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Photo of Aveline (Ziegenfuss) Stern's Quilt 1862

Photo from Lucinda Cawley

Rolling Stone Signature Quilt

1-A William Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-a, red-a
1-B Sarah Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-b, red-b
1-C Rebecca Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-a, red-c
1-D Henry Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-c, red-d
2-A Albert Stern
-----yellow-d, red-d
2-B Henry Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-b, red-e
2-C Sarah Koch
-----yellow-b, red-f
2-D Joseph Stern
-----yellow-a, red-g
3-A Frant Weber
-----yellow-a, red-g
3-B Matilda Ziegenfuss ( in a double box)
-----yellow-f, red-f
3-C Aveline S. A. Stern ihr Teppich 1862 (vase with tulips and tree, W. Gross* on base)
-----yellow-e, red-h(same as 5-C)
3-D Mary Weber
-----yellow-g, red-I(same as 4-B)
4-A Amos Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-b, red-f
4-B Henry Weber
-----yellow-g, red-I(same as 3-D)
4-C Margaretha Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-h, red-d
4-D James Koch
-----yellow-a, red-c (one rectangle d)
5-A Nathan Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-I, red-d
5-B Charles Ziegenfuss
-----yellow-e, red-h
5-C Syvinius Beutelman
-----yellow-e, red-h(same as 3-C)
5-D Aron Wolbach
-----yellow-I, red-j

* see "Lest I Shall Be Forgotten" p.18
9 different yellows, 10 different reds, green sashes and borders, double pink cornerstones and unfilled binding. Hand pieced and quilted in brown thread except for muslin signing block which is quilted in white. Back is a brown geometric print (circles in gears).

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