The Ziegenfus Families....Newsletter Number 2......Sept 1981

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(This newsletter is posted here by permission of the author "as long as it is for genealogical purposes and not for profit.").

Hello again! This being our second newsletter, I should appraise you of all that has happened since I began this series of letters. Seventeen persons have written in, expressing the desire to learn and share their family history and ancestry. And, it seems that I've already helped to acquaint two who are definitely related, but who hadn't known about each other. They're third cousins once removed. I found one person who wrote in was one of my own relatives, a third cousin twice removed, and, like me, only recently interested in genealogy. I myself began researching only two and a half years ago.

Here are listed the earliest families of all those who have written in to share and ask information. I have them separated into four major categories: Ziegenfus in Pennsylvania; Zickafoose in the Virginias; Sickafus and Sigerfoos in Maryland; Sigafoos and Sycafoose in Pennsylvania, etc. I will forward any letters you may wish to send to others in this list.


Josephine Bogart Gregory of St. George, Utah writes that her fourth great-grandmother was Polly (Mary? .) Ziegenfuss. She was born in 1754, probably was married in Northampton County, Pennsylvania in 1772, as her husband George Bachman served there during the Revolutionary War. They later lived in Seneca County, New York and had these children: Joseph, Abraham, Solomon, Charles, Elizabeth, Catharine, John, Jacob, George Jr. and Mary/Polly.

Joni Spires of Alachua, Florida is the great-granddaughter of John Ziegenfuse, a cigarmaker who was born in December 1865 in Pennsylvania of Pennsylvania parents. John married about 1894 Annie Snyder, the daughter of Joel and Kate Snyder of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. John was a good cardplayer and died in a hotel fire.

David Faris of Philadelphia, PA writes that Andrew Ziegenfuss (1787- 1876) married Katherine Boyer (1790-1886) the daughter of Frederick Boyer and Susannah Mehrkam who, in turn, was the daughter of Conrad Mehrkam and Margaret Maria Gebhardt, David's ancestors. Ken Hottle of Allentown, PA wrote inquiring on our information concerning the Ziegenfuss families in Pennsylvania.


Mark Amanns, 124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201, is me, the writer. My fourth great-grandfather was Abraham Sigerfoos who lived near Hagerstown in Washington County, Maryland. His wife was Mary Cook, with children Margaret, John George (born 1800), Jacob (born 1803), Susanna, and Abraham (born July 22, 1811). The son Abraham was my ancestor. The father Abraham stayed in Maryland when the family moved first to Miami Co., Ohio, then Elkhart County, Indiana and Cass County, Michigan.

Olive Ferne Sickafus Johnson is a second great-granddaughter of Abraham Sigerfoos also, but through his son John George Sickafus (born March 10, 1800).

SIGAFOOS (from Virginia)

Patrick N. Ketner of Lansing, Michigan is a third great-grandson of John Sigafoos(e) and his wife, Catherine McFarland. John was born in Frederick County, Virginia on October 15, 1801. John lived also in Hampshire County before claiming land in Putnam County, Ohio,in March of 1833. (According to the 1850 census, Catherine was born about 1817 and the oldest son Henry was born in Virginia about 1828, indicating that Catherine was probably John's second wife. That census lists John's children as Henry, William, Susan, Catharine, Lucinda and John.) Patrick is descended through John's daughter Catherine who married John W. Clymer of Mt. Cory, Hancock County, Ohio. Early censuses in Virginia indicate that John Sigafoos' father was also named John Sigafoos- and if this John was a son of Jacob, the son of 1751 immigrant Johann Jacob Ziegenfus, then the lineage for this family would be known.

Elizabeth J. Hlavaty of Whittier, CA, is a second great-granddaughter of Roseanah Sigafoose and her husband William Ridmond/Redman/Rydman. Roseanah was born in Virginia, lived in Mt. Sterling, Madison County, Ohio, and was buried in.Yankeetown Cemetery, Fayette County, Ohio. This couple may have first lived in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. Two choices are available for Roseanah's age: died October 29, 1843 at age 23 years, 4 months, 25 days .... or born October 29, 1819, age 28 years. Elizabeth's lineage comes through Roseanah's last child, George Webster Rydman, born Sept. 22, 1843. Was Roseanah a sister to Lewis Sigafoos, born 1812 Virginia, who lived in 1850 in Madison County, Ohio?


Yvonne Sigafoos Taylor of Hot Springs, South Dakota, is a great- granddaughter of John Sigafoos, born July 6, 1824 in Bedford, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. (The editor searched through the Ohio families and found one John Sickefoos, age 25, living with the Nitson/Nelson family in Washington Township, Holmes County, OH in 1850. Frederick Sickefoos, age 51, lived in the same township, and Solemon Sickefoos, age 65, lived in Knox Township. Both were Pennsylvanians. Solemon was most likely to be the father, as Frederick's present wife was too young(?)

