Betty Smith's Bagnall Connection

This information was in a e-mail of February 2000 from Betty Smith.

"Just to let you know that the chart of the Irish Branch of the BagenalFamily was taken from the Pedigree chart of the book by Philip H. Bagenal.,O.B.E., B.A. (Oxon) in 1925. It was a private printing. I have a copy of thebook made from my cousin Eva's copy. The difference between the twocharts-- my cousin 1. Eva's and 2. Philip's is what I have been working on for manyyears. I have had a professional genealogist working too. So far nonew information.

"You will note that Philip's chart stops with no furtherdata on Thomas and Henry Bagenal the sons of George Bagenal and his second wifeJoan.(Fought in war 1641-1652) Eva tried to find more about their twosons especially Thomas. This is my quest and hopefully someone will come upwith the information that ties it together. Eva and I used to talk aboutthe Bagnalls and she felt she had not been able to connect them together. You will note there is an Anne Bagnall m. 1769 to William Rothwell so thiswas Eva's main reason for searching the Bagnall family.

"I have a copy ofAnne's picture Eva gave to me as well as William Rothwell's picture. I'll behappy to share the information I have concerning the families. Eva found information to take my family back 24 generations to the Normanknights. The connection is with Anne Bagnall. If we can find the Bagnall connectionthen all will be connected.

"Hope you can understand my notes. Let me know if I can make it moreclear."

Betty Smith


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