Charles V (also known as Charles Quint)
Holy Roman Emperor

Portrait by Amberger

Based on information from Suzie Quint, her father and uncle.

Charles V ruled 1519-1556 as Holy Roman emperor. At only 20 years of age he ruled nearly half the world. Charles was born Feb 24, 1500, at Ghent in the Netherlands. His mother was Joanna, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain; his father was Philip of Hapsburg, son of Maximilian, archduke of Austria and Holy Roman emperor.

Charles' first of many crowns came to him when he was only six, when he inherited the kingdoms of Castile and the Netherlands upon the death of his father. Only ten years later, at the death of his grandfather Ferdinand, he became ruler of Spain as Charles I, king and of Sicily and Naples and Spain's rich colonies in the New World. At 19 he inherited Austria from his grandfather Maximilian, the Holy Roman emperor.

In 1519 Charles was elected Holy Roman emperor and was crowned in 1520. He then took the name Charles Quint. We might speculate that relatives assumed the surname "Quint" at that time. Who knows????? He and his son Philip II were thought of as of the Hapsburg family (after their father Philip I of Hapsburg) Sometimes Charles is refered to as Karl (or Carlos) von Hapsburg

In March of 2000, Luxembourg issued a stamp honoring Charles Quint. Click here for full description. The page also lists some of his lifes details.

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