Joyce Tremblay's letter extract
An Interesting Bagnell Bio
And Her Research

This information from e-mail letter (Joyce to Ray Parsons) January 22, 2001.

Hi Ray

This will probably bore you but I think I should send you this write-up as it was the source I used to start my research on the family of my grandfather, Thomas William Bagnell. Please note the spelling of the surname. Some of the children of Samuel Bagnall retained the “a” and some used “e” and this probably came about through mistakes as I noted in some documents which Samuel Bagnall signed that you certainly could take the “a” for an “e”. But enough of that! I would like to give you a brief explanation of this book. It seems that this publishing company sent representatives around to the various counties in Ontario and they would then knock on doors and offer to put people in this biographical record for about the price of $5.00. The information was sometimes from ‘hearsay’ and sometimes from ‘memory’ and I understand that sometimes the person taking down in the information sampled a little too much homemade libations. So much for accuracy! However, I took what was there and then started to do research and will send along the results the next time.

J. H. Beers Commemorative Biographical Record
of the County of Kent (published in 1904), Pages 62/63:

SAMUEL BAGNELL, a successful farmer, now living retired on his farm, which is located on the river front, Lot l, in Dover township, County of Kent, was born in Westmeath, County Westmeath, Ireland, Jan. 1, 1834. His parents were William and Mariah (Smith) Bagnell, of Ireland, where the mother died in 1846, aged fifty years. In 1848 the father came to Canada, locating for two years in Toronto, after which he removed to Dover township, County of Kent, where he settled, taking up 202 acres of his land, dealing extensively in horses, and becoming very wealthy and a prominent citizen. He served as school trustee for some years. A longing for his native land coming over him, he returned to Ireland, and there died in 1860, aged ninety years. The children born to William and Mariah (Smith) Bagnell were as follows: George died in Ireland; Elizabeth, who died in Ireland, married Christopher Anthisle; Mariah married James Short in Ireland, died in Massachusetts, and was buried in Chatham, Ont.; Samuel is mentioned below; James died in infancy; Thimothy died in Australia; Jane married Henry M. Judge, and resides in Massachusetts; Jemima married David Breereton, and later a Mr. Glazeby, and lives in Detroit, Michigan; Charles died in Ireland; William died in Canada; Abraham died in Ireland; Hannah, who died in Ireland, was the wife of John Short. The father married, for his second wife, a widow from New York, who was in Windsor on a visit. The paternal grandfather, William Bagnell, of Ireland lived and died there, and was a large land owner. All of the family were prominent in their native land, wealthy, and held high offices.

In Ridgetown, County of Kent, Samuel Bagnall married Elizabeth Stephenson, and they had children as follows: Mariah, widow of Charles Cartier, of Chatham; Thomas W., a farmer of Dover township, who married Jane Bruette, and has seven children; Henry, who died Feb 5, 1860; John, a resident of Dover, who married Bridget Jubinville; Emma, at home; Herbert, a commercial traveler of Detroit, Michigan, who married Ida Madden; Charles J., a farmer of Dover township, who married Annie McGuire; George, a farmer of Dover township, who married Susan Reaume; and Minnie J., a school teacher at home. Mrs. Bagnell was born at Sproatley, Yorkshire, England, Oct 9, 1839, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Graham) Stephenson of Yorkshire, England, where they remained until 1853, when they came to Chatham, and Mr. Stephenson became a wagon manufacturer of prominence, operating a large plant in that city until 1864, when he retired and located at Bnay City, Michigan. He died in 1873, aged seventy years, while his wife passed away in 1882, aged seventy years. They are interred I the beautiful Bay City cemetery. They were both members of the Church of England. Their children were as follows: John died in infancy; Jane and Mary, twins, are both deceased; William is a faarmer of Dover township; Elizabeth is Mrs. Bagnell, of Dover; Emma, who died in 1902, married Israel Prince; Henry is a miner of Montana; Sarah, who died at Bay City, Michigan, married Charles Drago.

Mr. Bagnell remained with his father until his marriage, when he located on a farm in Harwich township, but in 1860, he settled o his present farm of 227 acres. Their sons cultivate the home farm. Mr. Bagnell owns 275 acres in Dover, all in excellent conditon, and is one of the substantial men of the community. For six years he served as school trustee, and gave universal satisfaction in that office. The family are all members of the Church of England, and take an active part in the good work of that church. Mr. Bagnell is a man well worthy a place in the records of the County of Kent, and he and his sons are excellent representatives of the best interests of the great Dominion, and the sturdy English stock from which they have sprung.

