Delmar Lavern Quint

April 11, 1926 - February 7, 1997

Story by Delmar Quint, written April 10, 1968

After High School I entered the Army at Ft. Logan, Colorado in August 1944. From there I went to Camp Crowder, Missouri, and went to a radio operator school. From there I went to Camp Livingston, La.for a 6-week infantry training period and then overseas to Germany. I joined my outfit (58th Ornd. F. A.) in March and was assigned to a half track. We crossed the Rhine river at Manz, Germany the last of March or the first of April.

I was at Nuerenburg, Banberg and at the end of the war was at the Inn River at the edge of Austria. After the war I got up to Hitler's mountain retreat at Berchtesgarden in the Alps of Austria. I returned to the States i July of 1945 and was stationed in Texas and La. until I was discharged in August of 1946.
Irma and I were married on June 27, 1948 and have lived here on the home place since. The kids are in 4-H and I am a Club leader.

Photo 1970, BACK: Roger, Holly FRONT: David, Irma, Delmar
One of the biggest thrills of my life was in May of 1962 when I was able to buy the old Lewis land that joined the home place on the east side. I had scraped together all the money I could and didn't think that was nearly enough. At the auction I was able to buy it for just about all the money I could get. That night the auctioneer came out and said that if I wanted to sell he could ge men a good profit right then. I told him I had wanted that place for so long that I didn't want to sell it.

The last two years I have been the County Chairman for the Democrat Party, but I quit last fall as things got a little rough in politics.

I guess this about brings it up to date and hope it has been of some help.

Irma Louise Keith

by Irma (Keith) Quint, written April 10, 1968

Irma Louise Keith graduated from High School in 1947, then went to summer school at Hays, Kansas. She taught a country school for one year and then worked in the Consolidated State Bank until the fall of 1948. I worked in town from time to time until Holly was born, then as you know the word "Mother" means cook, maid, nurse, and a few dozen other things.

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