Memories of Uncle Stanley and Luella Smith

The following was written by
Clair Hoffman to Leah Michlatcher, daughter of
Luella (Ziegenfus) Smith after Luella passed on.

------------------------------------Sunday, June 2, 2002
Dear Leah and George,

Thank you for your recent letter received this past week. By coincidence, I also talked to cousin Mary Parsons yesterday! I always call Mother Hilda at about 10 A.M. every Saturday. When I called yesterday Mother said here is Mary who wants to talk to you! I thought Mother was kidding, as she does at times, but she was not this time. I told Mary we had your letter noting that Alma had sent a letter about "Growing up with Luella". I told Mary that I too had a few memories of Aunt Luella and Uncle Stanley. They are as follows.

1. About 1928--Aunt Luella going to Kutztown State Normal School. Pop and Mom Ziegenfus (grandparents) purchased a big steamer trunk in which Luella packed her clothing. It was so BIG that I could stand erect in it! Pop loaded it on the trunk rack of his car and off we went to Kutztown, Pa. It was in "old Main" building that I had my first elevator ride.

2. Upon graduation Luella taught in a one room country school in Aquashicola, Pa. which had an outhouse and a big pot belly stove to heat the room. Luella and Stanley, years later, purchased a new home in Aquashicola, located on land which included that old schoolhouse!

3. In the early 30's Luella went to East Stroudsburg College for additional teaching courses. I recall visiting her with Mom and Pop, and it was a hot day.

4. About 1934 Aunt Alma and I accompanied Luella and Stanley (plus Stanley's brother and wife) on a trip to the New England states in an old Essex. One of our stops was Plymouth Rock and I still have a 10 cent salt shaker souvenir purchased at the "Rock". I note today that it was imported from Germany for a Willard H. Parson in Plymouth, Mass.

5. Parryville, Pa. in the early 30's. Stanley was the school principal and Luella was one of his teachers. My best friend, Renny Andreas, and I rode our bicycles from Palmerton to Parryville to fish. We stayed overnight and slept in the living room so we fished two days. Luella fed us well, but we did not catch many fish.

6. Luella and Stanley lived on Main Street in Parryville next door to Mr. and Mrs. Rinker. Mr. Rinker had a slaughter house in the back of his property and he owned a well-known butcher shop. Luella showed me a broken wrought iron fence in back of her home where a cow had bolted through supposedly. That impressed me. I also recall Mary in her white crib located during the day in the living room.

7. In 1936 Stanley was my ninth grade science teacher at S.S.P.H.S., that is the Palmerton High School. By the way, Luella was a member of the first class to graduate from that school. It was during one of my first science classes that Stanley corrected one of my erroneous scientific thesis which noted: baby chicks are born only from eggs laid by roosters! I well remember Stanley noting that I certainly was not a farmer.

8. When Luella and Stanley moved to Palmerton they lived in the four hundred block of Lafayette. (Leah--they first lived on Franklin. Charles was born when they lived on Franklin and I when they lived on Lafayette). Mom and Pop (our grandparents) and my parents also lived in that block. I recall family parties in that house and as I recall, Charles and Leah were born there. Stanley attempted to make a clarinet player out of me, but I was not a good student. He did, however, make beautiful fishing flies up in the attic of that home and was an excellent fisherman.


------------------------------- Love, Lillian and Clair

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