Information from John Bagnall, Rahugh, Ireland

Tombstones in old Rahugh Graveyard

There is an old graveyard in Rahugh, (St Hugh's Cemetary) and there are three Bagnall family headstones in this graveyard. The inscriptions on these are as follows:

No. 1:
Bagnall, Abraham.
Here lies the body of Abraham Bagnall who departed this life Dec 7th 1731 aged 99 years. also his wife Rebecca Bagnall who departed nov. 7th 1738 aged 82 years.

No. 2:
Bagnall, John.
In Memory of John Bagnall who departed this life 25th December 1755 aged 7 years.

No. 3:
Bagnall, William.
Sacred to the memory of William Bagnall who died 20th of feburary 1879 aged 63 years also his wife Margaret who died 13th of April 1883 aged 32 years, also his Daughter Hannah who died 12th October 1875 aged 12 years.

I hope that these might of interest to you, the first headstone, that of Abraham is very faded, and some of the ages are difficult to discern.

Householders in Rahugh in 1854

I also have a list of householders in Rahugh in 1854, The land around here is broken up into what we call townslands, small areas made up of maybe only 200 acres. Bagnalls owned land in three Townslands of Rahugh in 1854.

In the townsland of Atticonnor land was owned by a William Bagnall.

In the townsland of Cappanrush land was owned by a Robert Bagnall.

In the townsland of Kiltubber land was owned by a William and also a Robert Bagnall.

I also have a list of the names of the people who owned or lived in houses in Tyrrellspass in 1852 and there are no Bagnalls listed. I suspect that the William Bagnall mentioned in your article about Maria Bagnall may have lived in Rahugh, (Rahugh is about 3 miles from Tyrrellspass).

John Bagnall's Family History.

A bit about myself, my family have lived in Rahugh for several generations. My Grandfather, Norman Bagnall was born in 1919 and is alive and in the whole of his health still thank God, except he is a bit Deaf.
His father was called Robert George Bagnall (1876 - 1952), he married Catherine Battle (1882-1964).
Normans Grandfather was also called Robert George (**** - ****), he married Mary Brown (**** - 1912).
His father, (Norman's great Grandfather) was George Bagnall (**** - ****), he married Frances Hodgins. See more information on John Bagnall's home page below.

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