Margaret Blatz of St. Louis, Missouri is a second great-granddaughter of Barbara A. Sigafoos, born April 11, 1796. Barbara Ann is assumed to be related to Susan Sigafoos, wife of Daniel Shuck, and Lydia Sigafoos, wife of Andrew Sheets. James Martin and Barbara Ann Sigafoos of Bedford Co.- PA, had 13 kids: James Jr., Margaret, Benjamin, Mary, Josiah Foster, Analiza, Amelia, Wm. Thomas, Andrew Sheets, Sarah F., John Wesley, Benson (Margaret's line) & Daniel Oliver.

Jon R. Roe of Vernon, CT, is a third great-grandson of Henry Sicafoos/Sigafoos and Susanna Kohl of Pennsylvania, who later lived in Walpack, New Jersey. The 1881 History of Sussex Co., N.J. mentions a Stoffle Sigafus, perhaps Christopher or Christian Sigafus, who may have been Henry's father rather than Henry himself. They evidently came from Bucks County, where the 1738 immigrants resided. Jon is descended through Sara Sicafoos Kyte, born August 28, 1829.

Barbara Kriss of La Porte, Indiana is a great-granddaughter of two Pennsylvanians, Peter Sycafoose, born 1798, and his wife Elizabeth, born 1810. In 1850 they lived in Washington Twp., Allen County, Indiana, but earlier lived in Ohio, possibly in Wayne or Stark Counties, as shown by the 1830 censuses. Their kids were: David, Anna M., Hannah, William, Basil, Charles, Sophice & Angeline Jane. Barbara's lineage is through Angeline Jane Sycafoose, born in late 1849.


Larry G. Shuck of Cincinnati, Ohio, writes that his sister married into the Zickafoose family. Also, his parents are buried in the Shuck -Zickafoose Cemetery in Fayette County, West Virginia. He has some data on this family in the counties of Upshur, Greenbrier, Fayette, Summers, etc.

Sharon L. Sanville of Modesto, CA, is the third-great-granddaughter of Henry Metzker and Elizabeth Zickafoose through their son, John Metzker. Elizabeth was born about 1798 in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Her parents have not yet been identified. Elizabeth had ten children, lived also in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa, and died in 1866 in Sheridan, Oregon.

Pat Stetler Williams of Beloit, Kansas, is the second great- granddaughter of George D. Zickefoose and his wife, Mary Clark. They were most likely born in West Virginia, though Ohio is possible. They were the parents of George Clark Zickefoose, and probably the parents of Angela who married Mr. Saylor, & James. George C. was born December 11, 1841 in Meigs County or Bainbridge, Ohio, and married Mary Mandana McCord and lived in Xenia, Ohio, and died in Eskridge, KS. (The editor thinks this family is closely associated with the following family, though no one yet knows just what the connection is.)

Pauline R. Mays of Springfield,OH is a third great-granddaughter of Peter Zickefoose, his wife Catherine Hull, and their son Sampson Zickefoose. Mrs. Mays uses the spelling "Zickefoose", but many other records use 'Zickafoose". Peter Zickefoose died about 1809, or perhaps about 1814 (see article below). Mrs. Mays heard from a woman in Florida who wondered if this Peter could be the son of Jacob Zickefoose whose estate was appraised 23 Sept. 1780 in Augusta Co. Virginia and if this Jacob was the 1751 immigrant Johann Jacob Zigenfuss. Time will tell, we hope. Peter's wife Catherine was the daughter of Peter Hull and Susanna Margaret Dieffenbach. Mrs. Mays is descended through the son Sampson, who is her second great-grandfather, born August 5, 1792 in Pendleton County.

Judith A.Mays of Broad Run, VA, is a fourth great-granddaughter of the above Peter Zickafoose, so she is a third cousin once removed with Pauline Mays. Judith's lineage comes through their daughter, Susanna, who married Reuben Buzzard about 1797.

From the History of Pendleton County, West Virginia by O. F. Morten, page 317:

Zickafoose. Unp. 1. Peter (Catharine -)-d. 1814. 2. Elias (Sarah E. -) -d. 1814. 3. Isaac-1803. 4. Samson (Sarah Simmons) - 1814. 5. Susannah (Rudolph Buzzard)-m. 1797. 6. Frances (Miles Western)-m. 1811. 7. Elizabeth (Moses Arbogast)-m. 1819. 8. Henry (Barbara Simmons)-m. 1825. 9. George (Catharine Zickafoose)-m. 1800. 10. Elias (- -).

