The Sigafoose Families....Report Number 2 & 3......June 2000

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(This information is posted here by permission of the author "as long as it is for genealogical purposes and not for profit.").
It was collected during a brief visit to Maryland and included in a letter to persons interested in Sigerfoos research.

Maryland Records and Comments from Mark Amanns:

..." I photocopied most of the older records and books, while copying newer records by hand. I also photocopied old maps from an old late-1800s atlas of Frederick County as well as the Petersville district No. 12 that encompasses Berlin/Brunswick. If you need photocopies, just let me know and reimburse just copying and mailing costs.

These records are grouped by county and type of source. I have made comments on some items, but much of it is left up to you to search and identify, if possible, the connections between these individuals. These records are by no means complete. Sometimes I skimmed the indexes and left. Other researchers may be able to add to these records on future visits to Maryland...... Enjoy!"

Frederick Co. MD (Frederick) (child county: Carroll - 1837)
MARRIAGES: (Christine Bendas' list from an index - I checked some spellings & dates)
License, our relative, the spouse, and marriage date/place if available:

.... 1754... James Sagafoos (where found?)
09 May 1793 Jacob Sigafoose.......... Mary Werner
23 Nov 1801 Elizabeth Segerfuse........ George House
03 Aug 1803 John Sicafucer........ Peggy Durham
25 Mar 1825 Mary Sigafoose........ Thomas Roach
16 Aug 1825 John Sigafoos........... Ann Elizabeth Filler
06 Apr 1827 Samuel C. Sigafoos........ Ann Day
22 Mar 1828 Matilda Sigenfoos........ Joseph Coleman
11 Dec 1832 William Sickenfoos/Segafoose.... Anne Stem
24 Mar 1834 Abraham Sickenfoos...... Lydia Milliard (Williard??)
26 Dec 1834 Jiliana Sigafoose......... Henry Muck
15 Apr 1835 Elizabeth Sigenfoos....... Adam Ridenbaugh
21 Jul 1846 Sarah Elizabeth Sigafoose..... John Martin
19 Mar 1847 William Sigafoose........ Elizabeth Winn
27 Dec 1849 Henry Sigafoos......... Sarah C. Watkins
01 Nov 1858 William Sigafoose....... Georgianna W. Dean
21 May 1875 John S. Sigafoose........ Ann E. Darr
........... Benjamin F. Sigafoose........ Laura V. Williams... 30 Nov 1876
12 Jul 1885 John S. Sigafoose....... Anna A. Staub
27 Aug 1887 Martha E. Sigafoose...... Wilford D. Kidwell
28 Apr 1888 Thomas A. Sigafoose...... Ida M. Barger.... 30 Apr 1888
18 May 1888 Laura Virginia Sigafoose..... Otho James Barger.... 05 Jun 1888
26 Feb 1895 Mabel L. Sigafoose..... George M. Donaldson
16 Mar 1897 Lottie M. Sigafoose..... John Nelson Davis.... 18 Mar 1897
22 Mar 1897 Olca A. Sigafoose...... Thomas G. Moreland.... 22 Mar 1897
23 Jan 1903 J. M. Sigafoose...... Ora Ritchie..... 28 Jan 1903
18 Mar 1903 Charles H. Sigafoose dv<1910... Beulah G. Lang/Long... 05 Apr 1903
20 May 1903 Anna Elmira Sigafoose...... Joseph Willard Robey.... 20 Jun 1903
18 Jul 1905 Crum Franklin Sigafose..... Emma Louise Smith
20 Sep 1910 Elsie E. Sigafoose..... Edward D. Darr...... 21 Sep 1910
19 Feb 1916 John H. Sigafoose..... Nina Agnes Johnson... 19 Feb 1916
............ Esther Sigafoose..... Grover C. Stewart.... 07 Jun 1916
............. Bessie L. Sigafoose.... Edgar L. Shelton..... 09 Sep 1920
............. Horace A. Sigafoose.... Thelma G. Clark..... 12 Dec 1942

.............. BRU = Brunswick
............. FMB = First Methodist, Brunswick
............. LCB = Lutheran Church, Brunswick
............. ZLM = Zion Lutheran, Middletown


From "Names in Stone", Vol. 2:

Petersville Cath.:

SIGAFOOSE, Anna M.... 15 Dec 1934.... Age 72

Pt. of Rks. Episc.:

SIGAFOOSE, Armstead Holland.... 18 Apr 1850 - 22 Aug 1898
..... wife: Senorita A.... 19 Oct 1849 - 10 Apr 1914
SIGAFOOSE, Jane Mildred.... 5 Nov 1937 -
SIGAFOOSE, Lawrence Eugene..... 1880 - 1953
....... wife: Nona WRIGHT.... 1881 - 1959
SIGAFOOSE, Maurice B.... 5 Nov 1904..... Aged 26y 5m 28d
SIGAFOOSE, William D..... 10 Aug 1852 - 23 Aug 1889
...... wife: Julia A.... 18 Jul 1857 - 31 Dec 1930

Brunswick Pk. Hts.:
SIGAFOOSE, Benjamin F...... 1851 - 1932
........ wife: Laura V.... 1861 - 1924
... (likely the couple married 30 Nov 1876 Frederick Co.)
........ son: William Klon van OSDALE..... 7 Dec 1909 - 5 Sep 1931
SIGAFOOSE, Harry Edgar.... 1 Nov 1892 - 17 Nov 1957
SIGAFOOSE, James M...... 1882 - 1943
SIGAFOOSE, John Eldon..... 2 Nov 1916 - 1 Dec 1920
....... son of J. H. & Lena A. (John H. & Nina Agnes married 19 Feb 1916 Frederick Co.)
SIGAFOOSE, Samuel A...... 1895 - 1927
SIGAFOOSE, Sarah C..... 7 Aug 1832 - 26 Jul 1919
..... (wife of Henry; maiden name WALKINS; marriage license 27 Dec 1849 Frederick Co.)
SIGAFOOSE, Thomas A..... 1867 -
....... wife: Ida M. 1868 - 1952
..... (maiden name BARGER; married 30 Apr 1888 Frederick Co.)

Knoxville Refd.:
SIGAFOOSE, Blanche M..... wife of H. G. 1892 - 1940

Feagaville Mt. Zion:
SIGAFOOSE, Elizabeth A.... 2 Feb 1817 - 8 Jun 1858... Aged 41y 4m 6d

Brunswick Old Lutheran
SIGAFOOSE, H. M. (no dates) Co. K 13th MD

Book WR-6, Pages 16-18
Date: 18 Jun 1785
Filed: 02 Jul 1785
From: Michael Waggoner
To: George Ziegonfoose/Sigenfoose
Price: 515 pounds

Book WR-10, Pages 728-729
Date: 14 Apr 1792
Filed: 06 Aug 1792
From: Margaret, widow of George Seigonfoos, sons Jacob & Abraham
To: Matthew Stewart
Price: 500 pounds Book WR-8, Pages 541-542
Date: 15 Apr 1789
From: Leonard & Elizabeth Smith
To: John Sigafoos/Siggafoose
Descr: Lot #30 in town of Berlin

Book GM-1, Pages 491-492, 616 (4 or 11 Jun 1794 to 12 Aug 1797)
Deceased: George Segafose
Administrator: Jacob Segafose

Book JRR-2, Pages 273-274 (12 Feb 1876 to 20 Feb 1877)
Deceased: William S. Sigafoos
Administrator: Armstead H. Sigafoos

Book GH-1 P. 279-280
Will Made: __ Dec 1857
Will File: 12 Jan 1858
Deceased: Mary Elizabeth Watkins
Executor: Ann Sigafoose (mother)
Witnesses: James W. Hamilton, Edward T. Hymes & Benjamin Hood
Details: Mother gets all plus half of lot 53 in Berlin (later Brunswick)
Book WBC-2 P. 497-498
Will Made: 27 Apr 1911
Date Died: 15 May 1911 per Ella Hogan, holder of will
Will File: 16 Oct 1911
Deceased: Charles E. Sigafoose
Executor: Mary S. Sigafoose
Witnesses: Henry Chase & Thomas P. Mace
Residence: on Potomac Ave, Brunswick, Frederick Co. MD

Book CHB-1 P. 597-598
Will Made: 29 Apr 1924
Date Died: 19 Mar 1932 per H. K. Delauter
Will File: 24 Mar 1932
Deceased: Benjamin F. Sigafoose
Executors: Charles H. Sigafoose (son)
Executors: Carroll H. Sigafoose (son)
Witnesses: J. H. Smith (deceased by time will filed) & H. K. Delauter
Residence: Brunswick, Frederick Co. MD
Details: To be split equally among 11 children:
Charles H. (m. Beulah G. Lang/Long)
Mabel I. Donaldson (m. George M. Donaldson)
James M. (m. Ora Ritchie)
Lena V. Troxell
Crum F. (Franklin) (m. Emma Louise Smith)
Carroll H.
Mattie B. Van Osdale
Samuel A. (Samuel died before will was executed)
Albert W.
Bessie L. Shelton
John E.

