Chapter 2A


29 January 1723 – 16 February 1796

Sometime after they entered through the port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the end of October 1738, most of the family migrated northward by way of the Delaware River. Some families settled in Bucks County (Nockamixon2 and Springfield3 townships) and others followed the Indian trails northward from Philadelphia along the Perkiomen Creek into Montgomery County.

Andrew Ziegenfuss, the eldest son of Hans Jacob Ziegenfuss, settled in Springfield Township4 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He married Anna Magdalene Tauber. She was born 13 July 1731 at Jungholtzhausen, Schwabish Hall, Baden-Wuertenberg, Germany. They were married in February 1748 at Keller’s Lutheran Church, Bedminister Township, Bucks County, PA. Their children are listed on the family chart appended to this chapter.

The earliest verifiable date of their presence in Bucks County is October 1746 when Andrew purchased land (51 acres and 56 perches5) and a grist mill6 on the Durham Creek from Henry Stover for 550 pounds. The records of the Pennsylvania Land Office7 show that on October 28, 1746 Andrew took out a warrant for 100 more acres in Bucks County. The tract of land owned by him in Springfield was located on the Durham Township line along the public road from Durham to Springtown and Henry Houpt’s land. Both he and Houpt had grist mills on the Durham Creek.

Chapter 2A

Andrew is mentioned as being a deacon in the Kellers Lutheran Church congregation at Bedminister Township, Bucks County8. He became a naturalized on 23 September, 1767. The Springfield Tax List of 1779 gives the names of Andrew, Andrew Jr., and George, assessed as single men. Andrew prospered in Springfield Township.

Andrew died at Bedminister Township, Bucks County on 16 February 1796. His will is on file in the Bucks County Courthouse in Pennsylvania9 and is appended to this chapter.

Andrew Ziegenfuss I

b. Jan. 29, 1723 d. 16 Feb.1796

wed: Anna Magdalena Tauber

b. 13 June 1731 d. after 1796

Children: The First Generation

  1. Maria Magdalena Ziegenfuss b. 20 Jan. 1749

d. 22 September 1752

  1. Andrew Ziegenfuss, b. 24 Oct.1751 d. 31 Oct. 1751

  2. Andrew Ziegenfuss Jr., b. 24 May 1753 d. 4 April 1796

  3. Jacob Ziegenfuss, b. 1754

  4. Elizabeth Ziegenfuss, b. 1755

  5. Peter Ziegenfuss b. 1756 d.

  6. George Ziegenfuss b. 9 May 1757 d. 8. Michael Ziegenfuss, b. 9 May 1758 d. 1818

  1. Maria Barbara (“Barbary”) Ziegenfuss

b. 24 Feb. 1759 d. 31 March 1852

10. Mary Ziegenfuss, b. 1760 d.

11. Mary Catherine “Caty” Ziegenfuss

b. 1761 d. 1846

12. Margaret Ziegenfuss, b. 20 Apr. 1763 d. 2 February 1846

Chapter 2A



Chapter 2A1: Andrew Ziegenfus Jr. (II) (1753) married Maria Magdalena Reichert (20 October 1754 d. 10 November 1812) on 4 March 1773 in Bucks County, PA. He is on the Durham Township, Bucks County Tax List in 1778. Listed as ”confirmed” in the1780 church record of the Forks of the Delaware Lutheran congregation they were living in the area of Williams Township in Northampton County. He was in the Northampton County Militia during the Revolutionary War. He died on 4 April 1796 and probably is buried somewhere in either Williams or Moore Township. See Chapter 3A for more information about his life, service during the war, and descendants.

Chapter 2A2: Jacob Ziegenfuss (1754) married Abigail Owen10 (b. 7 December 1759 d. 4 August 1826. They had one son: Jacob (b. 1788 d ?) This chapter has not been researched to my knowledge (2016).

Chapter 2A3: Peter Ziegenfuss (1756) has not been researched to my knowledge (2016).

Chapter 2A4: John George Ziegenfuss (1757) married Maria Eva Reichert at Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery County, PA. They had five childen. Larry C. Zickefoose has researched John George’s line in his book “From Ziegenfuss to Zickefoose 1739 to 1990”, Gateway Press, Baltomore, MD. Charles H. Ziegenfuss of Pottsville, PA in a letter written 9 January 1971 has shared his family’s known genealogy which descends from John George Ziegenfuss (1757).

Chapter 2A5: Michael Ziegenfuss (1758) married Margaret Kressler11 (b. 30 April 1776 d. 17 March 1862). They had two children and lived in the area of Friedensville in Lehigh County, PA. Research on his line was shared by Brian C. Ziegenfuss in 2002 and is currently being updated during 2016.

# 9. Maria Barbara “Barbary” Ziegenfuss (1759) married John Phillip Wolf (b. 26 July 1757 d. 4 March 1838).

Chapter 2A


16 February 1796

In the name of God. Amen That I Andrew Segafuss

of Springfield Township and County of Bucks

and Common Wealth of Pennsylvania being

weak in body but of sound mind and memory

Blessed be God for the same Considering the un-

certainty of this Transitory Life, do make and

publish this my last will and Testament in

the manner and form following to wits:

Principally and First of all I commend my immortal

Sole (soul) into the hands of God who gave it and my body

to the Earth to be buried in a decient (decent) and Chrisine (Christian) like

manner at the descreschion (discretion) of my Executors hereinafter

named and as to such worldly Estate whereas with it

hath pleased God to bestow me in this life. I leave

in manner following. First it is my wish that

all my just debts and funeral expenses by puntualy (punctually)

paid by my Executors here in after named –

Second, it is my desire that my wife shall have the Stove

sume (some) and or privileges of Cuekin (cooking) in the kitchen

or they thought see fit to be used her own dessert and some fitting

for her on the premises which she may choose to

live in with these privileges.

