Descendants of Hans Jacob Ziegenfus (1691- ? )
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This site lists the known descendants of Hans Jacob Ziegenfus (Immigrated in 1738). The site was started in 1997 and most of the genealogical data at that time was based on the "Ziegenfuss Family History" written by Rev. William J. Ziegenfus in the 1970s. The data was organized and placed in computer format by Ray Parsons using the Brothers_Keeper software program (by John Steed).

Dates, Names and Places are on the ROOTSWEB internet site

A GED of the data was transferred to the ROOTSWEB Site at Go there and click on FAMILY TREES at the top of ROOTSWEB page, then enter ZIEGENFUSSHJ in the box for the NAME OF THE DATABASE. There are over 2000 individuals related to Hans Jacob Ziegenfuss in the database. By sending my GED file through RootsWeb the first names of "living" individuals are replaced with "LIVING" and all dates associated with them are deleted. If no death date appears in the GED file (because it is unknown) then the individual is listed as "living" if born less than 100 years ago. This may cause some deceased individuals to be listed as "living" but this helps to reduce "idenity theft".

In December 1998, several hundred names, dates, etc. were added to this site from the records of Robert M. Zeigenfuse. ( The addition of his data greatly expanded the site especially his line which descends from George Ziegenfus (grandson of Hans Jacob). George's son Jacob changed the spelling of the family name for this line to Zeigenfuse! (Note the "Zei" vs "Zie"!!)

Also in December 1998, some information from Larry C. Zickefoose's book "From Zigenfuss to Zickefoose" was added. Most of Larry's book (e-mail Larry at refers to the descendants of Peter Zickafoose. Larry believes Peter was a son of Johann Jacob Zigenfuss, a passenger on the ship "Brothers" list dated September 16, 1751 at Philadelphia, PA. The relationship of the 1738 Ziegenfuss arrival and the 1751 Zigenfuss arrival as well as the linkage of Peter Zickafoose is somewhat uncertain. For some discussion on Johann Jacob and Hans Jacob's conection click here. For some discussion on Peter Zickafoose's parents click here. Some data of Hans Jacob (Ziegenfus) "Seifus's" famiy (1738 immigrants) is included in the book and was extracted.


Rev. William J. Ziegenfus printed his "Ziegenfuss Family History" on mimiographed sheets that he distributed to attendees of the Ziegenfus Family Reunion (near Allentown, PA) in about 1980. The 5 Chapters were transcribed by Ray Parsons onto his web page in order to preserve them and make them available to others looking for their Ziegenfus(s) relatives. The 5 Chapters are listed in the story section of Ray Parsons' web page. The Ziegenfus(s) stories are found at that web site and you are invited to go to the Story Section in the Main Index. The Ziegenfus history is very interesting, DON'T MISS IT. In August 2014 , Wm. J. Ziegenfuss revised Chapter 1 and called it Chapter 2. A new Chapter 1 will be written in 2015 and added then. The other chapters will be renumbered.

-------------In October 2014, Wm. J. Ziegenfuss sent me a copy of his paper 'The Ziegenfuss Name' which was presented at the 2007 Family Reunion. To see it click here
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New*Ziegenfus's Involved in the Civil War- (New 11/23/12 from Wm. J. Ziegenfuss) To see the 3 pages click here

New*Biography of Stephen Zigenfuss (1842-1910)- (New 11/23/12 from Wm. J. Ziegenfuss) To see the 12 pages click here