Inhabitants of Frederick Co. MD, Volume 1, 1750-1790, by Stefanie R. Shaffer

Page 127:
"August 1790: Payments to jurors of inquest on the body of John Rodam Thomas Richards: Leonard Smith, Coronor, held inquest, Benedict Jameson, George Shover, crossed out John Jacobs, written in Jacob Jacobs, William Atthomas, PETER SICKENFOOSE, John Calbfleish, Joseph Cullen, Jacob Tabeler, Jacob Krabs, William Oldham, Samuel Douglas, and John Niswanger.

History of Frederick County (MD) Pages 548 & 926:
P. 548: Fervency Lodge No. 200 A. F. and A. M., Point of Rocks, MD. Senior Warden: Lawrence E. Sigafoose.
P. 926: (Biographical sketch of a Mr. Harrison who became the secretary of the following committee) In 1905 a public meeting was held in Brunswick by representatives of the R.R.Y.M.C.A. with the end in view of establishing a branch of their organization in that town. The following committee was appointed to solicit funds to further that cause: Messrs. John T. Martin, Z. T. Brantner, T. A. SIGAFOOSE, Dr. H. S. Hedges and Mr. Harrison... (This may be the Thomas A. Sigafoose who married Ida M. Barger.)

Brunswick: 100 Years of Memories, Page 192:
SIGAFOOSE, JOHN SCOLL ...... (1853-1948) ........ Honored 1976
Young Scoll Sigafoose was a mule driver on the C&O Canal for Jordan & Wenner, who shipped grain to Washington. Along with John Ball, he also operated a ferry from Berlin to Virginia. Scoll also tended bar in a saloon in Knoxville when Bars and saloons were prohibited in Berlin-Brunswick because of the railroad. In the early 1900's he was made a policeman in Brunswick. He was locktender for the C&O from 1910 to 1924, when the canal closed after being devastated by a flood. (Mark's notes: The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal that flowed from Cumberland to Washington DC, completed in 1850, was to open up the west but was quickly outdated by the railroads. Knoxville was a mile and a half west of Berlin. Likely this is the John S. Sigafoose who married Anna A. Staub, license dated 21 May 1875.)

Carroll Co. MD (Westminster) (parent county: Frederick - 1837)

From "More Names in Stone":
Uniontown Pipe Creek:

SIGAFOOSE, David S..... 1830-1908
....... wife: Ellen 1836-1920
FRANKLIN, George Ephraim..... 22 Oct 1838 - 6 Nov 1870
....... wife: SEGAFOOSE, Elizabeth... 20 Jan 1849 - 19 Nov 1943
..... (probably married briefly, but long widowhood!)
SIGAFOOSE, William.... 29 Aug 1876 Aged 69y 9m 22d
........ wife: Anna 11 Jul 1890 Aged 86y 3m 11d
..... (likely the couple married Dec 1832 Frederick Co.)
SEGAFOOSE, Susan Ellen.... 9 Jan 1840 - 4 Apr 1843
........ d/o Wm. & Anna
SEGAFOOSE, William H...... 1845 - 1910
........ wife: Deborah J. 1846 - 1915
........ dau: Cora S. 29 Jun 1876 Aged 1y 0m 14d
........ dau: Edith C. 15 Aug 1879 Aged 0y 7m 14d

From "Carroll County Cemeteries", Vol 5, Part 2 (North-Central), P. 216:
Uniontown Methodist Cemetery:

SEGAFOOSE, W. Guy..... 1872 - 1931..... Aged 59y.... Lot 07-01d
SEGAFOOSE, I. Pearl.... 1876 - 1962..... Aged 86y.... Lot 07-01a
SEGAFOOSE, William N.... 1905 - 1991.... Aged 86y.... Lot 07-01c
SEGAFOOSE, Truman M..... 1906 - 1910..... Aged 4y... Lot 07-01e
SEGAFOOSE, Helen W..... 1911 - 1992.... Aged 81y... Lot 07-01b
SEGAFOOSE, Frances B..... 1916 .................. Lot 18-02
SEGAFOOSE, Charles W....... 1917 - 1999.... Aged 82y... Lot 18-01


History of Western Maryland, Pages 806, 824 & 860:

P. 806: The following is a correct list of the judges, county clerks, sheriffs, State's attorneys, registers and subordinate officers of Carroll County since its creation in 1837 to this present writing: ...
Sheriffs... 1859-61, WILLIAM SEGAFOOSE...

