Cora Belle Dale

March 9, 1877 - ca 1916

Letter by Louis F. Quint, March 14, 1934

Letter to Cora Belle Knearl, Stillwater, Oklahoma (dau. of Cora Belle Dale)
Hill City, Kansas, Mar 14, 1934
Dear Cora Belle,

I expect, you will be somewhat surprised, receiving a letter from me, but Grace, Arkansas City, (our daughter) sent your letter to us, asking for information in regard to your mother's (my sister) early life history, so before sending the letter on, to your Aunt Allie, thought I might give you some knowledge that she would be unable to know, this probably will not be entirely correct, but nearly so.

Photo of Scott Hall and Cora Belle (Knearl) Hall in 1985
Mary Quint- Dale, born August 31 1841 in Indiana br 6th eldest- child of J. S. Quint and Mary Quint - moved from close to Cincinnati, Ohio, when about 5 years old with her parents, to Nauvo, Illinois where she grew to womanhood. In about the year 1662 or 63, was married to John Dale, living in Illinois until 1869, when they moved to Guthrie (now called Menlo), Iowa. Your mother, Cora Belle Dale, was born I think in 1877 in house at Guthrie, Iowa about the year 1883 or 4. Your Mother who was about 3 yrs old moved with her parents to Lincoln Center, Kansas. About 1890 your mother's folks moved to Harrisonville ?, Mo. from there to Oklahoma. This will probably give you some information regards your mother's girl hood days.

Now regards your grand parents on your mother's side- the Quints. Your Great grand father and mother Quint were born in State of Maine 1814 at Farmington. Your great grand mother Quint's maiden name was Mary Tufts. J. S. Quint- your great grandfather, as a single man went to Cincinnati and remained there about the same time the Tufts came to Ohio where our mother Mary Tufts taught school, awhile before her and father were married. I think they moved to Illinois about 1846. In 1856 our mother died leaving Mary Quint (13 yrs), Louis Quint (4yrs) and Alice Quint (1 yr old). I do not know as this will be very interesting as the most of this goes too far back. Your mother Cora, we knew as a little girl in Iowa 2 to 4 yrs, later in Kansas as a girl of 8 to 12 yrs old ( I will forward your letter to Aunt Allie so she may give you more information as to your mother's girlhood days than we can). Your Aunt Bell says she had such a nice visit- when there year ago last August. We are pleased to know you like your school, would be glad if when convenient you could visit us.
With best wishes.
L. F. Quint and I. F. Quint, your uncle and aunt

Photo 1926, L. F. and I. F. Quint
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