The Ziegenfus Families....Newsletter Number 3.....September 1982

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HELLO EVERYONE! A busy year has passed since our September 1981 issue. Much information has been gathered and some of you have even been put in contact with distant but, until now, lost relatives.

The first newsletter quoted from several books, concentrating on the Pennsylvania ZIEGENFUSS family. The second newsletter listed the ancestry of those who wrote in, grouping them into their basic family branches. This third newsletter is concentrating on the early history of the ZICKAFOOSE/ZICKEFOOSE family in Virginia. In the fourth issue I will reprint the History of the SIGERFOOS Family written 1912 by my great- great-grandfather, Crayton Hail Sigerfoos. It will be at least 12 pages long and include corrections and additions. The fifth issue will concentrate on the Pennsylvania ZIEGENFUSS family and it also is expected to be 12 or more pages in length.

Several have asked for addresses of others working on our family and therefore I plan to include a name and address listing in a brief supplement in the next newsletter. Please write me if you don't want your name included on the list.

As the next two newsletters will be longer than the first three, their cost will be $4.00 total. Both newsletters should be mailed to you in the next six to eight months. I want to thank all of you for your help during the past year. This information is presented here through your kind assistance.

Johann Jacob Zigenfuss

JOHANN JACOB ZIGENFUSS arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam on 16 September 1751 in the ship Brothers captained by William Muir. He evidently came from the Palatinate in Germany, according to Harold J. Sickafoose. Crayton Hail Sigerfoos wrote in his booklet that he came "from the Rhinish Provinces of Switzerland." Very little is known about our immigrant ancestor. His ship's passenger arrival list did not include the names of those traveling with him.

Johann Jacob Zigenfuss was father of Jacob ZIEGENFUSS in PA and was also probably the ancestor of the ZICKEFOOSE family in Virginia and the SIGERFOOS/SICKAFUS family from Maryland. What we need are the proven links between our immigrant and these families. (You may recall that the first newsletter observed that these 1751 immigrants journeyed southwest into Maryland and the Virginias, whereas the 1738 immigrants settled to the north of Philadelphia. The only exception known at this time is Jacob's son, Jacob Ziegenfuss,' who resided in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.)


August County, Virginia.

Carol Blanscet and Pauline R. Mays have mentioned the date 1776.

Yes! Lyman Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Volume I, page 217 states: "Administration of estate of Jacob Sigerfoos granted to Wm. Rusk - Christiana, the widow, having refused to administer." This information was extracted from the Augusta County, VA court records, Order Book 17, page 302, dated 19 September 1780. (I have no idea how long Jacob & Christiana were married. This is the only reference I've found concerning Christiana and none have ever mentioned her in their correspondence with me.)

Jacob SECCAFOOSE.... estate appraised 23 September 1780
Jacob SEGENFOOS..... estate settled 19 November 1783 (These are just two examples of the different spellings used, as sometimes different spellings were used in the same entry.)


Our immigrant ancestor Johann Jacob Zigenfuss is known to have had at least one son, Jacob Ziegenfuss. I do not know the original source of that statement, but it was mentioned by Crayton H. Sigerfoos about 1912. Harold J. Sickafoose also mentioned this, as relatives there in North Canton,OH had also done extensive ZIEGENFUSS research.

Jacob Ziegenfuss was a private in the Third Company of the First Battalion of Northumberland County, PA in 1781 during the War of the Revolution. He had five children: Jacob, George, John, Elizabeth and Barbara. The children used the name SICKAFOOSE or SICKAFOOS.

The first son Jacob Sickafoos was a private in Alexander's Inde- pendent Battalion of Westmoreland County, PA Militia in the War of 1812. Afterwards, Jacob became lost, never to be heard from again.

The second son George Sickafoos served with his brother Jacob in the War of 1812. George married Margaret Wagner and had 10 children: Christina, Samuel, George, Michael, Mary Ann, John, Andrew, Benjamin, Isaac and Margaret. George died in Sandy Township, Stark County, OH in 1840. His wife died in December 1857. Many of his children lived in Indiana.

The third son John Sickafoose had twelve children: Jacob, Mary, Philip, Susanna, Elizabeth, Mary Eve, John, Levi , Samuel H., Henry, George Washington and Michael. John died in 1876 in Indiana.

The fourth child, Elizabeth Sickafoose, married Joseph Metzler.

The fifth child, Barbara Sickafoose, married Mr. Mellen.

