Who were the ancestors of Peter Zickafoose?

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To begin, I quote from Larry C. Zickefoose's book "From Zigenfuss to Zickefoose, 1739-1990" page 12
'........Johann Jacob Zigenfuss is believed to have had one son in Pennsylvania, JACOB, the Jacob Ziegenfuss who served in the Third Company of the First Battalion of Northumberland County, Pa in 1781 during the Revolution is believed to be the son of Johann Jacob. Although at the time of this writing (1990) I have no documented proof, it is the belief of the author that Peter Zickafoose of Augusta and Highland counties Va, (also Pendleton Co., W.Va.) was also the son of Johann Jacob. It is also believed that the Sigafoos and Secafoose families of Washington and Frederick counties Maryland are descendants of the the same Johann Jacob."
" Peter Zickafoose married Catherine Hull the daughter of Peter Hull and Susanna Margaret (Dieffenback). Peter died prior to 1814. Peter and Catherine's children were: GEORGE, who married Catherine Lance, SAMPSON, married Sara Wade, Ellas, married Sara Elizabeth Armentrout, SUSANNA, married Ruben Buzzard, MARY, married Henry Fleisher, FRANCIS (Fanny), married Western Mills, and SARAH (Sally), who married John Samples, and ISAAC, who died young in 1803"
-----------End of quote from Larry C. Zickefoose's book.

Two Peters who were Grandsons of Hans Jacob Ziegenfuss
and would be nearly the same age as Peter Zickafoose.
Could Peter Zickafoose be a grandson of Hans Jacob?

Peter Ziegenfuss - son of Andrew Ziegenfuss - This Peter Ziegenfuss was born about 1756 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. His father, Andrew, was the son of Hans Jacob Ziegenfuss. Peter was one of the executors of his fathers's estate filed in Springfield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1796. Nothing is known of Peter after that time.

Peter Segafoose - son of Hans Chistopher Ziegenfuss. Hans Chistopher was another son of Hans Jacob Ziegenfuss. The following is quoted from Chapter 1 of the Ziegnfuss History by Rev. William J. Ziegenfus.
".......The only other member of the original family about whom anything is known is Hans Christopher or "Stoffel" as he was generally called. He also settled in Nochamixom Township, Bucks County. The Land Office has record that he took out a warrant for 258 acres of land in 1774. The Nockamixom tax list of 1779 gives Stoffel an assessment for 140 acres. In the same year, George Segafoose is also assessed as a married man and Peter and Jacob as single men in Stoffel's house. The three men are doubtless Stoffel's sons........"
------- End of quote from Rev. William J. Ziegenfus, chapter 1.

We have no further information on this Peter Ziegenfuss (or Segafoose). Since he was single in his father's house in 1779, he was probably born after 1755.

Hans Jacob Ziegenfuss had three other sons, Hans Jacob Jr., Paul, and Henry.
We know nothing about any of these three sons. Could they have had sons named Peter also.??
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