Are the Ziegenfus (Seigfues) Imigrants (1738) related to Johann Jacob Zigenfuss (ship "Brothers" passenger Sept 16, 1751, Philadelphia)?

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Who knows?? This site was established to record some of the information I have received regarding the early ancestors. If you have information to contribute send e-mail to Ray Parsons. To begin, I quote some material from

Chapter 1 of Rev. William J. Ziegenfus' History.

"On October 28, 1738 Hans Jacob Ziegenfuss set foot on American (in Philadelphia) soil (from the ship "Thistle"- the ship log lists the family and ages as follows) Hans Jacob signed with an x.
Hans Jacob (x) Seiefues-----------44----(born about 1694 -based on this age)
Anelies Seikefues-------------------30----(born about 1708)
Andreus Seikefues------------------15----(born about 1723)
Kattarin Seikefues------------------12----(born about 1726)
Hannen Christophele Seikefues-----10----(born about 1728)
Hannen Jacob Seikefus--------------6----(born about 1732)
Anna Maria Seikefues---------------5----(born about 1733)
Powell Seikefues-------------------4----(born about 1734)
Haneriagh Seikefues----------------3----(born about 1735)

"Before closing this particular chapter, three other members of the family deserve separate mention. The first is a Johann Jacob Ziegenfus who arrived at the port of Philadelphia, Sept. 16, 1751 on the ship "Brothers". His signature is his own and his name is spelled correctly in comparison to the founding family. The second is a nameless Ziegenfuss who enlisted in the U. S. Army Sept. 20, 1783, age 22, height 5ft. 3in., complexion dark, born in Gothern, Germany, trade- potter. The third figure is Mathias Ziegenfus, whose exact relationship to the founding family is uncertain. His name appears in the 1790 census as married with 5 sons and 4 daughters and residing in Bucks County. His name also appears on the Bedminster Tax Lists for 1785 and 1786, assessed for 100 acres of land, 2 horses and two cows. I have preferred to think of him as probably the first Ziegenfus born in America, although there is no proof. All that is certain is that his origins are related to some part of the founding family."

------------------------End of quote from Rev. William J. Ziegenfus

Note 1
Note of Nov. 1998 from Larry C. Zickefoose

"Take a look at the attachment. This info' was sent to me from a guy in Germany. Look at the dates of birth on the children. For example, Johann Christoph, compared to Hans Christopher in Chapter 1 of Ziegenfuss. You will note that these children fit as the same people. The Ziegenfuss Family came from an area in Germany called Beedenkirchen.

I (Larry) think that the Johann Jakob born Sept.1, 1729 may be the Johann Jacob who came to America in 1751 via the ship Brothers. What do you think? He would have been 22 years old."
Ziegenfuss, Johann Jacob 20.12.1691 in Raidelbach,

Vater: Ziegenfuss, Wilhelm zu Raidelbach
Mutter: N.N., Anna Elisabetha
Wohnort: Beedenkirchen, Quelle: 1.8
Schiff: 169 Brothers Ankunft am 16.09.1751

3 Ehen:
1. oo vor 1718 wo?
--------- N.N., Anna Elisabetha * um 1696, + 13.03.1730 Beedenkirchen,
2. oo 15.08.1730 Beedenkirchen,
--------- Rettig, Anna Appolonia * 20.05.1698 Knoden, + 11.11.1734 Beedenkirchen,
3. oo 08.01.1737 Beedenkirchen,
--------- Minck, Anna Elisabetha * 27.09.1708 Beedenkirchen,

Kinder aus 1. Ehe:
1.. Anna Elisabetha *12.12.1718, Beedenkirchen
2. Anna Maria *01.12.1720, Beedenkirchen, + 19.04.1725, Beedenkirchen
3. Johann Andreas *21.01.1723, Beedenkirchen
4. Anna Katharina *07.12.1724, Beedenkirchen
5. Johann Christoph *28.01.1727, Beedenkirchen
6. Johann Jakob *09.01.1729, Beedenkirchen