The fifth is of the sons and the son to be Kept on the

remises with his that ockepys (occupies) the farm winter

and summer and small Pach (patch) for a garden and the Fire

wood cut and holed (hauled) to the dore (door), and her bedroom chest

and table four chairs two pouts (pots) and sundreys

other small utensils that she may want to keep house with,

and three bushel of wheat and seven bushel of rye,

three of buckwheat, three of Indian corn, and one barrel

of cider and privileges of apples for house youse (use) when

there is fruit each and every year, yearly as long as

she shall live and the above she may have to despose

at her death to whom she may chuse (choose), and further

it is my desire that two hundred and fifty pounds

shall by (be) in the plais (place) and kept on interest during

her Natural life and she to receive the interest yearly

by each and every year as it come dew (due) and one hundred

weight of pork and fifty weight of beef yearly, each year

and at her death

the two hundred and fifty pounds to be equally divided

amongst my ten children share and share alike.

It is my desire that all my personal estate shall

be put to public sail (sale) by my Executors herein

after named. I nominate and appoint my three

sons, Jacob and Peter and Michael Segefuss, to be my true

and lawful executors. It is further my desire that my

executors within three months of my decease

they meat (meet) to gather as many of the heirs as can

conveniently get to geather (together) and nominate

five respectable Freeholders to value all of my real

estate that I am now seased (seized) of and put a just

and consabel (comparable ?) bonifyed (bona fide) value thereon what they

think it to be worth and will sell for and it is my

desire that my executors should take the place at the

valuation of these five men is they chuse (choose) and if

they shoudst see fit to take it that it is to be put up

at public sail (sale) and sold for the best price it

will fetch and that with the Personal Estate

be equally divided amongst my ten children:

Andrew, Elisabeth, George, Barbary, Cathy, Mary,

Jacob, Margrit, Peter, Michael and it is further my

Desire that they shair (share) what will be cuming (coming) to my

daughter Nargrit shall be kept on interest and

she only to receive the interess (interest) during her natural

life and that at her deth (death) to go to the Eair (heir) of her body

who is now living and in the case of his deth (death) it is to be

equally divided amongst the rest of my children;

and lastly I nominate, constitute and appoint my

said three sons, Jacob and Peter and Michael to be the executors of this my last will, hereby revoking all others wills

legacies and bequests by me Hear (here) to four (for) maid (made) and

declaring this and no other to be my last will and

Testament in witness I have hear (here) sined (signed) sealed

published pronounced and declared by the said testator as

his last will and testament in the presence of us who in

his presence and have subscribed as witnesses this sixteenth

day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred

and ninety six.


Andrew (X) Segefuss Seal


Georg ……..

Andrew Overback

Jacob Burson

Chapter 2A


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1 My use of Roman numerals is my personal designation to be more precise about the early succession of Andrews, The is no evidence that he was known as Andrew Ziegenfuss I.

2 Organized in 1742

3 Organized in 1743

4 “Springfield, one of our extreme northern townships, and bordering on Northampton and Lehigh Counties, is inhabited almost exclusively by Germans. With the exceptions of Durham and Haycock, it was the last of the original townships to be organized. Probably the earliest settlers in Springfield found their way to up the valley of the Durham Creek, which rises in the interior of the township. The settlement about Durham furnace(established since 1727) was the first permanent inroad on the wilderness of that section of the country, for, as the river afforded open communication with Philadelphia and the country below, it was the most accessible route of immigration. Durham was an English settlement, and the first purchasers of land in Springfield were of the same race. Some English settlers reached this township through the ‘Swamp’ or ‘Richlands’ , and when the Germans came into it, a little later, it was by the same route. We behold this interesting fact in the settlement if this township, that the two flanking currents of immigration, one up the Delaware (River) and the up the Perkiomen (Creek), met in the valleys of Springfield, where Teuton and Anglo-Saxon had a peaceful contest of mastery.” History of Springfield Township.

5 One perches = 16.5 feet

6 Pennsylvania Land Office Archives Book 27, page 238 dated 13 January 1794. Grist mill located on the south side of Cook’s Creek near Durham Township line and Haupt’s Mill Bridge..

7 Pennsylvania Archives, Series 3, Volume 24

8 Pennsylvania German Marriages, compiled by Donna R. Irish, Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., Baltimore 1984. Burial: “Andrew Ziegenfuss, son of deacon John Andrew Ziegenfuss and his wife Anna Magdalena Taufel, born 24 October 1751 died 31 October 1751.”

9 Will File Number 1796-026692

10 Daughter of David Owen and Sarah Schmetzer

11 Daughter of George and Modelena Kressler of Durham Township, Bucks County, PA. George’s will dates 8 April 1807 lists Michael Ziegenfuss as the husband of his daughter Margaret. Will #1829 p. 298.