Donald Brooks Parsons

August 4, 1908 - September 27, 1975

Story by Raymond E. Parsons, August 21, 1997

Donald Brooks Parsons was born August 4, 1908 at 982 Pennsylvania Ave, Denver, Colorado, son of Robert and Maud Lillian (Frost) Parsons. He married first Hanora A. Thompson in April 1930. They were divorced, no children. He married Pauline (Simons) Bailey on 20 Sep 1954 in Denver, Colorado. Pauline had children from her previous marriage but Donald and "Polly" had no children. Donald died in Denver on 27 Sep 1975 and was buried in Crown Hill cemetery in Denver.

My first memories of Uncle Donald are when he would drive Grandma Parsons to our house to visit. Christmas or Thanksgiving were common visits, with special dinner. Donald would usually have some nice toy for Bob and me. I remember we received a nice electric train set (used but still in good working condition) from Donald one Christmas about 1940.

Photo of Donald, 1929

Uncle Donald was drafted into the army during World War II. I remember he served in Alaska on the outer islands. The Japanese had occupied the outermost Alaskan Islands for a time but were pushed back and his outfit stood guard to make sure they didn't return. I remember we used to send care packages to him with food items. One time he sent back some Japanese blankets which they had found abandoned in Alaska (the tag had Japanese writing on it). He also told of an encounter with a Grizzly when he was out on a hike. He said the bear made a swipe at him and knocked his rifle out of his hand, then left (thankfully).
After the War was over, I remember he liked to play chess with Bob and me. He said he learned to play in Alaska when he was in the army. He was a small roofing contractor in Denver and he came to Ft. Collins one year to re-roof the folks' house. He and Polly bought rental properties in Denver and repaired and managed them, often trading for better rentals.
1948 Photo of Phil, Hazel, Maud, Don, Marion, and Robert.
Grandma Parsons lived with Don and Polly for several years before she passed on.

Don was usually the designated driver to bring Aunt Marion or Grandma to Ft. Collins for visits and holiday dinners. Dad always said he would tell Don to be there by 2 o'clock, hoping he would arrive by 3!
Photo 1964 BACK: Bob, Don, Marion, Mary. Erdeena, Polly, Neta, Hazel, Phil
Front: David, Tom, Patty, Linda, Larry, Mark, Barbara (Squatting)

Here's a photo of Dad and Donald taken about 1917 standing along side a "new?" car that Dad had probably driven for a ride that day.

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