The Tullamore Connection


Story by Raymond E. Parsons, June, 1998

These four surnames, BANKS, BAGNELL, SKERRITT & PARSONS, were intertwined in the area near Tullamore and Killeigh in County Offaly (or Kings County), Ireland around 1800. The close relationship of these surnames associated with the PARSONS family continued for the next 50 years extending to Zanesville, Ohio. My great-great grandfather Robert PARSONS married Hannah BANKS. My other great-great grandfather Robert BAGNELL married Mary BANKS, Hannah's sister. My great-grandfather Charles PARSONS married Maria BAGNELL, his cousin, after both emigrated from Tullamore to Zanesville, Ohio. In the Tullamore area: Maria PARSONS (my great- grandfather Charles PARSONS's sister married John BANKS and soon emigrated to Ohio. Honor PARSONS (Robert's sister) married William SKERRITT, John PARSONS married Catherine SKERRITT, Robert BAGNALL married E.(Esther?) SKERRITT. In Zanesville, Ohio, William PARSONS, the brother of my great grandfather married Catherine BANKS.

My great-great-great grandfather, Richard PARSONS (1745-1817) and his wife Mary (1742-1823) are buried at the Church of Ireland Cemetery, Killeigh, Ireland. Their son, Robert's death is recorded in the Tullamore Church of Ireland register (1768-1834, also buried at Killeigh)). According to family tradition, Robert's first wife was a Miss. Emmett and they had one son named John. (No record proof has been found of the marriage or birth)

Robert's sister, Honor PARSONS (abt 1778-1818, also buried at Killeigh), married William SKERRITT and had 3 children in the 1802 census at Tullamore.

Robert PARSONS, my great-great grandfather married (2nd) Hannah BANKS (1784-1879, died Ohio). She was the 18 year-old daughter of James and Elizabeth BANKS, in the 1802 census of Protestants in Tullamore. The Tullamore Church of Ireland Baptism records show 9 children of Robert & Hannah- Charles (9/1806)(died as a child), Maria (11/1807), Richard (7/1810), Robert (8/1813), James (9/1816)(died as a child), William (2/1821), Hannah (7/1824), Thomas, a twin (7/1824) and James-2nd (2/1829). Another child, my great- grandfather, Charles-2nd (b. 5-Jun-1822, d. 18-Jul-1912) was not shown in the Tullamore records.

Charles PARSONS (possible brother of Robert PARSONS and Honor (PARSONS) SKERRITT of Tullamore) married (2nd) Alice -- (1778- 1816, buried at Killeigh) and had James (1798) and Jane (1800). Charles also had sons, George (1787), John (1788-1817) and Charles (1792) by unknown first wife, (children listed in the Tullamore 1802 census).

George PARSONS (possible brother of Robert PARSONS) of Tullamore is in 1802 Tullamore census, with children, John (1798) and Mary (1799).

John PARSONS (probably a younger brother of Robert but possibly the son of Robert by first marriage) of Killeigh married Catherine SKERRITT (1789-1829). They had sons, Richard (1809 - ) Henry (1812-1835), John (1816-1818), John-2nd (1819- ) and daughter Mary (1821- ).


My great-great-grandfather, Robert PARSONS, died 17-Nov- 1834. About this time his oldest daughter, Maria PARSONS (b. 1807) was married to a John BANKS (b. 1811) (The relation to James BANKS or Hannah (BANKS) PARSONS is unknown). Maria & John BANKS and their oldest daughter, Catherine, emigrated to Zanesville, Ohio in about 1839. (John BANKS appears in the 1840 Muskingum Co. Ohio census with two females under 5 years and 1 female 40-50 yrs). (Also enumerated in the Muskingum Co. Ohio census is family of Robert BANKS (age 50/60), 1 female (40/50), 1 male under 5, 2 females under 5, 2 females 10/15, 1 female 20/30. Robert is probably related to John BANKS and may be related to Hannah (BANKS) PARSONS, but the relationship unknown.) These BANKS families led the PARSONS families to emigrate to Zanesville, Ohio.

