Edward Harold Gilliland

June 2, 1924 -

Story by Grace (Quint) Gilliland, written September 1971

Edward Harold Gilliland - nicknamed by his school pals as "Doc" attended nursery school, kindergarten, grade, junior high, senior high, and one year of Junior College in Arkansas City, Kansas. He graduated from High School May 29, 1942.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps and was sent to Bowling Green Ohio University in July of 1943. Then to Parris Island and Quantico, Virginia for further training. He was sent to Japan arriving at Kumamoto September 23, 1945. He was discharged on July 23, 1946 at San Diego, California. After returning to civilian life he went to Bowling Green Ohio University graduating with a BS Degree June 11, 1948.
When in the first grade his teacher asked each member of the class at Thanksgiving time what he had to be thankful for. Ed responded, "I am thankful for God and Hoover." Hoover's opponent was Anti-Prohibition, and this was just when the Presidential Election was over.

Photo of Quint cousins, 1925 Back: Mildred Stevenson, Herland Loyd, Lavon Loyd, Iris Stevenson
Front: Vera Morris and Edward Gilliland

During school years Edward was active in Boy Scouts, Junior Member of the Red Cross, Life Saving Service, attended National Jamboree in Washington D. C. He was active in Athletics, Band and Orchestra. The annual presentation of "The Messiah", directed by Archie San Romani and Charles Hinches was the high- light of the Senior High school music department. Edward played trumpet solo in this presentation.

Edward and Margaret Ott were married June 25, 1947 in Ottawa, Kansas. They are the parents of Steven Edward, Nancy Jean, and Martin Harold.
He bought a Book and Stationery Store in Arkansas City, Kansas and later added a Printing Department. The Governor of Kansas appointed Ed to head the South Central Advisory Committee with members representing thirteen counties. Other activities include being a director of the MId-Ark Valley Development, the Kansas Reservoir Association, serving on the Board of the First Kansas Life Insurance Co., Treasurer of the Ark Basin Education Committee supporting the hospital bond issue, a Charter Member of Junior College board of trustees, and a an elder in the Presbyterian Church.
Photo, 1970 (from left): Steven, Ed Gilliland, Martin, Margaret, Nancy

At a Benefactor Reception in the Junior College Auditorium in 1970 Ed was given a Citation. The Legion of Honor and Cross of Honor was conferred upon him June 6, 1970 at the Scottish Rite Temple in Witchita, Kansas. He is serving as President of the Rotary Club in Arkansas City for 1971 and 1972.

Ed Gilliland is well known and liked in the Community and enjoys working with people. He is happiest when working on community projects and enjoys working with young people.

The following article taken from the Arkansas City Times - 1969 states:
"Editorially Speaking. Regarding the New Hospital Bond. Ed Gilliland was selected by those attending the Wednesday evening meeting to head the informational campaign which will take the facts to Arkansas Citians. Gilliland is possessed of the energy and zeal for this most important cause."

The following is quoted from an article written by Steve, Edward Gilliland's son, on Father's Day. Steve was 10 years old and wrote this at school:
"I think my father is the best father because he knows what is best for me. He lets us do things if we will not get hurt in any way. He lets us read only the good and healthy books and lets us watch only the good movies at the theater and at home on the TV. He is fair in punishment and he is fair in letting us do things.

"He is also interested in us because he has a complete sets of weights in the garage and we 'work out' on them every other day. When it is nice out on some evening day he will take us out to play tennis. He takes us places on his own time and even has sort of 'fun inspection' of our bedrooms. He helps us out when we have troubles and teaches us many things.

"In the summer he reviewed us on last years school work and taught us how to bat, catch, play football, play baseball, play golf, tennis, swim, and lots of other things.

"He is nice and courteous and he does not just tell us answers right then, he just lets us try to figure it out and if we cannot figure it out he tells us the answer."

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