Parsons in Ireland 1590-1850

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The purpose of the site is to document data on the PARSONS families in Ireland between 1590 and 1850. Data was collected in search of ancestors of my relatives who emigrated from Tullamore, Ireland to Zanesville, Ohio in 1841. Some of the data was difficult to obtain so I am publishing it here. I hope that others may find it useful in their genealogical searches. The genealogical data was recorded on Brothers Keeper software then converted to HTML with GED2HTML software.

The site will be divided into sections, a NARRATIVE section and a GENEALOGICAL section. You can view a section subject by clicking on it.

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The Arrival of Parsons in Ireland about 1600 The first known Parsons arrived in Ireland about 1590 from England as undertakers of the Britsh plantations.

Parsons in Army in 1600's Records of the Army indicate a number of Parsons served in the Army in Ireland and some remained in Ireland.

Brief Ireland History 1590-1850 Some background history related to Parsons and a photo of the Arms of the Parsons-Earl of Rosse in 1854 (Part of the Family Chart on display at Birr Castle). For pictures and castle history click on Birr Castle (requires internet connection) (in the Parsons family for over 370 years).

About Birr Castle and the Science Center with more information on its history and the Parsons Family (Earl of Rosse).

Parsons in County Mayo 1790-1900 Some records of Parsons families in County Mayo, Ireland, found by Neil Franklin in his search for his grandmother, Mary Ann Parsons. (b. 1830)

My Tullamore-Killeigh, Ireland Connections (1750-1850). My Parsons, Bagnell and Banks ancestors came from this area to Ohio, USA in the 1840's.

According to The Irish Times' ancestor web site there were 86 Parsons households in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1848-64. The following numbers are listed by parish: Antrim-1, Armagh-2, Carlow-1, Cavan-2, Clare-2, Donegal-1, Down-6, Dublin-4, Dublin City-6, Fermanagh-5, Galaway-2, Kilkenny-4, Laois-3, Leitrim-8, Mayo-9, Meath-9, Monaghan-1, Offaly-6, Roscommon-4, Sligo-3, Tipperary-4, Waterford-2, Westmeath-1.


The genealogy data files contain over 1000 names and over 480 have the PARSONS surname. Most of the data is for the 1590-1850 period, but data on Parsons descendants to my immediate family are included so you can see my connection. To see files, click on persons, surnames or sources. The files were current as of February 17,1999. The data is also on Go to FamilyTrees, enter IREP in the database box and click on GO. If you have additions, corrections or comments send e-mail to Ray Parsons. Additions and modifications will be made to this site periodically. Last up-date Maarch, 2012

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