Joyce Tremblay's Bagnall Connection

This information was in a e-mail of January 2001 from Joyce Tremblay.

My cousin, Herbert Bagnell who lives in Florida sent me the information on the Bagnall family page and I believe he is a member of your 'Club'.

I have been researching my grandfather’s family for many years but have not had much success in getting any informaion from Ireland.

Briefly, here is what I have:

My great, great grandfather, William Bagnall was born ca 1800 Ireland and died ca 1860 Ireland (he was the son of a William Bagnall) he married a Mariah Smith/Smythe who died ca 1846 Ireland. They had the following children:

1. George Bagnall – died Irelandd
2. Mariah Bagnall married James Short – died Massachusetts, U.S.A.
3. Elizabeth Bagnall marriied Christopher Anthistle – died Ireland
4. Hannah Bagnall, married 5 June 1846 Rahugh, Ireland John Shortt – died Ireland
5. William Bagnall, born ca 1830 Co. Westmeath, Ireland, married 1852 St. Peter’s Church, Tilbury East Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada, Marguerite Labadie – died ca 1866 Canada
6. Timothy Bagnall – died Ireland
7. John Bagnall, born ca 1835 Ireland – died 7 July 1862 Harwich Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada
8. Samuel Bagnall, born 1 Jan 1836 Co. Westmeath, Ireland, married 1857 Blenheim Presbyterian Church, Blenheim, Ontario, Canada, Elisabeth Stephenson – they were my great,great grandparents – he died 1917, she in 1929 Chatham, Ontario, Canada.
9. Jane Bagnall married Henry M. Judge – died Massachusetts, U.S.A.
10. Jemima Bagnall, married 1st 7 Aug 1857 Canada, David Brereton, married 2nd a Mr. Glazeby – died in the United States
11. Abraham Bagnall, died Ireland
12. James Bagnall – died in infancy in Ireland
13. Charles Bagnall – died Ireland.

After the death of Mariah Smith/Smythe in 1846, William Bagnall (born ca 1800) came to Canada along with 3 of his sons, William, John and Samuel about 1848. They stayed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for about 2 years and then came down to Kent County, Ontario. He bought 225 acres of land in Dover Township, Kent County, Ontario, and raised horses which I believe he did in Ireland as well. According to a biographical sketch of Samuel Bagnall (dated 1904) his father, William married in Detroit, Ontario, a widow from New York. He then went back to Ireland where he died ca 1860. He must have made a will and in it he left the 225 acres in Kent County to his two sons, Samuel and John as this came to light when John died in 1862 (he never married) and his brother Samuel applied for Letters of Administration. Also according to this biographical sketch of Samuel “the paternal grandfather of Ireland lived and died there, and was a large land owner. All of the family were prominent in their native land, wealthy, and held high offices.”

Do you have any information on this family or would it be possible to put me in touch with someone who has researched this line. As you can see my information is rather sketchy having got most of it from this biographical sketch of my great, great grandfather, Samuel Bagnall. I have more information, of course, on the ones who did come to Canada and would be more than willing to exchange information.

It is my understanding that William Bagnall and his 3 sons came by sailing ship and landed in Quebec City before moving on to Toronto and then on to Kent County, Ontario.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Joyce Tremblay


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