Isaac Allerton

ca 1586 - February, 1658/9

Story by Philip G. Parsons, about 1973

Allerton Pilgrims on the Mayflower 1620. Story extracted by Philip G. Parsons from various references. The Allerton Family was Isaac Allerton, fifth signer of the Mayflower Company, his wife Mary, and children Bartholomew, Remember and Mary. He was called a tailor of London in the Leyden records, born in 1586 according to his deposition. As early as 1611 he was a resident of Leyden where he married of 4 November, 1611 Mary Norris of Newbury, Co. Berks, for his first wife. In 1614 he was admitted as burgess of Leyden. He became a merchant engaged in extensive trading in New England, the first "Yankee Trader". His three children born at Leyden, Holland were Bartholomew in 1612, Remember in 1614, and Mary in 1618.

Shortly after the belated departure of the Mayflower for her return to England on April 5, 1621, Governor Carver became ill and died a few days later. William Bradford, a young man of 32 years now became governor, which position he filled ably for more than thirty years. "As Bradford still felt in his huchkle bone the affects for the 'grief & paine' that had almost cost him his life, he asked for an aide. The company agreed and as the assistant governor, selected another of the Saints, Isaac Allerton, the London tailor, who remained in office till his disgrace ten years later when eh was caught fleecing his brethren, a great shock to 'ye pure and unspottyed Lambes of ye Lord,' who let out a roar of rage and drove him into exile." As Governor, Bradford was astute and practical, a far-sighted organizer and efficient administrator; as Assistant Governor, Allerton was a shrewd and sharp trader, who took over the plantations business dealings.

When the Pilgrims left Holland the SPEEDWELL slowly moved into the Maas and set sail for Southampton, those on board constituted only a small part of the congregation, not a sixth of the Green Gate company. Among them was Isaac Allerton, the tailor, with his wife Mary, big with child, and tree small children - Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary (age two), who lived to be the last survivor of this "waighty vicage". Mary, Isaac's wife, gave birth to a babe which did not live, while aboard the Mayflower in Cape Cod before the last of the Pilgrims finally left the ship on March 21st, 1621. Some weeks later she died in the "general sickness" on February 25, 1621.

Of the children of Isaac and Mary Allerton, Bartholomew returned to England where he married and may have become a minister. Remember and Mary grew up in Plymouth Colony. Remember married Mosses Maverick, pastor of Marblehead in 1635, and had six or more children. Rebecca Maverick, eldest daughter of Moses and Remember, baptized August 7, 1639 at Marblehead, Massachusetts married June 3, 1658, John Hawkes of Lynn, Massachusetts. Mary Allerton married in 1636, Elder Thomas Cushman and they had eight children.

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The Pilgrim Company is shown in Appendix A, to "Saints and Strangers", by George F. Willison, published 1945. Under the heading "Saints", 17 men, 10 women, 14 children is shown: Allerton, Master Isaac (c. 1586-1659) of London, tailor, "the first Yankee trader. " Probably one of Achient Brethren, Amsterdam; citizen, Leyden, 1614; asst. governor, Plymouth, 1621- c1631); married 1626, to 2nd wife, Fear Brewster (See Anne Saints); q child; Purchaser, 1626, Undertaker and London business agent, 1627-c1631; dismissed in disgrace, went to Marblehead operating fishing fleet until asked to leave by Massachusetts authorities, c 1653; merchant, New Amsterdam, c 1636-46; married, c 1644, to 3rd wife, Joanna (Swinnerton): merchant New Haven, c 1647-59, making fortune in Virginia and West Indian trade; died insolvent.

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