Ray, now isn’t that a really convoluted biography. There are many errors in as my research showed and if you decide to put this whole bit of malarkey on your site, I suggest you put a ‘caveat’ attached! It is interesting though and while I am sure they were great citizens, this is a bit much! I just love the “sturdy English stock” – what happened to “sturdy Irish stock”? Oh, well, I guess we are lucky to have this to use as a guideline.

On that note will sign off for tonight and try and do another instalment tomorrow.


Joyce Tremblay's Research - January 23, 2001

Hi Ray

Here I am with the first instalment of my Bagnall line. I have shown my sources so that anyone wishing to check it out will know where to look. Please bear in mind that this is ongoing research and every once in a while something new turns up.

1851 Census, Dover Township, Kent County, Ontario shows the following:
BAGNALL, John, age 16, born Ireland, Baptist, Labourer
BAGNALL, Samuel, age 15, born Ireland, Baptist, Labourer
BAGNALL, William, age 21, born Ireland, Baptist, Labourer
BAGNALL, William, age 51, born Ireland, Baptist, Farmer.

William Bagnall, son of William Bagnall and Unknown, was born ca 1800 Ireland, died ca 1860 Ireland, married Mariah Smith, died ca 1846 Ireland. They had the following children:
...1. George Bagnall, died Ireland. Source: J.H. Beers Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Kent (hereafter referred to as “Beers”
...2. Mariah Bagnall, died Massachusetts, U.S.A., married James Short. Source: “Beers”
...3. Elizabeth Bagnall, died Ireland, married Christopher Anthistle. Source: “Beers”
...4. HANNAH Bagnall, died Ireland, married 5 June 1846 Rahugh, Westmeath, Ireland, John Shortt. Sources: “Beers” Marriage, 1992 IGI
...5. William Bagnall, born ca 1830 Co. Westmeath, Ireland,. Died 1866, married 25 July 1852 St. Peter’s R.C. Church, Tilbury East Township, Kent County, Ontario, Marguerite Labadie, daughter of Lambert Labadie and Marguerite Jubenville, born 26 Jan 1835 Tilbury East Township, Kent County, Ontario, died 4 July 1909 age 72, buried 5 July 1909 St. Peter’s R.C. Church Cemetery, Tilbury East Township, Kent County, Ontario. Sources: 1851 Census, Dover Township, Kent County, Ontario, “Beers” Chatham Weekly Planet, Feb. 8, 1866, obituary for William Bagnall: “ At the residence of his sister, Mrs. Shortt, Wm. Bagnell, native of Westmeath Co., Ireland, aged 37” (Note: no place stated and no date of death other than year and no place of burial). LDS Film No. 1310855 St. Peter’s R.C. Church Parish Register; Ontario Vital Statistics, Deaths, Film No. 1854490 for Marguerite
...6. Timothy Bagnall, died Australia. Source: “Beers”
...7. John Bagnall, born ca 1835 Ireland, died 7 July 1862 Harwich Township, Kent County, Ontario, Unmarried. Sources: “Beers” Application for Letters of Administration for Estate of John Bagnall by his brother, Samuel Bagnall, Surrogate Court, County of Kent, Ontario.
...8. Samuel Bagnall, born 1 July 1836 Co. Westmeath, Ireland, died 6 Dec 1917 Chatham, Ontario, age 86, buried 8 Dec 1917, Family Plot, Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario, married 6 July 1857 Blenheim Presbyterian Church, Blenheim, Ontario, Elizabeth Stephenson, daughter of Thomas Stephenson and Elizabeth Grimes, born 9 Oct 1839 Sproateley, Yorkshire, England, baptised 13 Oct 1839 Sproately, Yorkshire, died 31 July 1929 Chatham, Ontario, buried 3 Aug 1929 Bagnall Family Plot, Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario. Sources: 1851, 1861, 187, 1881, 1891 and 901 Census Returns, Dover Township, Kent County, Ontario; Vernon’s Directories, City of Chatham 1914/1915; “Beers” Chatham Daily Planet, Thurs. Dec 6, 1917 for obituary of Samuel; Ontario Vital Statistics, Deaths, Film No 1861685, death of Samuel; Chatham Daily New, Fri. Aug 2, 1929, obituary of Elizabeth; Monumental Inscriptions, Bagnall Family Plot, Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario; Memorial Record Book from funeral of Elizabeth.
...9. Jane Bagnall, died Massachusetts, U.S.A., married Henry M. Judge. Source: “Beers”
...10. Jemima Bagnall, married 1st 7 Aug 1857 by Rev. A. Campbell, David Brereton. They had one child, William D. Brereton. She married 2nd a Mr. Glazeby. Sources: “Beers”; Chatham Tri-Weekly Plant, Aug 12, 1957, 1st marriage; 1861 Census Harwich Township, Kent County, Ontario; correspondence with Carol Kenison of California who was researching Brereton family.
...11. Abraham Bagnall, died Ireland. Source: “Beers”
...12. James Bagnall, born Ireland and died in infancy in Ireland. Source: “Beers”
...13. Charles Bagnall, died Ireland. Source: “Beers”