P. 824: A short distance from the German Baptist church at Pipe Creek, and one and a quarter miles from Uniontown, is the large German Baptist Cemetery... WILLIAM SEGAFOOSE, died Aug 29, 1876, aged 69 years 9 months, 22 days.

P. 860: Voting results for Constables:
1853 - Wm. Segafoose, 384 (highest of 4)
1855 - W. Segafoose, 232 (lowest of 3)
1861 - J. W. Segafoose, 202 (lowest of 3)

Washington Co. MD (Hagerstown)

P.190 12 Mar 1839 SICKAFOOSE, Henry & WIDDORS, Mary
P.249 17 Apr 1851 SYCAFOOS, Virginia K. & POTTS, Marcus H.; by Mr. Douglass

Will executed in 1920 (156/513) of Andrew SNYDER and wife Sarah E. with children
> Roger G., Sadie BARGER, Clara V., Amanda M. E., William F., Mazie HACKER,
Mary SIGAFOOSE (who died during the lifetime of Andrew's widow, leaving an only child, Roger E. SIGAFOOSE).
Roger E. SIGAFOOSE sent a release from Frederick County MD.

Prince George's Co. MD (Upper Marlboro)
Never searched here but the 1800 census records here a John Sicofuse, he and his wife in the oldest age bracket, and with two very young daughters.
This is Washington DC area, to the east and south of DC.

Jefferson Co. WV (Charles Town) (parent county: Berkeley in 1801)


11 Mar 1830 Sickafoos, Sarah Ann m. Williams, David C.
........ Suretor: Sickafoos, John Bond# 5B157

Nov 1830..... Will Book 7, pages 127-129
Deceased: Sigafoose, John (owned sorrel mare $35, table $1.66, U.S. Armory $61.52, note from Jno. Spangler & Thos. Malleory)
Administrator: Zadock Butt
Appraisers: Benjamin Wintzell/Wentzel, James Duncanson, Joseph L. Russell
Estate insolvent, unpaid: 2 notes 1811 to John Thompson, W. Ledgwick & Fredk. Riley

Berkeley Co. WV (Martinsburg)

18 Jul 1883 Book 9o
Sigafoose, Henry (80 widower Jefferson Co.) parents: Samuel & D. Turner, Jennie (35 widow Berkeley Co.)

12 Jul 1905 Book 4s
Sigafoose, Maude V. (21 Berkeley Co.) parents: John & Annie Welty, Edwin L. (23 Berkeley Co.) parents: Joseph & Mollie

27 Oct 1906 Book QQ
Sigafoose, Crim F. (21 MD) parents: Benj. F. & Laura W. Smith, Emma L. (20 Berkeley Co.) parents: Sebastian & Louisa

26 Feb 1935 Book L1
Sigafoose, Horace (23 MA [MD?]) parents: Horace & Blanche Danner, Doris A. (21 Berkeley Co.) parents: Samuel & Bessie

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END OF REPORT #2.......Mark Amanns

Here are some more scattered pieces of the early family history puzzle:

Winter's (St Luke's) Cemetery, Carroll Co., MD
Winter's (St Luke's Evangelical Lutheran) Cemetery is located near New Windsor in Carroll County, Maryland.

The following list of interments was transcribed in October 1889 and published in the Democratic Advocate. One of the oldest stones was dated 1761 and one of the oldest people buried there was J. Miers who died 16 Jan 1775 at 94 years of age.

Source: txt

John W. d/ 20 Sep 1883 @ 49y.9m.20d

Christiana d/ 19 Mar 1779
Elizabeth d/ 22 Apr 1779
Johannes d/ Jul 1779

Note: In my Ziegenfuss Families newsletter, probably #4, I wrote about at least one Christiana. One of the sources is likely the one below.
How many Christianas were there?
Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Volume I

SEPTEMBER 19, 1780.
(302) Admn. of estate of Jacob Sigerfoos granted to Wm. Rusk--Christiana, the widow, having refused to administer.

End of REPORT #3........Mark Amanns

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