The Ziegenfus Families....Report Number 1......May 2000

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(This information is posted here by permission of the author "as long as it is for genealogical purposes and not for profit.").
It was collected during a brief visit to Maryland and included in a letter to persons interested in Sigerfoos research.


I consider this major since it adds a generation to my direct ancestral line.

The 1790 Maryland Census records our 3 early Frederick County MD families:
PAGE................................ 16+....... >15
/COL.... NAME ............ MALE.... MALE..... FEMALE..... OTHERS.... SLAVES
70/2... John Secafuse ......... 1 ..... 1..... 4
70/2... Peter Segafuse ........ 1 ..... 3..... 3
60/3... George Sigerfors...... 3 ..... 0 ..... 1
61/2... George Cook ......... 1...... 2 ..... 2 ..... 1 ...... 14

Disregard page numbers, unless you're looking them up, since it appears some of the names have been arranged alphabetically and so it may be hard to be sure who were close neighbors and who weren't.

Christine Bendas found much the same information. She reported that John had a son 16 or over, so I may go back to verify my numbers. She also mentions that George that took the Oath of Allegiance in March 1778 but I don't know where or the source. She said John bought land in 1789, Peter bought land in April 1791, and George bought land in 1785 and 1792. I only found George's deeds. Somehow I missed any others.

My guess so far is that John's descendants were the ones remaining around Frederick County. Another guess is that Peter went to into central WV such as Greenbrier County and others. That leaves George. He's the only one with sons over 15 years of age, but we have no idea about the daughters' ages in the other families. George might be the father of John and Peter but I doubt it since they already have 4 or 5 children each. It might be that George is the older of three brothers. Just a guess based on surviving information. Which leads me to the deeds I found.

George Sigerfors, no doubt Sigerfoos, had 2 sons born before 1775 according to the census. So George was probably born by or before 1750. For the sum of 515 pounds George "Ziegonfoose" bought various parcels of land in the Pipe Creek area (now western Carroll County) from Michael Waggoner 18 June 1785 and filed it 2 July 1785 in Frederick County MD. (See deed book WR-6, pages 16-18.) Notice how close the spelling is to the original "Ziegenfuss". George died after the 1790 census, exact date not known, and his heirs sold the property in 1792. Interestingly, his heirs did not include John or Peter which is why I think he was their brother and not their father. Deed book WR-10, pages 728-729, recorded on 6 August 1792 the sale of the property for 500 pounds to Matthew Stewart by "Margaret Seigenfoos widow of George Seigonfoos late of the County of Frederick and State of Maryland deceased Jacob Seigonfoos and Abraham Seigonfoos sons and heirs at law to the said George Seigonfoos". When Margaret and the sons Jacob and Abraham appeared before the recorder to confirm the sale of George's land in 1792, only Margaret signed with an "X", apparently illiterate. Other spellings, "Siegonfoos" and "Siegonfoose", also appear in the document.

This is how we learn that George and Margaret Sigerfoos were the parents of Jacob and Abraham, both born by 1775. (Of course, with only one source of information, we cannot exclude the possibility that Margaret was a step-mother.) Since Jacob is always mentioned first, I assume he is older than Abraham.

Jacob was likely the Jacob Sigafoose who married Mary Werner, license dated 9 May 1793 in Frederick County MD. I have not yet sifted through 20 years of correspondence to see if anyone is descended from this couple or what happened to them.

No marriage is found for Abraham, but he is very likely the Abraham Sigerfoos who married Mary Cook and resided in Hagerstown, Washington County MD, my 4th-great-grandparents. Since their second child was born in March 1800, they were probably married shortly before 1798.

In 1790 there was only one Cook family in Frederick County and since George Cook may have been the father of Mary Cook, future wife of Abraham, I listed his census entry above with John, Peter and George. (I never checked Frederick County deeds for the Cook family; could the Cook heirs be listed like ours were?)

Our Sigerfoos history, written about 1912 by Crayton Hail Sigerfoos, says Abraham's wife, Mary (Cook) and her children left Maryland, a slave state, and went about 1828 to Philipsburg, Miami County OH, then about 1835 moved northwest to Elkhart County IN. Before they left Maryland, the oldest son John George married a girl named Elizabeth. A marriaged license dated 16 Aug 1825 was issued to John Sigafoos and Ann Elizabeth Filler in Frederick County MD.

What about the wives of Abraham R. Sigerfoos, Crayton's father who was born in 1811? Crayton simply wrote: "Abram Sigerfoos, the fifth child of Abraham and Mary Sigerfoos married first Lydia Familiar, who died six months after their marriage. Second Cynthia Osborn in the year 1840." Crayton did not even mention his father's third marriage not his half-sister in Illinois. So who was Lydia Familiar? Bear in mind that this was written 30 years after Abraham died and there were no children from the first marriage, so it would not be surprising if her name was not remembered accurately. Although the records of Miami County OH and surrounding counties have not yet been checked, a license was issued on 24 Mar 1834 to Abraham Sickenfoos and Lydia Milliard in Frederick County MD. Abraham is not a common name in our early family. Could that have been our Abraham and Lydia? Did Abraham travel back to Maryland in 1834 for a visit and marry a girl there? Since only the marriage index was available, I was unable to consult the original lists. I presume they're lost, since other researchers would have found them if they'd gone to Annapolis. Anyway, there are no other Milliard marriages. But there are several Williard marriages. Too many questions and no answers yet.

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