Jotham Sewall Quint

December 3, 1814 - August 21, 1897

Story by grand-daughter, Mrs. Hazel (Quint) Parsons, June 23, 1970

Benjamin Quint and Lydia Smith, daughter of Abraham and Susannah (Brock) Smith, of Maine, were married the 26th of January 1814 at Farmington, Maine. Abraham Smith was the first Deacon of the Old South Congregational Church of Farmington, Maine.

Benjamin and Lydia Quint had one child, Jotham Sewall Quint, born the 3rd of December, 1814 in Maine.

Photo of Jotham, about 1880
According to family tradition, Benjamin passed away when Jotham was about three years old. Later, Lydia married a John Savage, who died a few years after marriage. She married third a man by the name of Moore, possibly William Moore.

About 1837, Jotham Sewall Quint moved by covered wagon to Indiana. Here, at a party he met Mary Parker Tufts who, with her parents John and Prudence (Parker) Tufts, had recently moved from Wilton, Maine to Aurora, Indiana. They soon discovered they had lived in the same vicinity in Maine, but had not known each other there. On December 6, 1840 they were married at Aurora, Indiana. Mary Philena Quint and Benjamin Quint were born in Indiana.

In 1847, the family moved to Illinois, buying a farm in the same neighborhood as the Archibald Jackson farm near Nauvoo. Two daughters, Emily, who died as an infant, and Alice Elvira and one son, Louis Franklin Quint were born here in the farm home. In 1876, Louis Franklin Quint married Isabell Flora Jackson, daughter of Archibald Jackson, at the Jackson farm home. Mary (Tufts) Quint passed away in 1856.
Jotham Sewall Quint married Elizabeth Codry October 29th, 1857. To this marriage three sons were born: Nelson, born in 1859 died of typhoid fever in 1874; Albion born in 1861; and Melvin born in 1864. For family photo of Alice, Albion and Melvin, click here. About 1876 they moved to a farm near Menlo, Iowa later moving into town. After the death of his second wife, he married a Widow Perkins whose daughter, Fannie, was a missionary in China.
Photo of Louis F. Quint

In 1896 he went to Oklahoma with his oldest daughter, Mary (Quint) Dale and family. Here he passed away in 1897 and is buried in the IOOF Cemetery at Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Grandfather Quint belonged to the Methodist Church. My two older sisters, Clara and Jennie, remember he always said grace before meals: "Heavenly Parent to forgive us our sins, Treat us from the Bread of Life and in Thy Kingdom save us, for Jesus sake. Amen."

His mother, Lydia (Smith) Moore, in later years, lived with a son in Kansas. She died near Wichita, Kansas at the age of 98. It is said that she walked a mile to vist her son the day before she died.

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