Some Descendants of
Alice Bagnall and Edward Tighe of Rawdon.

This information from Douglas P. Wilson ( Apr, 2001).

I was delighted to find your pages on the Bagnall family and especially on the Bagnalls of Rawdon, Quebec.

My great-great-grandparents were Alice Bagnall and Edward Tighe of Rawdon. My great-grandfather was their son Thomas Tighe, who married Mary Knox at Rawdon, had a few children, then in about 1884 (or so), left Rawdon in a covered wagon, with a herd of cattle, for Winnipeg, Manitoba, which they had to reach by going through the US. My grandmother Mabel Alice Tighe was born in the wagon along the way, while passing through North Dakota.

Of the six children, only my grandmother and her brother William Tighe had any children, and I've lost track of William's family, but through my grandmother alone Alice Bagnall has about two dozen descendants, mostly in BC and Ottawa, Ontario, to whom I'll pass on the new information you've given me about a family I knew only as one name (which came down to me spelled "Bagnell", by the way).

Thanks very much for your work.



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