In 1840 or 1841, a few years after Robert PARSONS' death in 1834, the widow Hannah (BANKS) PARSONS left Ireland for Zanesville, Ohio with her younger children, William (b.1821), Charles (b. 1822), Hannah (b. 1824) arriving in the USA at least before Dec. 1841 when William was married, but not in time to be included in the 1840 Ohio census. (No records of Thomas, twin, b. 1824, or James, b. 1829 are found, so they are presumed to have died in Ireland.)
Photo of Charles Parsons, abt 1860

On December 15, 1841, William PARSONS (b. 1821) was married to Catharine BANKS (b. 1819) (20/30 yr female of Robert BANKS in 1840 census) by Urish Heath in Zanesville, Ohio. They had children, all born in Ohio: Jane (1842), Hannah (1845), Catharine (1847), Robert (1849), Fanny (1852), Henry (1854), Lilly (1858) and Harriet (1860)

In October, 1848, the Richard PARSONS family followed his mother, Hannah (BANKS) PARSONS and siblings to Zanesville. Richard (1810-1865) was married to Margaret PAINE in Tullamore about 1837 and emigrated with his wife and 7 children: Elizabeth (1838), Hannah (1839), Maria (1840), Robert (1842), Thomas (1844), John (1845), and Richard (1847). Another 4 children were born in Ohio were: Henry (1849), Charles (1850), Margaret (1854) and William (1856)

Back in Ireland, Hannah (BANKS) PARSONS' sister, Mary BANKS (b. 1787) had married Robert BAGNALL and in the Tullamore Church of Ireland Baptism Register are listed 3 children, Anne (11/1814), James (3/1816) and Elizabeth (7/1818). Maria (BANKS) BAGNELL was also baptized in 1821 under her marriage surname. (Family may have moved from Tullamore after 1821 and had more children elsewhere.) According to family tradition Robert and Maria (BANKS) BAGNELL had many children, one of which was Maria BAGNELL (born 9-Sep- 1825, in Westmeath Co., near Athlone, Ireland--my great- grandmother). In about 1850, this daughter, Maria BAGNELL, went alone on a ship to New York City and on to Zanesville, Ohio. On December 8, 1851, she was married to Charles PARSONS, my great- grandfather, in Zanesville, Ohio. The had children: Mary Ann (1853), Hannah "Tallie" (1855), William (1858), Charles (1861), Robert, my grandfather (1865), and Richard (1867). Below are some of the records found in support of these relationships.
Photo of Maria Bagnell, ca 1860


The main sources of records were:
-- 1. The Parish Register of Geashill (from OHAS report 164/96)
-- 2. The Parish Register of Killeigh, King's County (LDS film #099092)
-- 3. Protestant Parishioners in The County Offaly, Portion of the Diocese of Meath c. 1802 (Published in The Irish Ancestor, Vol. 5(2) (1973) pp. 38-52 and pp.115-120)
-- 4. Offaly Historical & Archeological Society (OHAS) Reports to Raymond E. Parsons, file Ref: 164/96 Re: Parsons & Bagnall/Banks (1996-7), and
-- 5. Ohio Records and files of R. E. Parsons.

From the Geashill Parish Register (OHAS 164/96, Geashill is 10 miles south-east of Tullamore.)

