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FUNDGRAF Advisory Service Market Signals

FUNDGRAF(c) Market Signals is a computer program developed for Fundgraf Advisory Service for help in market-timing of the general U.S. equities market. The computer program is run once each week to determine whether the market is BULLISH, BEARISH or TRANSITIONAL. The latest calculation is shown here (Note: DATE OF SIGNAL IS AT BOTTOM OF TABLE). Usually changed weekly.

These market signals are medium-term market signals and are used to determine when to be in or out of the market. A change in signal (Bear to Bull, or Bull to Bear) is expected only once or twice per year. A simple way to use the Signals is to select a good diversified no-load fund and invest all Market Timing Assets in it when the program says BULL Market and sell it and place monies in a money market fund when the program says BEAR Market. The no-load fund of choice of the individual can vary from Aggressive to Conservative. Funds such as Vanguard 500 Index, Janus Core Equity, Third Avenue Value, Vanguard Viper Mid-Cap Index (ETF), Buffalo Small Cap, CGM Mutual, Baron Asset, etc. might be used. (Look for low trading costs and good performance.) Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF)can also be used through a discount broker to keep the trading costs low. We assume no responsibilty for the Signal's accuracy or its timeliness. Use at your own risk.

At the bottom of this page are the current Strength Ratings of either Fidelity Select Funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) These are the primary categories from which we choose to invest. The fund group will change periodically. The list contains the highest rated funds in the category. Only funds in the top half of the category are listed in the table. We make our BUY selection form this table. We hold the purchased fund as long as it remains in the "top half" AND as long as we DO NOT have a SELL signal. If our "invested fund" drops out of the "top half" we sell it and reinvest in a fund in the "top half" of the strength ratings. Srength ratings above 70 are bullish. (70 is neutral)

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