Charles W. Ziegenfus and Mary Ann Shindler

Pictures and Information from Luella (Ziegenfus) Smith

Charles Ziegenfus was born February 13, 1887 in Aquashicola, Pennsylvania. He was the oldest son, and third child of Lewis Ziegenfus and Harriet (Wentz) Ziegenfus. The Ziegenfus family was among the pioneer settlers in the Palmerton area and he lived in the area all his life. He served as postmaster of the Palmerton Post Office. Click here for Luella's Ziegenfus story. He married

Photo of "Mom & Pop" about 1946
Mary A. Shindler (born July 6, 1884, Bowmanstown, PA), the daughter of Mary (Blose) Shindler and Griffith Shindler. They had four daughters, Hilda, Luella Mae, Della, and Alma. They lived at 468 Lafayette Avenue in Palmerton, PA. Charles died on July 13, 1956.

Photo of the Ziegenfus Family, about 1926
Charles Ziegenfus is seated on the left. Between him and Mary Ann from left to right are Luella, Della, Alma, and Hilda.
After Charles passed away, Mary Ann moved in with her daughter Mrs. Hilda Hoffman, at 480 Lafayette Avenue where she lived for 25 years. Mary Ann had moved to Nazareth to live with her daughter, Mrs. Alma Houck before passing away on July 15, 1982, age 98.

Photo in the yard of the David Houck farm near Nazareth, Pennsylvania about 1995. Back row (left to right) is Jane Houck, Jay Houck, Pat & Phil Houck. Seated in the front (left to right) are the Ziegenfus sisters ( Hilda Hoffman, Louella Smith, Alma Houck) and David Houck

The following genealogy was written
by Charles W. Ziegenfus in 1940

Some of the initial information seems in error but it is printed as originally written
with probable correction in {} brackets where pertinent.

Andrew Ziegenfus the lst. {should be Hans Jacob Ziegenfus} was born in Germany 1692. He lived in the Rhine Valley near Strassburg--Alsace Lorraine. He with his wife Catherine sailed from Havre, France for America on board the ship Thistle. The boat charge of Commander Geo. Houston. They arrived at Philadelphia, on October 28, 1738 after 13 weeks of sailing. Leaving Philadelphia, the family settled in what is now Springfield or Nackomixon township, Montgomery County. Here Andrew {Hans Jacob's son born about 1723} bought from Henry Stover 51 acres 56 Perches of Land and a grist mill for 550 pounds. Andrew {should be Hans Jacob} died in the year 1778, aged 86 years.

There were six children {of Andrew I, son of Hans Jacob}. Three daughters (names not known), Three sons - Jacob, George, and Andrew the 2nd. Andrew the 2nd., the youngest child, was born 1747, and in March 1773 was married to a Miss. Reichard of Bucks County. They had seven children. Four girls (names not known) and three boys - John, George, and Andrew the 3rd. who was born March 30, 1787.

In the year 1800, Andrew the 3rd. and his brothers John -and George crossed the Blue Ridge, and settled in the wilderness, where the village of Aquashicola, Carbon County, now is. Here they built the first grist mill in all that section of the country. George mas drafted for service in the war of 1812, but having six small children to care for, his brother John generously volunteered as his substitute.

Andrew the 3rd., my great grandfather, died January 14, 1876 - aeed 88 yrs., 10 mo. and 14 days. His wife Catharine, who was born Nov. 13, 1790, died Nov. 10, 1886, - aged 75 yrs., 11 mo., and 27 days. They had eight children. Three girls - Sallie, Katie, and Elizabeth; and five boys - David, John, Andrew, James and Isaac.

James Ziegenfus, my grandfather, was born May 7, 1822. He was married to Miss. Mary Eckhart, who was born Dec. 29, 1829. He was a farmer and blacksmith. They.had seven children. One girl - Catherine, and six boys - Lewis, Adam, David, Wilson, Alfred, and Samuel. James, my grandfather, died June 17, 1899 - aged 77 yrs., 1 mo, and 10 days. His wife followed him in death April 3, 1910 aged 80 yrs., 3 mo., and 4 days. Lewis,, my father, the oldest of the seven children was born Aug. 22, 1849 and was married to Miss. Harriet Wentz, who was born July 7, 1 854. He was a mining contractor of the Prince Metallic Paint Co. and for a number of years was Constable of Lower Tomensing Township. They had eight children. Two girls - Lillian(died in infancy) and Laura. Six boys - Warren (died May 4, 1930), Charles, Jesse, Harvey, Stanley, and Edwin. My father died May 14, 1915 - aged 65, 8 mo., and 22 days. My mother followed him in death June 22, 1930 - aged 75 yrs., 11 mo., and 15 days.

I, Charles W. Ziegenfus, was born in Aquashicola, February 13, 1877, and was married to Miss Mary Ann Schindler, born July 6, 1884, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Griffith Shindler, Bowmanstown, Pa. We have four girls -Hilda (Mrs. Ralph J. Hoffman), Luella (Mrs. Stanley A. Smith), Della (Mrs. Thomas G. Balliet), and Alma. There are seven Grandchildren. At present I am Postmaster at Palmerton, Pa. Previous I was in the Life Insurance Business. I am a member of the Board of Trade and of The Business Men's Association of Palmerton, and also of the following lodges: P.O.S. of A., I.O.O.F., Knights of Friendship, and Fidelity Encampment.

Signed: November 14, 1940 by Charles W. Ziegenfus

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