Br. of 10:-l. George (Elizabeth Wimer)-b. 1827. 2. Mary (Ban Lambert). 3. Samson-d. 4. Martha? (Arnold Lambert). 5. - (William Rexroad).

Br. of 4:-Sarah (Washington Moyers), Mary (John Moyers), Phoebe (James B. Lambert), Clark (Susan Wimer)--Neb., Martha J.

Br. of 9.-Emanuel (d), Jeremiah (d), Elias (d), Peter (Mary J. Bennett), Abel, Thomas (d), Mary A. (Washington Lamb), Margaret (Joseph Bodkin), Anna (d), Mary E. (George W. Sponaugle).

Some discrepancies will be discussed in the next issue for Zickafooses.

Z I C K A F O O S E : History of Pendleton County, W.VA., 1910 by O. F. Morten

Page 317...A history of the Zickafoose family names on half the page.

P-172...The Zickafoose name is German, originally being "Zwickenfus", coming to America by or about 1790, and descendants in Circleville District.

P-177 ... Peter Zickafoose, # 4 son of George & Catharine Zickafoose, married Mary J. Bennett, #5 of George Bennett & Catharine Cassell. This George was born 1832, killed and was #2 of Elijah Bennett (born 1795) & Barbara Bible; Elijah was son of Joseph Bennett & Hannah Sleason; Joseph died in 1810 and was the first son of Joseph Bennett.

P.245 ... Mary A. Zickafoose, daughter of George and Catharine Zickafoose, married as second wife to Noah Washington Lamb, son of Noah Lamb (1812 - 1875) who was son of Michael N. (1785 -1859) and Barbara Lamb.

P.246...Lambert Family History. Martha?Zickafoose married Arnold Lambert. Phoebe Zickafoose married James B. Lambert. (as indicated on page 317)

P.265,6 ... Three Zickafooses married into the Moyers Family: Mary Zickafoose daughter of Samson Zickafoose & Sarah Simmons, married John Moyers who was a son of Solomon Moyers & Elizabeth Simmons, who, in turn, was son of Jacob Moyers and Kate Rexroad. This Jacob Moyers, son of Peter Moyers who died 1795, was the common ancestor of all three Moyers-Zickafoose marriages .... Sarah Zickafoose, also a daughter of Samson Zickafoose & Sarah Simmons, married Washington Moyers who was the son of Jacob Moyers. .... Addie Zickafoose, an unknown Zickafoose, was the first wife of Addison Moyers, a grandson of the above Jacob Moyers through Henry Moyers (born 10 March 1816) & Sarah Eye.

Supplement to Pendleton County, W.VA. History, 1922 by O.F. Morton

Page 67: Notes from Minnie K. Lowther's History of Ritchie County: "Samson Zickafoose, born 1792, married a Wade and went to Richie about 1845."

Z I C K A F O O S E : History of Ritchie County, W.VA., 1911 by Minnie K. Lowther:

P.310,1 ... "SAMPSON ZICKAFOOSE was also identified among the settlers from Pendleton county, he having arrived here some time during the forties, and located just above the present site of the Den run church, where he died on March 20, 1885, at the age of ninety-three years. His last resting place is marked in the Mt. Zion churchyard. He married a Miss Wade, and they were the parents of the following named children: Otho, Peter, and Asbury Zickafoose, Mrs. Nimrod Kuykendall, who went West; Mrs. Wm. T. Mitchell, Mrs. James Westfall, and Mrs. Phebe White. Dr. S. H. Zickafoose, of Harrisville, is a grandson of Mr. Zickafoose, and all the other families of the name in the county are his descendants." (area: Indian Creek)

Information on Sampson Zickafoose' children:
P-305 ... Otho Zickafoose married Katharine Drake, daughter of James Drake (1812 veteran and son of Rev. John Drake) & Elizabeth (dau. of Patrick Sinnett).

P-308 ... Peter Zickafoose went to Kansas after marrying Mary Hammer, daughter of Jacob Hammer & Phebe Moyer.

P.309 ... A.W.(Asbury) Zickafoose married twice: Mary Simmons and Sarah. One or both were daughters of Peter Simmons & Sarah Moyer. A.W. died by 1911.

P-329 ... Kathrine Zickafoose married Nimrod Kuykendall from Pocahontas County and after the Civil War removed to the West. Nimrod and son Jacob (killed) were in Co.K, 10th WVA Infantry as captains. Other son Samuel went West.

P-340 ... Matilda Zickafoose, born 24 June 1834, married Wm. T. Mitchell (born Barbour Co. 13 Sept.1823) and had 8 children in Slab Creek. Died 24/3/1895.

P-302 ... Mrs. C. F.Zickafoose (who?) daughter of Andrew Gill & Anna Birch.

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