Bagnall-Bagnell Genealogy Information

Near Tullamore, Ireland in 1800's

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The object of this site is
1.)to deposit genealogical information on the Bagnall\Bagnell families near Tullamore, Ireland in an effort to help establish connections to their descendents.
2.)to make Bagnall genealogical information available to a wider audience.

It will be useful only if others contribute and document their information as to where it comes from, etc.

At least two other Bagnall web pages are available.
a. Phil Bagnall's page (more general) can be reached by clicking here. The site contains some interesting English Bagnall History and Crests. He also has the obituary of Nehemiah Bagnall (click here)
b. Stuart Bagnall has a web site on English Bagnalls which can be reached by clicking here.
c. Link to Facebook Group web site started Oct 2015 by Sue McCall click here

Documents to be seen (click on titles below)

>>>>>Note: Some scans are quite large and require a long time to load. Please wait patiently.

A. The book "A Family Tapestry. Book 2, published privately in 1949 contains information about the Tullamore Area Bagnalls. Louise Croyden of Ontario, Canada furnished me with copies of some of the pertinent pages on the Bagnalls. Betty Smith furnished pages 12 thru 18 later. The available pages are noted here. Click to view a page then use your "back" button to return here. You may need 800 resolution monitor to read.

"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, title page of book by Eva Plewman
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, Foreword page (copy from
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2,page 12
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 13
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 14
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 15
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 16
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 17
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 18
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 19 (Tipperary Bagnalls)
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 20(Book published 1949, out of print)
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 21(Area map)
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 23(copy from
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 24(King's County and The Rahugh Family of Bagnalls)
"A Family Tapestry", Book 2, page 25(copy from Note: Betty-Jane (Bennett) Smith who is listed at the bottom of page 25 can be reached at (Dec. 1999)

B. Bagnall Deaths & Graveyard Information near Tullamore

-------1. Rahugh information from John Bagnall a current (1999) resident of Rahugh, Ireland
-------2. Collected by Andy Thomson on trip to Tullamore, Ireland (from Australia)
-------3. Item from Andy Thomson (unknown original source) "Consolidated List of Burials"
-------4. Link to Will of Robert Bagnall of Kiltobber, d. 1865 & Chart of Descendants (from Ginny Haen, Feb. 2000)
-------5. Will of William Bagnall of Rahugh, d. ca 1879 (from Ginny Haen, Feb. 2000)

C. Stories & Lettters

-------1. Ray Parsons' "Tullamore Connection-Parsons, Bagnell, Skerritt, & Banks". (includes birth, marriage and death data of these surnames near Tullamore)
-------2. Ray Parsons' great-grandmother,Maria Bagnell (story by her sons)
-------3. John Bagnall of Kingstown (Dublin Co.) Died 1836/37 - by Ginny Haen, a descendant.
-------4. For Betty Smith's (see p. 25 "A Family Tapestry") connection to the Bagnalls click here.
-------5. For Malcolm McDonald's Bagnall connection in Australia

D. CANADA connections:

-------1. Letter Daniel Parkinson (click here for corrected e-mail address) to Ginny Haen, 2 Jan 1998 click here for copy of letter.
---------1b. List of Bagnall Marriages (1814-1901) Geashill Parish (near Tullamore)click here.
-------2. John Bagnall death in Canada adm. to James, of Rahue (film #0100973, Irish Probate Records-Indexes, Calendar of Wills and Admons. 1866-67 (Ginny Haen)) click here
-------3. Rawdon, Canada Bagnalls from Geashill (from Daniel Parkinson) click here.
---------3a. Bagnalls of Hemmingford, QC (from Daniel Parkinson) click here.
---------3b. Descendants of Alice Bagnall & Edward Tighe (from Douglas Wilson) click here.
-------4. New Brunswick, Canada Bagnells (from Francis 'Butch' Bagnell) click here.
-------5. Bagnalls from Rahugh, Ireland to Ontario & USA. (from Joyce Tremblay) click here.
---------5b. For more information on these Bagnalls from Joyce click here.
---------5c. An interesting Bio for Samuel Bagnell and Joyce Tremblay's Bagnall Family Research notes. click here.
---------5d. Children of Samuel Bagnall (1836-1917) & Elizabeth Stephenson (Mariah, Thomas, Henry, John, Emma, Herbert, Charles, George, Minnie) and Alfred Bagnall (1854-1924) & Mary Bessie Gray (Frank, Jean, Joseph, Elizabeth, Marguerite, John).
---------5e. Children of John Bagnall, (1862-1940) & Bridget Jubenville (1881-1954) (Roy & Cifford) and of Herbert Bagnall (Ann) and of Charles James Bagnall (Charles & Horace).

