Zachariah G. Trent (ca 1799/1800 - aft 1860) of Sneedville, TN

This site was established in an attempt to list the known descendants of Zachariah G. Trent and to serve as a repository for information, photos, etc. of descendants and ancestors. Individuals with such data are encouraged to send it to Ray Parsons, the site manager. If your data is added to the web page your e-mail address will be used as reference to it.

Zachariah G. Trent may have been born in Virginia but spent most of his life in Sneedville, TN. He was the first sheriff of Hancock County, TN, and may have been killed in the line of service in that office.
He married 3 times,
First married to Naomi Green of North Carolina, (born 7 Jan 1801- died 26 Dec 1877 in Morristown, TN) She was the daughter of Jeremiah Green, brother of Nathanial Green. Zachariah and Naomi had 9 children all born in Sneedville, TN... Mary Polly Trent, Cynthia Trent, Nila (Manila) Trent, Stockeley Donaldson Trent, Mariah Trent, Jane Trent, William Trent, John Hicks Trent, and Nancy Trent.
Second "married" to Mirah Singleton. Children: Lucinda "Cindy" Trent Singleton, Frankie Trent Singleton, and Rhoda Trent Singleton (children used Singleton surname).
Third married to Matilda Coffman. Children: Caroline Trent, Daniel Trent, and Sarah Jane Trent. (Source Jim Quinn)

The genealogical data is from various sources. Major contributors were James McNelis Trent, Jim Quinn and H Michael Trent. The book, "Cantwell-Green Families of East Tennessee: The Descendants of David and Mary 'Polly' Greene Cantwell" by Hallie Price Garner has much Trent family data and history and some was noted here. Click here for more information on the book.

The genealogical data appears on RootsWeb World Connect in the Family Trees database of TRENTZG. You can access the Rootsweb site by clicking here Click on FAMILY TREES at the top of ROOTS WEB page, then enter TRENTZG in the box for the NAME OF THE DATABASE. Prior to March 2003 the data could be accessed directly from this site but that access has been removed. It was removed to protect the security of "living" individuals and help prevent the problem of "identity theft" of living individuals in the database. By sending my GED file through Roots Web the first names of "living" individuals are replaced with "LIVING" and all dates associated with them are deleted. If no death date appears in the GED file then the individual is listed as living if born less than 100 years ago. This may cause some deceased individuals to be listed as "living". Going through Roots Web makes the files easy to update from a GED file and distributes the data to a wider audience. At the same time any potential "identity theft" is thwarted.


In addition to the dates and names, collected stories and notes written by individuals and relatives. Stories or photos of relatives are listed in this section of the web page. Click on a name listed below for a story then use your 'back' button to return here. They are very interesting, DON'T MISS THEM.
Trent Families of Hancock County, TN by Alton L. Greene.
William Trent (1686-1768) & Ursula Branch (1690- ??) , Great-grandparents of Z.G.Trent, notes from Jim Quinn and Donna Clark.
Alexander William Trent's Will (abt 1702- Dec 9, 1750), half-brother of Z.G.Trent's grandfather, from Jim Quinn
Alexander Trent, Sr. (abt 1726-1803) , grandfather of Zachariah G. Trent.
Comments on Alexander (Sr.) Trent's wives. Notes from Barbara Marsh
Alexander (Sr,) Trent - Elizabeth Scott Marriage. E-mail from Peter K. Carrell
Henry Trent, Sr. (abt 1719-1808), brother of Z.G.Trent's grandfather, from internet data of Dennis S Elder.
William D. Trent, Sr.(abt 1770-1866), father of Zachariah G. Trent.
Osborne and Burton Familes of Hancock County, TN notes by Jim Quinn. Includes additional comments by Osborne family reseacher, Charles Osborne.
Robert Frost & Mary 'Polly' Trent (dau. of Z.G.Trent) story from Jim Quinn and Pete Hubicki
Anne M. Nichol and Simpson P. Frost (grandson of Z.G.Trent) story by their grandson, P. G. Parsons
Memories of Maud Lillian Frost (g-granddaughter of Z.G.Trent) story by Maud's daughter, Marion Ross

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Origin of Trent Surname (Note from Barbara Marsh)

The following is from a photocopy of a newspaper clipping sent to me a long time ago. Unfortunately, the source was not included.

TRENT--Trent is an English location surname originally acquired from once having lived in the parish of Trent, once in Somersetshire but now in County Dorset or at some other place(s) of similar name. The parish takes its name from the River Trent, which flows through both counties. The meaning appears to be "trespasser" in the sense of being subject to frequent floodings.
Gilbert de (of) Trent lived in Somersetshire in 1330. In Scotland, William Trent was a monk at Coupar Abbey in 1456 and in 1521. Petrus Trent was a witness to a land charter by the abbot of the same house. John Trent lived at Newbottoll in 1563. Mr. Patrick Trent, a minister at Linlithgow, was ousted in 1698. William Trent, 1655-1724, born at Inverness, became chief justice of the state of New Jersey, and the capitol of the state (Trenton) was named for him. Burke's General Armory describes the two different Trent arms. In Virginia, the following Trents were headrights in county land grants: Humphrey in Upper New Norfolk in 1638, John in Lower New Norfolk in 1647 and Jno. in the same county in 1653. Henry Trent obtained a 200-acre grant in Henrico county in 1673. John Trent [my note: son of Henry who obtained the grant] and Gilbert Gee obtained a 400-acre grant in Henrico County in 1725 in payment of forty shillings. Captain Lawrence Trent of Virginia was in the American Revolutionary Army. The 1790 United States Census lists Trents in Connecticut, North Carolina and Virginia.

Ancestors of Zachariah G. Trent

There is some question as to the ancestors of Zachariah G. Trent. This data file shows the line as best reconstructed but not fully documented. The data also includes the ancestors of his wife, Naomi Green.

Ray Parsons' connection to the Trent family

Ray Parsons is a descendent of Mary Polly Trent (Zachariah and Naomi's oldest daughter) - married to Robert Frost, --- son, Simpson Paine Frost married to Anne Margaret Nichol, --- dau, Maud Lillian Frost married to Robert Parsons....son, Philip George Parsons married to Hazel Katherine Quint... son, Raymond Edward Parsons (Ray Parsons). To link to Ray Parsons' home page stories and photos click here

Other Trent Family Web Pages

To link to Drema Trent's web site click here. Drema is the great- grandaughter of Thomas Henry Trent, a distant cousin of Zachariah Trent (both probably descended from Henry Trent (b. 1642)). She has many Trent family members on her site.