Army Lists of Parsons

Most of this section is documentation of the Reference B-2,"Notes on Families and Individuals of the Name of 'Parsons'.", published (1903) by Richard Parsons(b. Mar 1838), Lt. Col.(of 36th Reg. in 1900). The notes were largely assiduously collected by his uncle Richard Parsons (born 19 May 1797) in his effort to trace his ancestors. The names Richard, William, John, James, Thomas and Lawrence are used over and over in the Parsons family and it is often difficult to determine which individual is being referred to when a name is listed. The 1600's were a period of much strife in Ireland and Parsons appear in several army lists.

Ormond Papers, Vol. I (NO.35). Record Office London. Listed in XX. Regiment, April 25th, 1644 are James Parsons, Captain and George Parsons, Lieutenant. James may be the son of Sir William (eldest of the 3 brothers who came to Ireland) and George may be the son of Fenton (the 3rd brother who came to Ireland)

State Papers, Ireland, Vo. 266, MS 6th of April, 1647 "Richard Parsons to be Ensign." Richard is probably the son or grandson of Sir William or else son of Fenton.

State Papers, Vol.103, 13-Nov 1694. Memorial of Major Robert Parsons in the Duke of Bolton's Regiment. Report of Lord Ranelagh, etc. The relationship of this person to others in the files is unknown.

Fol. 3-18, Trinity College, Dublin, A.D.1648 Col Hungerford's Regiment quartered at Drogheda. Captain F. Cox's Company. Lieutenant Foxal. Ensign Richard Parsons

Vol 8. Officers in the Army in Ireland

Year 1648 includes Major James Parsons, Captain William Parsons, Captain John Parsons, Ensign Richard Parsons

Duke of Albermarle's Regiment included Robert Parsons, Lieutenant and also Cadet ? Parsons, 1673. Regiment disbanded in 1674.

Sir John Parsons Bart., in Regiment "Our Own," November 1687.

Col. Thomas Dougan's Regiment, 1678 contained Captain, Sir Richard Parsons

First Foot Guards included William Parsons, Ensign 1682; Lieutentant, Captain 1684; Lieut-Col. 1687

Duke of Grafton's Royal Regiment of Foot Guards lists William Parsons, Captain of Grenadier Company,1684 Brother to Sir John Parsons, Bart. Lt.-Col., 15 June 1687.

Royal Horse Guard, 1685 lists Sir John Parsons, Bart.; Captain of the King's Troop.

Independent Company of Foot lists Thomas Parsons, 3rd October, 1688.

Earl of Granard's Regiment lists Lieutenant William Parsons, quartered at James Town, Co. Leitrim. A.D.1684.

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