Bagnalls of Rawdon, Canada (from Geashill, Ireland)

The following information is from Daniel Parkinson, Toronto, Canada. Rawdon is about 30 miles north of Montreal, Canada. These Bagnalls connect to Geashill, Ireland (about 6 miles East of Tullamore).

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1) From The McNown Families (March 29, 1994) by Stuart Kent MacNown of 1 Old Fields Road, South Berwick, Maine, USA 03908.
Page 81 from a letter by Mark F. McNown:
"Jane Bagnell's ... mother's name was Mary Piggott [who] lived and died near Dublin, Ireland. [She] died when Jane was little more than 2 years of age [and] her maternal grandmother had the care of her till she was about 9 years of age. [On her death], the child Jane was brought up in the family of her Uncle Bagnell a major in the army, he lived in Montreal [sic]. James [sic presumably should be Jane's] father was James Bagnell was English - had been a secretary on an estate in Ireland when a young man and married there Mary Piggott."

Page 81 - 82 by Harold McNown on his grandparents. John McNown and Mary Jane Bagnell:
"Grandmother whose name was Jane Bagnell, was born in Ireland, near the village of Geashill in the province that is now Offaly [King's]. She was an orphan. Her father had been a captain in the British Army. His estate was left to her, to be administered by her uncle, Major Bagnell, who was also a British officer. The money was to have provided for her education when she was grown."

There is no attempt made to verify the details of these separate accounts. If Jane's father was James, his brother must be Major Robert Bagnall who also was married to a (Harriet) Pigott. She may have been a sister to Jane's mother. As well, Henry Pigott was another early settler (1823) was likely their brother. In 1831, he was a merchant with a family of 9, which included, he and his wife, three servants (there are 3 young single men), 2 girls under 14 and one single girl over 14. This could be Jane as she was born in 1814 according to McNown records.)
Evidence is needed to verify that James and Robert and Abraham, a possible third brother who settled at Rawdon in 1824, were Irish or English born. I have no doubt that their ancestry was English but suspect that they were Irish born.
Mary Jane Bagnall was wed to John McNown born on the Isle of Man of County Down parents who came to Rawdon c. 1824 from Ardglass, County Down. They had six children born at Rawdon between 1834 and 1849. They immigrated to the USA with most of the McNown family. They had two more children born in Wisconsin in 1851 and 1853.
John McNown and Jane Bagnall went first to Racine and then to Mauston, Lemonweir Township, Juneau County, Wisconsin. John was killed in the American Civil War. Jane died in 1881.
It is stated in the Harold McNown account that the Bagnall's came to Canada because a "crown grant" was part of Jane's estate. He makes out that Jane was cheated of her property and the education that it was supposed to provide for her by her uncle. He spends a paragraph sneering at the British Crown and Canada. He also claims that Jane was illiterate. I find this to be quite a stretch. With so many relatives on both sides present in Rawdon surely some would have supported her rightful claim? The Bagnall s were well-to-do members of the military / merchant class it would be extremely unlikely that a woman of that class would be illiterate.

2) From the 1851 Rawdon Census (Microfilm, p. C1124, pages 34/35)
William Bagnele.....farmer..........Ireland........ 36
Emilia Bagnele...........................Ireland........ 30
William Bagnele.........................Canada......... 9
Thomas Bagnele.........................Canada......... 7
Jane Bagnele.............................Canada......... 5
Sera Bagnele.............................Canada......... 2
Samuel Bagnele.........................Canada......... 1
Harriet Pigott.............................Ireland........ 54

One might assume that this is Harriet, the widow of Major Robert Bagnall and that William is their son. I have no evidence to support this. I do know that on her tombstone, Harriet is said to have died at age 84 in 1864. Robert died in 1843 at the age of 65.
Additional info. 3/4/00 ---A correspondant has provided Daniel with this:
William Bagnall, of Rawdon married Amelia Levis of Hemmingford in the Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, 7 September 1840. Witnesses Robert Bagnall, Ellen Levis.
He believes him to be the son of Major Robert Bagnall of Rawdon.
Addendum 3/8/00 --- Alice Bagnall of Hemmingford, QC married Edward Tighe at Christ Church, Rawdon on December 2, 1843. They are on the 1851 Rawdon Census. Both are Irish born and aged 56 and 40. They have four children 8 and under.
This is the second Bagnall connection of Hemmingford with Rawdon. William Bagnall's wife came from there. It would appear that there were relatives of the Rawdon family living there.
Addendum from Daniel, 3/09/00-----I am not actually following the Bagnalls but am interested in Rawdon as all my family started life in Canada there and I am trying to set up a database on early settlers.
Secondly, my ancestor Henry Smith was from Annagharvy, Tullamore as were several other families - the Rourkes and I think the Bagnalls. In an 1827 letter to John Rourke in Canada his father says that Mr. Bagnall asks to be remembered to his brothers.
This implies that in addition to Robert and Abraham in Canada and James (deceased) there was one who stayed in Annagharvy or nearby. I also wonder if there was a third brother in Canada called William as he received a ticket of location in 124 and Robert's son William would have been under 10. Perhaps he moved on to Hemmingford?


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