Jackson Cemetery

Appanoose Twp., Hancock County, Illinois

(The following was copied by P.G.Parsons from LDS film# 425492 SLC genealogy library Name: Cemetery Burial Lists of Hancock Co., Ill. Source: Warren L. Van Dine, P.O, Box 56, Burnside, Illinois. Filmed in February, 1966)

This cemetery is listed as Jackson Cemetery in the 1956 Honor Roll for Hancock County book issued by the Illinois Veterans Commission. This seems to have been the name it was labeled with by the post Civil War generation by whom it was opened. It has been in use for about a century now. The Jackson family of Civil War days, many of whom rest in death here, was about the most prominent family here. Biographical material about several of these pioneer Jacksons may be found about page 950 in the 1880 Gregg Co. History.

But many people of today of the Appanoose Township area call this burying ground Appanoose Cemetery. It is called that in the published obituary of Wm. F. Schneider of this list (decís Mch. 8, 1965) in the Mch. 11, 1965 issue of the Nauvoo Independent.

It is also quite close to the rural Appanoose Presbyterian Church on the blacktop. It may be, too, it has come to be associated with this church in our time and tat it is now practically considered the churchís burying ground. Burials here are pretty well spread out over the 100 years annals of the place. It is a small cemetery but one which has kept its arms open at all times through the years to receive the wandering sons and daughters of Appanoose township back home when their dreams have turned to dust and ashes.

It is not a fashionable looking burying ground, just as plain as an old shoe country cemetery. It is clean, well-mowed and all that but with its farm beginnings stamped all over it.

It is a big hill top cemetery several acres in area which levels off into a farm field across the road on the west. Roads on three sides, the blacktop on the east and gravel roads on the south and west. All three are public highways and not cemetery drives. The general drive through the cemetery which enters from the south road and goes on the west side.

There is a dense forest of undergrowth across the north fence which is about the only one of the four sides to have any fence. It is common farm field wire fence. There is a very deep ravine a stones throw across this fence.

Burials are on the level west part of the hilltop and rows of monuments are not very close together. There is lots of vacant space - no graves at all in entire sections. The east half slope to blacktop is untouched virgin brush land.

Almost bare of artificial plantings. There are two large evergreen trees in west part and another in east. Aside from the blue grass, thing look about like they did before the feet of white men trod this soil. There are two large farm houses just west of this cemetery, one close enough to stand on the front porch and throw a stone to it. This is one of the nice rural burying grounds of Western Illinois. Perhaps a mile back from the river and if it were not for trees, one could see Ft. Madison, Iowa across the river.

Double Marble Slab: (1) Masonic Emblem - William Jackson born in Netherton in the Parish of Carmonnock, Lanarkshire, Scotland June 27, 1808 - died May 19, 1902 (some unreadable verse about a friend of man)
(2)Ellison Winning, wife of Wm. Jackson born in the Parish of Balderrock., Co. of Sterling Scotland Nov. 28, 1807 died Mar 5, 1888 (unreadable verse about a smiling God)

Very Large Marble Shaft - four sides.
One side: James Jackson born in Glasgow, Scotland Feb. 23, 1801, died at Albany, NY Nov. 21, 1861. Mary Ferguson, wife of James Jackson born in Buteshire, England May 4, 1808 died July 12, 1888
One side: Miller T. Jackson, born Mar. 11, 1849 died July 12, 1888 Katherine Ferguson July 11, 1842 - Jan. 26, 1934
One side: James Jackson born Jan 25, 1836 died Jan 25, 1858 Katherine J. Jackson Apr 27, 1853 - Mch. 11, 1907.
One side: Robert Jackson, Mch. 18, 1844 - Dec. 26, 1923 John Jackson Oct. 9, 1841 - Feb. 17, 1928 (also government upright American White Marble headstone) Robert Jackson Co. E. 118 Ill Inf. , also one for John Jackson Co..C 2, Ill Cav.)

Large Brown Granite: Kate V. Wilkins, born Dec. 13, 1857 died July 27, 1904

Large Gray Granite: Cosgrove (top edge) Dlemence E. wife of Thomas E. Cosgrove born Dec. 22, 1869 died June 17, 1902 Thomas E. Cosgrove born Mch 18, 1869 died Feb. 12 1943

Very Large Black Granite: Jackson (only family name)

Two small Black Granite: (1) Hugh Jackson , Sept. 23, 1837 - Aug 2, 1909 (2) Mary A. Jackson Feb 9, 1840 - Jan 28, 1927

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