John Maverick and Some of His Descendants

Extracted from N.E.Hist. & Gen. Register, Vol. 96,
July 1942, pg 232 and pg 358, Oct.

by Philip George Parsons

In the Register, vol. 69, pp. 146-159, under the heading of "Genealogical Research in England", is a comprehensive record of the Maverick family contributed by Miss Elizabeth French and put into genealogical form by Henry Edwards Scott, Editor.

This article gives Maverick entries obtained from the registers of Aweliscombe and Honiton, Co. Devon, England, records from the ordination and institution books at Exeter, Co. Devon, abstracts of wills and entries found in the parish registers of St. Mary-Major's (Exeter), Ilsington, and St. Mary, Ottery, Co. Devon, and the very important record of the suit instituted by Peter Mavericke, clerk in 1612.

From these various records and from others then in print it was possible to compile a Maverick pedigree extending from Robert Mavericke, clerk of Awliscombe, to his great-grandson Samuel Maverick, the well-known settler at Winnissimet and Noddles Island, Mass., an the latter's children and grand-children. In the Register, vol. 78, pp. 448-449, are additions supplied by the late Charles Edward Banks and Henry Edwards Scott of Medford, Mass. now Editor Emeritus of the Register.

In 1929 "The Mavericks of Devonshire and Massachusetts", compiled by Beatrix F. Cresswell of Exeter, England, was published. The account of the Mavericks, contained in this well- illustrated book of 64 pages, follows closely the material in Miss French's article. A very few disagreements of dates and some names occur.

The following account of John Maverick and his descendants includes, with corrections and additions, the material contributed by Miss French to the register. The compiler of this genealogy spent many years in gathering the material, to which was added the record gathered by Frederick Lewis Gay and Frank Warren Hackett.

1. John Maverick (Peter, Robert), clerk, baptized at Awliscombe, co. Devon, 28 Dec 1578, died at Dorchester, Mass., 3 Feb 1635/6, being according to Winthrop, "nearly sixty years of age". He married at Ilsington, co. Devon, 28 Oct 1600, MARY GYE, who was living in New England as late as 9 Oct 1666, when her son Samuel, writing from Rhode Island, says that his mother "presents her humble service". John was the son of Peter and Dorothy (Tucke) Maverick and grandson of Robert Maverick, clerk of Awliscombe, co. Devon, England. The name occurs in various forms as Madericke, Mathericke, Mauerricke, Maverick, and Maverick. The last spelling, now adopted by the family, is used, except were it otherwise occurs in extracts or quotations.

John Maverick was matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, 24 Oct 1695, aged 18, being described as a clergyman's son. He received the degree of Bachelor of Sats on 8 July 1599 and that of Master of Arts on 7 Jul 1603, having been already ordained at Exeter, co. Devon, as deacon and priest 29 Jul 1597. Perhaps he was curate to his uncle, Radford Maverick, vicar of Ilsington, the parish in which the record of his own marriage is found. He was, however, curate of South Huish, co. Devan, for several years. On Aug 30, 1615, he was inducted at Silverton, co. Devon, by William Cotton, Bishop of Exeter, to the rectory of Beaworthy, co. Devon, on the presentation of Arthur Arscott, Esq, patron of the living. (Bishop's books, Exeter;cf. Register, Vol 49, pp. 214-458). He remained at Beaworthy until his resignation shortly before his emigration to New England, his successor, John Crought, B. A., being inducted 24 Mar 1629/30. (Register, vol 49, pp.214, 458). In this month John Maverick was chosen one of the teachers of the Puritan church that was organized at Plymouth, England; and on 20 Mar 1629/30 he sailed from Plymouth in the 'Mary and John', one of the ships of Winthrop's fleet, with the colonists who arrived in New England 30 May 1630 and founded the town of Dorchester, Mass. He took the oath as freeman on 18 May 1631, and was minister at Dorchester until his death.

Samuel, 1st son of John and Mary (Gye) Maverick was born in England about 1602. He was especially prominent among the early settlers in the Massachusetts Bay. In 1625 he fortified at Winnissimet (now Chelsea, Mass.) a house "with a Pillizado and fflankers and gunnes both belowe and above in them", a house which in 1660 was "yet standing there... the Antientest house in the Massachusetts Government". It was here that Samuel Maverick was living when Winthrop and his party arrived in 1630, and to these newcomers he was always generous and courteous. Winthrop, referring to Samuel Maverick's kindness to the Indians during an epidemic of small pox, wrote: "Among others, Mr. Maverick of Winnesemett is worth of a perpetual remembrance. Himself, his wife, and servants went daily to them, ministered to their necessities, and buried their dead, and took home many of their children."

Moses Maverick (John), of Marble head, Mass., baptized at Huish, co. Devon England 3 Nov 1611, 4th son of John and Mary (Gye) Maverick, died at Marblehead 28 Jan 1685/6 aged 76 years. He married first, before 6 May 1635, REMEMBER ALLERTON, who came to New England in the "Mayflower" in 1620 and died after 1652, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Norris) Allerton; and secondly, in Boston, 22 Oct 1656, Eunice (_____) Roberts, born about 1628 ( by deposition in 1671, aged about 43 years), living 5 Dec 1698, widow of Thomas Roberts.

Moses Maverick was a proprietor at Dorchester, Mass. in 1633. On 6 Jan 1622 it was ordered by that town that he should have the lot of land "that was allotted for Edward Ransford". Moses soon sold this property to John Greenway, moved to Salem, Mass. where he was engaged in 1634 in the fishing business, was admitted freeman 3 Sept 1634 and settled at Marble head as early as 1635. He paid to the Genal Court the rent for Noddle's Island (now East Boston) in 1636 having charge of it during the absence of his brother Samuel Maverick in Virginia. He was proprietor at Marblehead in 1637, constable in 1643, selectman, justice of the peace, and town clerk, and solemnized marriages at Marble head previous to his death.

His will, date __ Jan 1685/6 but not signed by him, was presented by the widow for probate at the court held at Ipswich, Mass., 30 Mar 1686, but some of the children objected to the proving of the will and the matter was referred to the next court to be held at Salem, Mass. Evidently the will was not allowed, for on 15 July 1686 Edward Woodman, a son-in-law of the deceased, twice petitioned the court to order the administratrix to give a n account of her administration, and apparently in 1693 another such petition was presented by him. Final settlement of the estate was made 29 Nov 1698. The unsigned will of Moses Maverick, the inventory of his estate, and the other papers on file at Salem and in Boston concerning the settlement of the estate have been published in full in The Mayflower Descendant, vol, 5, pp. 129-141, and are an important source of information in regard to the children of the deceased.

Children by first wife: Rebecca, bapt. 7 Auf 1639 ("dau, Moses, 7:6m:1639); d. at Lynn, Mass. 4 Nov 1659 (4:9m:1659);m. at Lynn 3 Jun 1658, John Hawkes of Lynn, d 5 Aug 1694, who m. (2) 11 Apr 1661 Sara Cushman.

Moses, only son of John and Rebecca (Maverick) Hawkes (The Mayflower Descendant, vol 15, p. 14) b. in November 1659; living 5 Dec 1698 (see Lynn Vital Records)

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