the genealogy line on at Family Trees, database = parsonsr data on my ancestors.

My father's grandfather came to Zanesville, Ohio from Tullamore, Ireland (click here for history of) with mother, brothers and sisters in the 1840's. In searching for his Irish ancestors I have collected considerable information on the Parsons Families in Ireland. To see data of Parsons in Ireland 1590-1850


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Stories Collected By My Parents

Along with the statistical collection of data on genealogy my folks were always interested in collecting stories of individuals and events to make genealogy more interesting. Over the years they convinced many relatives to write stories of events in the lives of their children, siblings, parents, grandparents, or themselves. I'm publishing the stories here as memorial to my parents. I hope their stories can be preserved and new stories added. Click on the name or item below to see a story and/or photo. Then use your "BACK" button to return to this index to go to another story, etc.

Stories and Photos from the Philip G. PARSONS side of the family

Philip G. Parsons , Robert Parsons (b. 1865) &, Maud L. Frost , Marion H. Parsons & Edgar N. Becker , Marion H. Parsons Becker Reish Ross , Donald B. Parsons & Pauline Simons Bailey , Scotch Ancestry of Nichol Family ,Anne M. Nichol and Simpson P. Frost, Robert Frost & Mary "Polly" Trent , Dr. Thomas Nichol & Sarah F. Patterson , Charles Parsons (b. 1822) & Maria Bagnell , Our Patterson Heritage , Daniel M. Leavitt & Susan P. Nichol , The Tullamore Connection -Banks, Bagnell, Skerritt & Parsons , Felix G. Farmer (son of Elizabeth Frost) , Catherine Banks Parsons (b. 1819) , Henry B. Parsons (b. 1855) & Alice Harper , Richard Parsons (b. 1847) , Maria Parsons (b. 1840) , Henry M. Parsons (b. 1849) , Charles A. Parsons (b.1861) & Hennrietta Waugh" , Robert L. Parsons (b.1883) & Geneva Shelton , James R. Parsons (b. 1922) ,

Stories and Photos from the Hazel K. QUINT side of the family

Hazel K. Quint , Louis F. Quint & Isabell F. Jackson , Archibald Jackson & Catharine Little , Louis F. Quint , Jotham S. Quint & Mary P. Tuffs , Clarence D. Quint & Lulu M. Tate , Perry A. Loyd &, (Anna) Mable Quint , Frank O. Dunwoody & Jennie M. Quint , Jacksons from Scotland , Jackson Cemetery, Hancock Co., IL , Lorenzo J. Little, Robert Stevenson & Clara A. Quint , James Arthur Morris & Florence E. Quint , Harold C. Gilliland & Mary Grace Quint , Elmer L. Quint & Geniveva M. Morris , Grace's Little Sister , Edward H. Gilliland & Margaret A. Ott , Roscoe B. Chalker & Mildred R. Stevenson , Iris M. Stevenson &, Bruce R. Henderson , Ralph D. Quint &, Mary L. Everman , Delmar L. Quint & Irma L. Keith , Gene L. Quint & JoAnn Blackman , Isaac Allerton & Mary Norris , John Maverick & Mary Gye , Hawkes - Cogswell , Hawkes' 1601 Brick , Saugus Iron Works , "Ohio Fever", 1817 , Rev. Francis Tufts Trip , Abraham Smith & Susanna Brock , Church -1699 New Hamp. , Friendship Quilt-1902 , Cora Belle Dale & John F. Knearl , Velma M. Knearl , Albanus D. Quint & Jane Cameron Hart , Marie E. (Quint) Newton obituary, Mildred (Stevenson) Chalker obituary , Herlan O. Loyd obituary ,

Stories and Photos of Descendants, Relatives and Events in their lives.

Robert M. Parsons & Erdeena M. Stolz , Raymond E. Parsons & Mary L. Smith , Neta M. Parsons , Stanley E. Sharp , Sanley A. Smith & Luella M. Ziegenfus , Stanley & Luella's 50th Anniv. , Colter Bay, Aug. 1969 , Hazel & Phil's 50th Aniv. , Mabel's Red Dress , Charles W. Smith & Janet Bass , Ziegenfuss Family History, Chapter 1 , George Ziegenfuss, Chapter 2 , Andrew Ziegenfuss, Chapter 3 , John Ziegenfuss, Chapter 4 , Matthias Ziegenfuss, Chapter 5 , Lloyd W. Sharp & Hilda L. Funk , Omer G. Sharp & Anna F. Halstead , Gene & JoAnn's picnic , David W. Parsons & Marie A. Imbriano , Bruce T. Neel & Linda J. Parsons , Thomas E. Parsons & Kathleen D. Stadler , Matthew Parfitt & Barbara A. Parsons , Albert W. Stolz & Bertha K. Stahlecker , Harold A. Quint & Constance Cedarholm , Henry A. Hettinger & Mary Elwell , John Carney & Mary Ann Parsons , William Hunsinger & Cornelia Holsizer , Mark D. Sharp & Gayle MacAllister , Steven Adams & Patricia A. Parsons , Charles W. Ziegenfus & Mary Ann Shindler , Gen. G. F. Wiles , My Sister, Luella , Clair Hoffman's Memories , Memories of the Eaarly West by Maud L. Parsons

If you are a relative of mine, I would like to hear your story and publish it on this site. Just type it on your word processor, save it as text file and attach it to an e-mail and I'll try to publish it here!!! Space is limited so please limit size of file to less than 8000 bytes (equals about two full typed pages). The photos are the best I have available. If you have better ones, have them scanned and send me e-mail with the *.jpg file attached or send the photo to me by snail mail.

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