Ziegenfuss Information
from Ann L. Thompson

from e-mail, January 2001.

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Dear Ray,

My name is Ann Thompson and I have done extensive, original research on the ZIEGENFUSS Family in Germany and in Pennsylvania for the first two generations. My own ZIEGENFUSS connection is- Johann Jacob (born 20 Dec 1691, Raidelbach, Hessen), the immigrant of 1738, Andreas (born 29 January 1723, Beedenkirchen, Darmstadt, Hessen), Maria Barbara (bornd 21 February 1759, Macungie Twp, Northampton Co, PA) wife of John WOLF.

I have sent copies of my research to Brian ZIEGENFUSS and Robert M. ZEIGENFUSE, who appear on your site. I have requested of them that my name appear with my research. I make the same request of you.

You have done a wonderful job of presenting what others have thought about the ZEIGENFUSS Family.

I have carefully studied the original German Church records and have my own copies with the translation that I made. Also I live in Macungie, Lehigh Co, PA, and have the terrific advantage of being able to visit various county courthouses and historical societies.

My Juno e-mail does not like long letters, so I will address the children of the immigrant Johann Jacob ZIEGENFUS, son of Wilhelm, and his first wife, Anna Elisabetha. If you want to know more, you can e-mail me.

All your lists of the 1738 passengers of the Thistle are missing another child of Johann Jacob ZIEGENFUSS and Anna Elisabeth, his first wife. Their child, Anna Elisabetha was born 12 December 1718 and baptized 12 December 1718 Beedenkirch, Hessen. The sponsor was Anna Elisabetha of Raidelbach. Before leaving Germany this child married Johann Georg DESCH, born 23 May 1711 in Seeheim. Undoubtly, others missed her on the ship's list because she is listed with her married name- Anless TEACH...28.

Actually, Johann Jacob and Anna Elisabetha had a child before this Anna Elisabetha, born 12 December 1718. Anna Catharina ZIEGENFUSS was born 25 January 1717 and baptized the same day. The sponsors were Catharine, the father's sister, and Nicholas SCHMIDT of Langstadt. Anna Catharina died 24 March 1722 and was buried 26 March 1722.

I did notice several incorrect pieces of information on your site.
1. Larry C. ZICKEFOOSE's Note in the last two paragraphs gives Wilhelm ZIEGENFUSS married to Anna Appolonia RETTIG (2nd) and Anna Elisabetha MINCK (3rd). Johann Jacob ZIEGENFUSS married these two women. Wilhelm was his father.
2. On your site the will of Andreas ZIEGENFUSS is given as being recorded in Montgomery Co. It is actually recorded at Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown. Will of Andrew SEGAFOOS (SIGAFUSS, ZIEGENFUSS, etc.) written 16 February 1796 and proved 4 April 1796.

Again, thank you for organizing thoughts on the ZIEGENFUSS Family.

Ann L. Thompson
610-391-0155 annarmbruster@juno.com

Addendum:(March 6, 2001) As I have been going through information in my "office", I found one more piece.
Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory. Edward W. HOCKER, GPC, 1981. Sower's Newspaper, 7 Dec 1759, p. 83
Jacob ZIEGENFUSZ, Rockland Township, Berks Co, on Dietrich SCHAEFFER's place.

I think this is the Jacob from the ship Brothers. Jacob & Elisabeth ZIEGENFUS have a son, J. Georg, baptized 10 July 1757, Oley Hill Church, Pike Twp, Berks Co. Pike Twp is adjacent to Rockland Twp., Berks Co.
In 1764 the estate of the Jacob of the ship Thistle lists him of Haycock Twp, Bucks Co. Jacob owned his own land and was not located on someone else's property. Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, is not close to Rockland Twp, Berks Co.


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