Ray, that’s all I have so far on the children of William Bagnall and Mariah Smith. I do hope someone sees this and is researching this line and can help me fill in the gaps.


--------Letter Jan 24, 2001
Hi Ray

Here’s the second instalment of my Bagnall line. This one has not been an easy one to research. First of all, I think William was estranged from his family (might have been a bit of a black sheep) and when I ask older family members (yes, there are some older than I am) they tell me that this line is no relation to us. I also think that he and his wife, Marguerite Labadie, had separated as she turns up in Census returns as living with her parents and the children are with her. Here goes.

William Bagnall (son of William Bagnall and Mariah Smith) and his wife, Marguerite Labadie had the following children:

......1. Marie Ann Bagnall, born 7 June 1853, Tilbury East Township, Kent County, Ontario. Source: Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region (1987 Revision) Vol. II by The Rev. Fr. Christian Denissen, Page 36; 1861 Census, Raleigh Township, Kent County also in the 1861 Census, Tilbury East Township, Kent County (Raleigh with Dragon family who were relation and Tilbury East with grandparent, Lambert Labadie – this could happen if the Census was taken on different days); 1871 Census, Tilbury East Township, Kent County.

.....2. Alfred Bagnall, born 1 Mar 1854 Jeannette’s Creek, Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario, died 9 Nov 1924 Chatham, Ontario, age 67, buried 12 Nov 1924 St. Anthony’s R.C. Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario. At age 25 on 25 Oct 1884 in Chatham, Ontario, he married Mary Bessie Gray (age 15), born ca 1858 Scotland, died 2 Feb 1948 Chatham, age 90, buried 4 Feb 1948 St. Anthony’s R.C. Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario. NOTE: There is some confusion here as she is shown as the widow of Napoleon Lauren. However, Alfred may well have married a girl named Elizabeth M. Gray, daughter of Thomas Gray and Unknown – more research to be done here!). Sources: 1861 Census, Raleigh Township, Kent County and 1861 Census, Tilbury East Township, Kent County (see explanation under his sister, Marie Ann Bagnall); 1871 Census, Tilbury East Township, Kent County. Alfred’s occupation was listed as Farmer/Labourer.

......2. Joseph Bagnall, born ca 1863, died 5 Oct 1911, buried 7 Oct 1911 St. Peter’s R.C. Church Cemetery, Tilbury East Township. Unmarried and he was with GTR (railroad) as a Section Foreman. Sources: Obituary, Chatham Daily Plant, Saturday, Oct 7, 1911 (Jeannette’s Creek Column) and Funeral Write-up in Tilbury Times, Thursday, Sept 28, 1911, Page 4 (Jeannette’s Creek Column; LDS Film No. 1312180, Parish Register of St. Peter’s R.C. Church, Tilbury East Township, Kent County.

.....3. Albert Bagnall, born ca 1866, died 22 Aug 1925, age 59, House of Refuge, Chatham, Ontario, buried 24 Aug 1925 St. Anthony’s R.C. Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario. Sources: Obituary, Chatham Daily News, Saturday, Aug 22, 1925; Funeral, Chatham Daily News, Monday, Aug 24, 1925.

As you can see, Ray, this was and still is a very difficult search. However, it is ongoing and I may yet turn up more information that will throw some light on the mysteries here. One question, of course, is was Albert born before his father died in 1866 or was he posthumous. Perhaps when I get the record of his baptism (probably at St. Peter’s) it will answer that question.


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