PARSONS Deaths (OHAS)(K=Kilbride, G=Geashill, L= Lynally)
1813, July 2, PARSONS, Mary of Ballinvally, -- age, pg. 16, K
1817, Aug 28, PARSONS, Richard of Ballinvally, 72 yrs, pg.18, K
1816, July 25, PARSONS, Alice, of Tullamore, wife of Charles, age 38, page 48, G. (also age 23 on pg. 18, K, probably error)
1823, Nov 20, PARSONS, Mary (wife of Richard) of Ballinavally, age 81, pg. 22, K.
1817, June 30, PARSONS, John (son of John & Catherine (Skerritt)) of Killeigh, age 2, pg. 19, K
1817, Nov 17, PARSONS, John (son of John & Alice) of Tullamore, age 28, pg. 18, K.
1818, PARSONS, Honor, (wife of William Skerritt) of Clonminch (1 mile south of Tullamore), age 35 (maybe 40 based on child, age 5, in 1802 census) pg 19, L
1829, Aug 17, PARSONS, Catherine (maiden name) (wife of John Skerritt) of Killeigh, age 40, K (pg 25), G (pg 65, Aug 19).
1834, Jan 8, PARSONS, Anne, of Gurteen (2 miles from Killeigh), age 68, p. 26, G.
1835, June 17, PARSONS, Henry (son of John)(b. 1/26/1812) of Killeigh, age 23, pg. 27, K
1850, Jul 9, PARSONS, Elizabeth of Frankford, age 101, pg 20, K.
1852, Oct 5, PARSONS. Mary of Killeigh, age 29, K.

From the Killeigh Parish Register(LDS film #099092).

1809, Oct 1 SKERRITT, Catherine, dau. of Richard of Grage
1809, Nov 15, PARSONS, Richard, son of John of Killeigh
1811, Mar 24, SKERRITT, Joseph, son of Edward of Ballinvalley
1812, Jan 26, PARSONS, Henry, son of John of Killeigh
1813, Feb 28, SKERRITT, Edward, son of Edward of Ballinvalley
1815, - - , SKERRET, Richard, son of Edward of Ballinvalley and his wife Jane TODD of Castlebrack - Born 18th April
1816, PARSONS, John, son of John of Killeigh, & Catherine, dau. of Henry Skerret of Killeigh, born 17th Aug.
1817, SKERRITT, Anne, dau of Edward. of Ballinvalley & his wife Jane TODD of Castlebrack, born 9th March
1817, ROBERTS, Mary, dau of John, of Ballinvalley & his wife Mary PARSONS, born 7th Nov.
1819, SKERRITT, George, son of Edward, of Ballinvalley & his wife Jane TODD of Castlebrack, born 12th Jany
1819, PARSONS, John, son of John, of Killeigh & his wife Catherine SKERRETT, born 14th Oct.
1820, BAGNAL, Sarah, dau. of Isaac & his wife Dinah PATTISON of Annaharvey, born 9th Sept.
1821, SKERRET Edward, son of Edward if Ballinvalley & his wife Jane TODD, born 19th Jan.
1821, PARSONS, Mary, dau. of John, of Killeigh, & his wife Catherine SKERRETT, born 5th Jany.
1823, BAGNAL, Isaac, son of Isaac & his wife Dinah PATTERSON, born Apl 1823.

1830, NOv 11, McMULLEN, William of Ballinvalley & SKERRITT, Maria, of the same.

1809, Nov 23, SKERRITT, John of Ballinvalley
1813, Jly 2, PARSONS, Mary of Ballinvalley
1816, Jly 25, PARSONS, Alice, wife of Charles, of Tullamore aged 38.
1816, Aug 15, SKERRETT, George, son of Joseph, of Portnahinch, age 23.
1817, Aug 28, PARSONS, Richard, of Ballinvalley, died 28 Aug, aged 72 years.
1817, Aug 20, PARSONS, John (probably son of Charles), of Tullamore, died 20 August aged 28 years.
1818, June 30, PARSONS, John, son of John of Killeigh, died 30 June aged 1 years 10 months.
1818, Aug 5, PARSONS, Honor, wife of William SKERRITT of Clonminch, died 5 Aug aged 35 yrs, orse SKERRITT
1819, March 5, SKERRITT, Eliza, wife of Edward SKERRITT, of Clonminch, died 5 March aged 72.
1819, July 2, SKERRITT, Ellen, dau. of Edward, of Ballinvalley, died 2 July aged 13 years.
1821, June 22, SKERRITT, Henry, of Clonminch, died 22 June, aged 96.
1821, Oct 19,SKERRITT, Eliza, wife of Joseph, of Garryhinch, died 19 Oct. aged 60.
1822, Feb 4, SKERRITT, Henry, junior, of Killeigh, died 4 Feb, aged 23.
1823, Nov 20, PARSONS, Mary, widow, of Ballinvalley, died 20 Nov aged 81
1825, Feb 3, SKERRITT, Henry, of Killeigh, died 3 Feb aged 58
1825, Mar 26, SKERRITT, Edward, of Clonminch, died 26 March aged 84
1829, Aug 17, PARSONS, Catherine, of Killeigh, died 17 Aug.
1831, May 25, SKERRITT, John, of Ballinvalley, died 25 May aged 23.
1832, Jun 4, SKERRITT, Fanny of Tullamore, died 4 June, aged 19.
1832, Aug 4, SKERRITT, wife of Henry of Clonminch, died 4 Aug.
1834, Jan 8, PARSONS, Ann, of Gurteen, died 8 Jan aged 68 years.
1834, Nov 17, PARSONS, Robert, of Tullamore, died 17 Nov aged 66.
1834, Dec 16, PARSONS, Charles, of Tullamore, died 16 Dec aged 18.
1835, June 23, PARSONS, Henry, of Killeigh, died 17 Jun aged 23.