E. Old Photos

-------1. Nehemiah Bagnall & Mary Anne Roche, abt 1890
-------2. James Bagnell & Lilian Clatworthy and 3 other Mudgee, Australia photo pages (from Marcia Nelson)
-------3. Arthur Alister Horne & Edna Alma Isabelle Bagnell(from Marcia Nelson)
-------4. James Winston Bagnell & Ezma Mabel Bagnell(from Marcia Nelson)
-------5. Ellen (Bagnall) Teskey (b. ca 1846 - from Laurie Donovan-Case)
-------6. John Tolerton Bagnall Family ~1890 (from Bill Reque)

F. Lineage Charts

(Note: Differences appear between some linkages within the different charts. Which linkages are correct was not detemined, but all are printed as received except for minor changes which were later documented.) -------1."A Family Tapestry", Bagnall Chart 1 (1460-1999) with 5 panels
-------2."Pedigree of the Irish Branch of the Bagenal Family" with 5 panels
-------3.Handwritten chart by Nim Bagnell, gandson of Nehemiah (copy from Louise Croyden)
-------4.Irish Family Descent from William Bagnall (from Joy Cordeiro, NSW, Australia)
-------5. Chart of "Tullamore Area Bagnalls" spread over 4 inter-connected pages by Desmond Bagnall Sant Page 1, ++ Page 2, ++ Page 3, ++ Page 4,
-------6. Marcia Bagnell Nelson(click here to mail) has posted a GED of Australian descendants of William Bagnall (b. 1767, Tullamore) on the internet at To get a copy of the GED, go to and search for Abraham Bagnall.
-------7. Roy Burnell of Sydney, Australia(click here to mail) with Louise Croyden's help, has put together a "Descendant Report" on William Bagnall and Robert Bagnall back to 1770, Tullamore. William Bagnall's report is three pages. To see them click here William Bagnall page 1 , William Bagnall page 2 ,William Bagnall page 3 ,
Robert Bagnall Descendents was expanded June 1, 2002 to 8 pages: For Robert Bagnall page 1 , page 2 , page 3 , page 4 , page 5 , page 6 , page 7 , page 8

G. Other Documents.

-------1.Abraham Bagnall, death certificate,Died March 1865 (from Louise Croyden)
-------2.Elizabeth Bagnall, death record, Died 12 Mar 1889 (wife of 1. John O'Shannessy 2. Ephraim Bagnell)
-------3. For a detailed MAP of Tullamore area, click here. Clonminch does not show on map but it is an area just 1 mile south of Tullamore. (near where it says "Ballard" on the map, I think.)
-------4. Another item from Andy Thomson "Rahugh Land Occupiers in 1854".
-------5. Nehemiah Bagnall's marriage & Mary Ann Roche's birth certificates from Andy
-------6. Death Notices of Ephraim Bagnell & Mrs. Mary Ann Birtles (wife of James) from Joan Birtles
-------7. Prerogative Marriages in Ireland - Bagnalls 1692-1746 click here, with link to Hennrietta May's "Bagenal Family" web page.

H. A Pictoral Visit to Bagenal Country near Muine Bheag (Bagenalstown), County CARLOW, Ireland

(about 60 miles south south east of Tullamore). -------1. 39 Area Photos and Descriptions Contributed by Betty & Robert Smith.
-------2. Fieldcrest Manuscript on "Bagenal Family" by Reynolds Fieldcrest, 1990.

I. Links to other web sites on Travel in Ireland and Area Histories.

-------1.Ireland Travel Specialist (requires internet connection) with lots of online information on towns in Ireland and travel tips. I found 'Bed & Breakfast locations' all over Ireland and usually available near wherever you want to stay.
-------2.Local Ireland Information.(requires internet connection) One of the best sources and a good place to start!!
-------3.Reading Resources of the Tullamore Historical & Archaeological Soceity,(requires internet connection) a web site with history of the town and nearby areas as well as today's events. Very interesting!
-------4. History of Birr and the Castle there.. The Parsons family has occupied Birr Castle since 1620!
-------5. Clogheen (or Shanrahan), near Tipperary where Bagnalls lived. (requires internet connection). (see p. 19 of 'Family Tapestry', above ) Internet site located by Betty Smith and of interest for early Bagnall links.
-------6. See an interesting homepage of J. Condon of Thurles, Ireland with history and photos of the area where Bagwells lived (p. 18 Tapestry) (note from Betty Smith).
-------7. Some helpful comments for people Researching in Ireland by Betty-Jane and Robert Smith

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