Prerogative Marriages of Ireland

I found this list of 1700s Ireland marriages on the internet at Henrietta May's Bagenal Family page. Since the list had several Bagnalls from the Tullamore Area, I referenced it here. Henrietta is interested in the Bagnall link to the Bayly Family. Click on the Bagenal Family page above to get to Henrietta's web site.

Robert Bayly of King's co (Rathclanbiathlin)
... m Ann Bagnall of Westmeath 1692

Thomas Bayly of King's co
... m Ann North 1707

Edward Bayly of Dublin
... m Dorothea Lambert 1708

Richard Bayly of Dublin
... m Sarah Towers 1714

John Bagnall of Rahen, co Meath, farmer
... m Hannah Coatees 1715

Benjamin Bagnall of Dublin grocer
... m Susie Potter of King's co 1746

William Bagnall of Westmeath gent
... m Jane Beers of Kings co 1746


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