Marion Helen Parsons

January 19, 1901 - August 21, 1991


Edgar Nathan Becker

June 8, 1894 - January 21, 1966

Story by Marion Helen Parsons

(Written in 1987 for David Faris' book "John & Anne Nichol")

Marion Helen Parsons, daughter of Robert and Maud Lillian (Frost) Parsons was born in Denver, Colorado on 19 Jan 1901. She was married for the first time at Denver on 19 Mar 1920 to Edgar Nathan Becker, son of Charles Myron and Alice Belle (Davis) Becker.

Edgar Becker was born at Stillwater, Oklahoma on 8 Jun 1894. He served in the first World War as a corporal in the 334th Field Artillery for eighteen months, including eight months in France. He was a printer from 1919 to 1924, a motion picture operator from 1924 to 1929 and a United States Post Office employee from 1927 to 1936. He operated a travel agency from 1936 to 1938, his own book and card shop from 1963 to 1952, a hobby shop from 1948 to 1954 and returned to printing until his death.

Photo of Edgar, Marion with baby Robert Becker, 1922

Edgar and Marion joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in March 1929. They had 5 children. The children were Robert Myron Becker (born at Denver on 30 Mar 1921), Gordon Raymond Becker (born 21 Jan 1923 at Stillwater, Oklahoma), David Stanley Becker (born 28 April 1925 at Stillwater, Oklahoma),
Photo of Donald, Marion and 'Wilbur' (Robert William), 1917.
Richard Dean Becker (born 3 Sep 1927 at Aurora, Colorado) and Mary Alice Becker (born 25 Nov 1934 at Denver, Colorado).
Photo of Ray, Bob, Neta Parsons and cousin Mary Alice, 1942

Edgar and Marion were divorced on 13 Aug 1940. Edgar Nathan Becker died at Denver on 21 Jan 1966, and was buried, as was his son David, at Ft. Logan National cemetery, Denver (which he helped establish as a national cemetery. She was married on 19 Jan 1956 to Thomas David Ross. He died of cancer at Denver on 30 May 1964. Marion Helen died on 21 Aug 1991 at Glenwood Springs, Colorado. She was buried at Fairmont Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.
An added note about Marion (by Ray Parsons, 1997)

Marion was often to our house for holidays and usually brought home baked candies, fudge and divinity were her specialties. She was interested in what we kids were interested in and had plenty of stories to tell. Somehow she never wrote a life story for Dad but I hope one of her descendants will send one to me.
Photo, 1964 Back (from left):Bob, Don, Marion, Mary, Erdeena, Polly, Neta, Hazel, Phil
Front: David, Tom, Patty, Linda, Larry, Mark, Barbara (squatting).

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