John Bagnall of Kingstown, Dublin Co., Ireland
(b. --?? - d. 1836/7)

Kingstown (Dunleary, Dun Laoghire, Georgetown, Monkstown, etc.)

Story by Ginny Haen (, a descendant

Our John was in Kingstown (Dunleary, DunLaoghire, Georgetown, Monkstown, etc) a grocer and provisions dealer at 118 or 119 Lower Georges Street in 1833 and 1835. He had been in Dublin earlier; we know a son was born in St. Catherines Parish in 1808. In 1833, his son (my ancestor), George Smyth Bagnall was also shown as a grocer in the PO Directory for Kingstown. By 1835 George had gone to Canada, John was still in Kingstown. In 1836 or 37 our John died. His daughter, Rebecca (who never married), continued at the same address, as the postmistress until at least 1856. John also had sons, Robert & Thomas.

You may wonder why I am going with this small bit of evidence, as I know I am grabbing at straws. We have been stuck and haven't been able to go any further back than John in 1833, so far or even give him a wife. She must have been deceased by the time of his will in 1836. I just thought there might be a connection. I also notice that a William of Rahew, on this same pedigree, married a Mary Smith in 1818, daughter of Geo. S. of Dunlaoghire--so there was a connection between Rahue & Dunleary.

We have wondered about where the "Smyth" middle name came from. There was a George Smyth also in Dunleary at that time, but what got me thinking about this Tullamore connection was a will I found when I was at the Salt Lake City, Utah Mormon Library a year or so ago (film #100, 948, pages 97-101, Mullingar District Registry 1859-1887). I don't know if you know about this family or not, but the will was very complete, down to properties owned, children/spouses and grandchildren, even the housekeeper and her daughter were mentioned--you could build the whole family tree by reading the will. It was for Robert Bagnall of Kiltobber in County Westmeath, who died 27 March 1865. The Mullingar District Registry seems to be partly County Offaly, partly Westmeath. Lo and behold, in the will, he mentions his "kind & benevelent landlord," Robert Smyth Esq. I suppose Smyth is a common name, but it just seemed enough coincidences (along with similar given names) that I wanted to find someone who knew more about the Tullamore area Bagnall families. That sounds like it might be you.

If you are not familiar with this will you., I would be glad to send copies I have the original copy & a transcription I did. Whoever's family that is would love a will with all those details. Among properties listed belonging to Robert were Kiltobber, Cappinrush, and Sonna. Other surnames listed by marriage include Rourke, Pattison, Lee, Hodgins.

To make it easier to see our known family, click here for my descendancy chart. (The chart is of the Decendants of John Bagnall of Dunleary)

Note to readers:

I don't know that ourBagnalls are connected to the Tullamore area, but I have a few clues that I would like to check out.

I am lucky enough to have had someone photocopy Family Tapestry sections for me also, and have always been intrigued by the map & charts & the possibility of our Bagnalls being from that area.

Please let me know if you know anything further on the John of Dublin & Killinmore (son of Thomas of Killinmore, viv 1733) on the lower right pedigree section of Chart 1 from the Family Tapestry book. Could our John (details next paragraph) have been the one of "Dublin & Killinmore" mentioned on Chart 1 of Family Tapestry?

Sincerely & thanks,

Ginny Haen

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