Kinder aus 2. Ehe:
1. Anna Margaretha *02.06.1731, Beedenkirchen,
-------- oo 30.08.1757 Great Swamp Church, Old Goshenhoppen,
-------- Lautenschlager, Johann Adam *von Finkenbach/Odw. siehe Schiff 127
2. Johann Georg *02.02.1734, Beedenkirchen

Kinder aus 3. Ehe:
1. Anna Maria *24.10.1737, Beedenkirchen

"Reference the Johann Jacob in my book page 4. The information from Germany shows his father, mother, brothers, sisters and half brothers and sisters. Johann Jacob's father was Wilhelm Ziegenfuss born in Raidelbach Germany on Dec. 20, 1691. His mother was Anna Elisabetha (Maiden Name Not Known), born in 1696, and died on March 13, 1730. This marriage took place in 1718. They had six children, listed as "Kinder aus 1. Ehe:" (children of 1st marriage). Note Johann Jakob was born Jan. 9,1729 in Beedenkirchen Germany.

"Wilhelm** Ziegenfuss married the second time on Aug. 15, 1730 to Anna Appolonia Rettig, born May 20, 1698, in Knoden, died Nov. 11,1734 in Beedenkirchen. Born of this marriage were two children (Kinder aus 2 Ehe:).

"Wilhelm** Ziegenfuss married a third time on Jan. 8,1727 in Beedenkirchen to Anna Elisabetha Minck, born Sept. 27, 1708. They had one child, Anna Maria (Kinder aus 3. Ehe:)."

-----------End of Note 1 from Larry C. Zickefoose
** Correction (see Ann L. Thompson note) Johann Jacob marriages - not Wilhelm

Note 2
Note of November 1998 from Robert M. Zeigenfuse

"I have looked at the data on your web page some time ago. I got a lot of very good information from it. There are a few inaccuracies in the dates and names but over all it is great information.

"I now have over 1300 Ziegenfus's in my data base. I have not been changing the spellings of Ziegenfus, but have left them the way I have found them.

"I have talked with Larry Zickefoose for some time and have his book. But unless I can prove that the Johann Jacob Ziegenfus (landing in Philadelphia in 1751) and Hans Jacob Ziegenfus, JR, son of Hans Jacob Ziegenfus (landing in Philadelphia in 1738) are the same person, his is a different family. I think that Hans Jacob Ziegenfus when back to Germany, for what ever reason, and reintered the U.S. Only the first nine pages of the book cover our family. I have found when and where the name changed from Ziegenfus to Zickefoose.
"I am a 6th Great-grandson of Hans Jacob Ziegenfus
"It was great hearing from you and if you would like any of my information just let me know and I will mail it to you. Information not shared is imformation lost."

--------------- End of Note 2 from Robert M. Zeigenfuse

Note 3
Note of February 2001 from Ann L. Thompson

Hi Ray,

Would you like to post this on your web page to show documented differences between the Jacob on the THISTLE and the Jacob on the BROTHERS?
>"Ziegenfuss, Johann Jacob (1729-1780)
>Born January 9, 1729 in Germany, the son of Wilhelm
>and Anna Ziegenfuss

Certainly there could be more than one Jacob ZIEGENFUSS born 9 January 1729, but in the Beedenkirchen KB, p. 94, LDS film #1195098 this entry is given in German script:

9 January 1729 between 12 & 1 o'clock noon born at home, a son of Johan Jacob ZIEGENFUSS and his wife, Anna Elisabetha, and was baptized on the 11th of January. The child was named Johann Jacob. Sponsor: Johann Jacob SCHWINN.
Note: in the margin is written- "moved to a new country"

This Johann Jacob ZIEGENFUSS, born 9 January 1729, arrived in Philadelphia with his family on the ship THISTLE, 28 October 1738. He is listed as Hanen Jacob SECEFUES, age 6.
>He arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania September 16, 1751 on the ship Brothers. He first settled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and later moved to Augusta County, Virginia.

