Graveyard Information from Andy Thomson, Australia

Aug 1999 (

Graveyard data from near Tullamore, Ireland
Quoted from an e-mail from Andy Thomson, Aug 12, 1999

begin quote..........."I thought you would like to read the graveyard data I collected around Tullamore when I was there a few years ago.
Some of the info relates directly to my tree and other data I am unable to tie in.

ST SINIANS (Church of Ireland) - Tyrrellspass
"Sacred to the memory of George Bagnall late of Drummond (this word hard to read) who departed this world 19 January, 1851 aged 30 (hard to read) years. Also his beloved wife Fanny Bagnall Died 15 December 1865 Aged 40 (hard to read) years This tablet has been erected by Bob Bagnall, Kiltubber, Also who died March 15, 1866, 86 years ( age hard to read)"


1. Robert William Bagnall died 25/10/1984 aged 58 years

2. Edward William Valentine Bagnall (Val) died 10/7/1985 (aged 56 years) NOTE: It is his widow Sarah Bagnall that I met. He died of cancer.

3. Jessie Bagnall died 6/12/1925 Husband: Robert Bagnall d. 31/1/1959 NOTE: Parents of 1. & uncle of 2.

4. Edward Bagnall (Big Ned) NOTE: Info given by Sarah (wife of 2.) Unmarked grave. Ist cousin of 2.s father. Married with no children

5. Robert Bagnall died 31/3/1879 (75 years) wife: Anne Bagnall died 25/7/1879 Edward Payne Bagnall died 29/11/1949 Frances Jane Bagnall died 17/5/1961
(Erected by Joseph Bagnall) NOTE: Joseph is Robert's son Also interred: Son of Robert Bagnall - Robert & his wife Isabelle (nee Payne)

6. Eliza Bagnell (NOTE: Bagnell with an E.) died 9/8/1871 (aged 65 years) (Erected by husband, Edward) NOTE: Connection with Bagnalls unknown although in adjacent grave.)

7. Erected by William Bagnall in loving memory of wife Matha, departed this life (NOTE: I could have taken down Matha instead of Martha) 25/2/1887 (aged 74 years)

8. William Bagnall died 17/12/1887 (aged 73)


1. Frances Matthews daughter of James Bagnall, Dublin died 10/3/1977 (aged 62 years)

2. Mary, wife of Robert George Bagnall of Kiltubber died 20/9/1912 (aged 58 years) Also son William Hodgins died 21/9/1913 (aged 26)

3. Robert George Bagnall Kiltubber, Kilbeggan died 15/5/1952 (wife is Catherine)

4. George Bagnall Londonderry 3rd son of Robert Bagnall of Kiltubber died 27/1/1931 and brother James of Dublin Second son died 29/4/1926, aged 49 Mary Jane Bagnall wife of James died 16/4/1933 (aged 49 years)

Raymond: I walked through the cemeteries with Sarah so that any NOTES were provided by her.".............end of quote

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