From Tullamore Baptism Register - Church of Ireland

1806, July, BAGNALL, Sarah, dau. of Robert of Clonminch and his wife E. SKERRITT.
1811, June, BAGNALL, Margaret, dau. of Robert and his wife E. SKERRITT
1814, Feb, BAGNALL, William, son of Robert and his wife E. SKERRITT.
1806, Sep, PARSONS, Charles, son of Robert and Hannah BANKS
1807, Nov, PARSONS, Maria, dau. of Robert and Hannah BANKS.
1810, Jul, PARSONS, Richard, son of Robert and Hannah BANKS.
1813, Aug, PARSONS, Robert, son of Robert and Hannah BANKS.
1816, Sep, PARSONS, James, son of Robert and Hannah BANKS.
1821, Feb, PARSONS, William, son of Robert and Hannah BANKS.
1824, Jul, PARSONS, Hannah, twin, dau. of Robert and Hannah BANKS.
1824, Jul, PARSONS, Thomas, twin, son of Robert and Hannah BANKS.
1829, Feb, PARSONS, James, son of Robert and Hannah BANKS.

Census of Protestants in 1802, near Tullamore, Ireland.

SKERRITT, Isaac, John, Catherine 14 (probably wife of John Parsons), and William 13
PARSONS, Charles (brother of Robert & Honor), Alice, George 15, John 14, Charles 10, James 5, and Jane 2.
BANKS, James, Eliz, Sarah 22, Anne 20, Hannah 18 (wife of Robert Parsons), Mary 15 (probably wife of Robert Bagnell, mother of Maria Bagnell--who emigrated to Zanesville, Ohio 1849) and James 10.
PARSONS, George, John 4, and Mary 3.
SKERRITT, Henry, Eliz., Henry 20, and Eliz 19.
SKERRITT, George, Mary, Rebecca 14.
SKERRITT, Richard, Rebecca, Jane 7, Margaret 4, and Eliz. 2.
SKERRITT, William, Honour (probably sister of Robert PARSONS), Richard 5, Sarah 3, and Mary infant.
BAGNELL, William, Mary
BANKS, Sarah 18
BAGNELL, William, Mary, Robert 13, William 11, Esther 10, James 6, Sarah 5, Daniel 3, and Abraham 1.
BAGNELL, Robert sen, Esther (possible E. SKERRITT, baptism register, Tullamore, Church of Ireland, 1806) , Eliz. 6, Catherine 3.
PARSONS, Eliz., and Thomas.

PROTESTANTS IN PARISH OF LYNALLY (4 miles south of Tullamore) (August 1802. Note: Lord & Lady Charleville, included)
BAGNELL, Abraham, wife, sons Robert (possible husband of Mary Parsons and father of Maria Bagnell) and Isaac
SKERRIT, William, wife.
PARSONS, Charles

PROTESTANTS IN PARISH OF TRIM (Diocese of Meath 1802, p. 52, The Irish Ancestor)
PARSONS, John, wife, and William.

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