Mark Amanns started a "Ziegenfus Families Newsletter" in 1981 and it covered some of the history of the early Ziegenfus(s) families in Pennsylvania.Some of the information is the same as in the above chapters but additional information is also included. The project was dropped after 5 issues. Parts of issues #2, #3, #4 and #5 appear here.
.........To see a copy of issue #2 of the newsletter click here.
.........To see a copy of issue #3 of the newsletter click here.
Issue #4 of the newsletter included a reprint of Mark's gr-gr-grandfather's family history book, "History of the Sigerfoos Family". A copy may be obtained for a $5 fee from MarkAmanns contact Mark Amanns by e-mail The information is also reprinted in Larry C. Zickefoose' book "From Zigenfuss to Zickefoose, 1739-1990" (see above).
.........To see the supplement to issue #4 of the newsletter click here.
.........To see a copy of issue #5 of the newsletter click here.
.........New Maryland information (May 2000)from Mark Amanns, Report #1
.........Maryland Report #2 & #3- Sigafoose from Mark Amanns (June 2000)(lots of data!)
.........Report #4 - 1800-1900 Census -Siagafoose, etc. from Mark Amanns (August 2000)(data!)

Donna Evans has collected and tabulated a lot of Miscellaneous Ziegenfus Information which I'm sure will be of interest to other researchers. She graciously is allowing me to post it on this web site so others can have access to it. If you are hunting for Ziegenfus connections be sure to look here for clues!! It will require several pages.
-------Page 1, Bucks County Tombstones and Miscellaneous Church Records
-------Page 2. Wright F. Edwards, Bucks Co. Church Records, Vol. 3
-------Page 3, Pennsylvania Births:Bucks, Northampton, Lehigh, Montgomery Counties
-------Page 4, Bucks County Township Records:Nockamixon, Springfield, Tinicum,
-------Page 5, Bucks County Tax Records
-------Page 6, Bucks County Genealogical Soc.,Rev.Soldiers, Marriage Notices
-------Page 7, Pennsylvania Census, Bucks Co. Ziegenfus, etc., partial

Brian C. Ziegenfuss' Story of his Ziegenfuss Connections

Ann L. Thompson's Ziegenfuss Research tied to Germany and discussion of the two Johann Jacob Ziegenfuss early immigrants (see note 3).

Historic Ziegenfuss Photos

-------Photo page 1, Swords of Charles H. Ziegenfuss, ca 1895 from Brian C. Ziegenfuss
-------Photo page 2, Ziegenfuss Quilt, 1862 from Lucinda Cawley
-------Photo page 3, C.H.Ziegenfuss' Wooden Knife & Medallion from Brian C. Ziegenfuss

If you have additions, corrections or comments send e-mail to Ray Parsons. Additions and modifications will be made to this site periodically. Last up-date was December 7, 2012

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Ziegenfus Family Emigrated from Germany - 1738

In early May of 1738 Hans Jacob Ziegenfus and his wife Amelia and their seven children: Andrew, Kathryn, Hans Christopher, Hans Jacob (Jr.), Anna Maria, Paul, and Haneriagh set out for Pennsylvania.First the journey down the Rhine River to Rotterdam, or some other port. At Rotterdam, the family booked passage on the "Bilander Thistle" for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The names and ages of the passengers were recorded on October 28, 1738 in the ships log. The lists were written by Englishmen who lacked knowledge ofGerman spellings and pronounciation. The family name on these logs is spelled "Seiefues" with Hans Jacob's age given as 44. We have no record of the period from 1738 to 1746 until Andrew (the eldest son, then 23) bought from Henry Stover, 51 acres 56 Purchase of land and a grist mill for 550 pounds in Springfield (Nackomixom) Township of Mongomery County, Pennsylvania. The records of the Pa. Land Office, Pa. Archives, Series 3, Vol. 24 show that on Oct. 28 1746, Andrew took out a warrent for 100 acres in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Ray Parsons' connection to the Ziegenfus family

Ray Parsons' wife is Mary Louise (Smith) Parsons. Mary Louise (Smith) Parsons' mother is Luella Mae (ZIEGENFUS) Smith. This branch of the family descended from Andrew Ziegenfus who migrated with his two brothers, John and George, (great-grandsons of Hans Jacob) across the Blue Mountains and settled in Aquashicola, Carbon County, Pennsylvania in about 1800.


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