There was another Jacob ZIEGENFUSS who did arrive on the ship BROTHERS 16 September 1751. I think the second Jacob ZIEGENFUSS left this eastern PA area.

The Jacob ZIEGENFUSS, born 9 January 1729, has his marriage recorded in the records of St Paul's Lutheran Church, Red Hill, Montgomery Co, PA. 30 January 1753 Jacob ZIEGENFUS of Great Swamp and a daughter of Mr. SCHULTZ were married.

Will of Jacob ZIGAFUSS, Book N, p. 208, Philadelphia Will proved 17 October 1764. Margaret, named as wife, to get 1/3. Youngest son, Jacob. Eldest son mentioned, but not by name. Either of sons may inherit the land. 7 children. Executors: Margaret ZIEGENFUSS and Georg TEISCH (DESCH).

14 May 1771 Henry OTT, widower, of Great Swamp, and Margaret ZIEGENFUSS, widow of Tohickon, were married. Great Swamp Church Records, p. 199
Note: Georg DESCH was married to Jacob ZIEGENFUSS' sister, Anna Elisabeth, born 12 Dec 1718, Beedenkirchen, p. 72. Henry OTT's first wife was Anna Catharina ZIEGENFUSS, born 7 December 1724, a sister of Jacob, p. 88 Beedenkirchen. Ann L. THOMPSON

I have a copy of the family Bible of Jacob ZIEGENFUSS, who arrived on the THISTLE.
.....1.Johann Georg ZIGENFUSS, born 28 Feb 1754, recorded- Tohickon Lutheran, Bucks Co
.....2. Anna Margaretha, born 8 March 1755
.....3. Anna Elisabetha, born 7 August 1757
.....4. Maria Sibilla, born March 1759
.....5. Catharina, born Dec 1760
.....6. Johann Jacob, born 7 Nov 1761
.....7. Anna Magdalena, born 2 Aug 1763, recorded Tohickon Lutheran, Bucks Co.
.... Note: the sponsors were Andreas and Magdalena ZIEGENFUSS, my 6th great grandparents. Andreas is of course Jacob's brother.

Several of Jacob's children were confirmed at St Paul's, Blue Church, Upper Saucon Twp, now Lehigh Co, PA.
5 April 1776- Catharina SIGEVUS, father- Jacob, deceased, age 16 years Jacob SIEGEVUS, father- Jacob, deceased, age 14 years
28 March 1779- Magdalena ZIGEFUS, father- Jacob, deceased, and 15 years
As you can see, Jacob ZIEGENFUSS, born 9 Jan 1729, had no sons named Peter.

The second Jacob ZIEGENFUSS was also a member of Blue Church, p. 11 Johan Jacob & Elisabetha ZIEGENFUSS have a daughter Maria Elisabeth born
3 August 1754 & bapt 2 March 1755. Sponsors: Peter KNEPLE & Maria HIESTANT

The communion records for Blue Church indicate that the second Jacob ZIEGENFUSS was an indentured servant. 10 November 1751 & 7 May 1752 Communion- Johann Jacob ZIEGENFUSS, servant of Sam NEUCOMMER.

Perhaps they moved to Berks Co for Jacob & Elisabeth ZIEGENFUS have a son, J. Georg, born 28 May 1757 and bapt 10 July 1757. Sponsors: Johan Georg GEBLINGER and Maria Eva. St Joseph's Union Church (The Oley Hill Church), Pike Twp, Berks Co, PA.

Pendleton County, Virginia. Records of Augusta County,
>Virginia reports in Vol. 1 Pg. 217, September 19, 1780 that the administration of the estate of Jacob Sigerfoos granted to William Rusk, Christiana, the widow, having refused to administer."

...... You can check the sources for yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

----------------------------End on note 3---Ann L. Thompson,

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