Since the immigrant Jacob Zigenfuss has been shown to have moved to Virginia, he had to travel through the state of Maryland. In fact, if you would draw a straight line from Philadelphia, PA to Augusta Co. in Virginia, that line would pass within 20 -50 miles of Frederick and Washington Counties in Maryland where early SIGAFOOS/SECAFOOSE families resided. They may very well have been Jacob's descendants. The 1790 Census has recorded these three families:
George SIGERFORS (3 male and 1 female adults)
John SECAFUSE (1 male and 4 female adults plus 1 male child)
Peter SEGAFUSE (3 male and 3 female adults plus 1 male child)
The only descendants with which I've made contact are those whose ancestor was Abraham SIGERFOOS. The earliest census in which Abraham is found is the 1810 census of Elizabeth Township, Washington Co., MD. Abraham 'Sigafoos' was 26-45 years old, with his wife in the same age bracket. he had a daughter 10-15 years old, as well as two sons and a daughter less than 10 years old. This agrees with information already printed that Abraham married Mary Cook and had five children: Margaret, John George, Jacob, Susanna and Abraham. Unfortunately, I've been un- successful in determining who his parents were. It seems likely that Abraham was a son of either George, John or Peter mentioned above. It is more likely that Abraham is the son of John, or perhaps George, as Abraham's first son was named John George. Abraham could be George's son if he was born before 1775 or John's son if born after l775. (It is also of note that Abraham's second son was named Jacob.)


Peter ZICKAFOOSE/ZICKEFOOSE was the progenitor of a very large family in Augusta County, VA. He may very well have been a son of the immigrant Jacob Zigenfuss, although there is no proof. Verbal family history gathered during the past 35 years by Mrs. Imogene Hastings says that Peter Zickefoose was born in Germany in 1756, entered America at the Port ofPhiladelphia, and married Catherine Hull in 1781 in Bucks County, PA.It is more likely that Peter's family was from Germany rather thatPeter himself having been born in Germany, if he was born in 1756. Only Imogene has mentioned a birth date for Peter, as well as a date and location for his marriage. Peter's wife Catherine was the daughter of Peter Thomas Hull and Susanna Margaret Dieffenbach.

The earliest record I have found in Augusta County, VA concerning Peter is the time he refused to give in his taxes to the Commissioner according to a report dated 17 July 1787, listing a Peter 'Sickafoss.' See Order Book XX, pages 345 & 346. Chalkley's Vol. II, page 208 says the following, as taken from Circuit Court Judgments in 1814:

-Buzard vs. Zickafoose-0. S. 276; N. S. 97-Bill, November, 1814. Complainants are, viz: Catharine Zickafoose, widow of Peter Zickafoose, deceased; Sampson Sickafoose, Susanna Buzzard and Reuben, her husband; Mary Fleisher and Henry, her husband; Fanny Mills and Western, her husband; Sally Zickafoose, infant. Peter Sickafoose died, intestate, leaving above widow and children and George and EIias Zickafoose, the two elder sons, owning land in Pendleton County in Crab Bottom, Elias died shortly after his father, leaving widow Elizabeth and infant children, Susanna, Elias, Elizabeth, Henry and Mary.

There may be earlier records in Augusta, Pendleton or maybe other counties, but I have not searched further. Nor have I made any search for land deeds, etc. Peter died between 6 Sep. 1808 and 1810 Census.


SUSANNA (1775-1835) married Reuben Buzzard 1797 Martha (Patsy) BORN: 4 Oct 1799 MARRIED: Charles Grimes
.......Eli C1800...mar. Margaret Moore
.......Solomon C1800...mar. Rachel Grimes
.......Peter 3 Oct1803...mar. Nancy Moore
.......Hester 1804...mar. Henry Grimes
.......Frances (Fannie) 1813...mar. Benjamin Buzzard
.......Philip Henry 1815...mar. Mary Hannah & Elizabeth Perkins
.......Reuben Jr. 1818...mar. Mary Ann Waugh
.......Sampson S. 3 Apr1819...mar Eleanor Morris Knapp
.......Susan 1829...mar. ------ Zickafoose

GEORGE (1780-1872) m. Catherine Lance 18 Nov 1800
...... Sampson (lived in Kanawha Co. WVA in 1872)

ELIAS (died 1810-14) m. Sarah Elizabeth ?Armentrout?
...... Susanna Sep 1802...mar. George Wimer
...... Elias
...... Elizabeth .........mar. Henry Wimer
...... Henry 1805 ...mar. Barbara Simmons
...... Mary

MARY.... married Henry Fleisher FRANCES "FANNY" (1787) M. Western Mills 11 July 1811
..... Western 1812
..... George W. 1813 ... mar. Mary Liggett
..... Peter G. 1814 ...mar. Lydia-----
..... Eliza B. 5 Jan1823...mar. Joel J. Westfall
..... Bazal Jackson 1824...mar. Elizabeth Skidmore
..... Rufus T. 1827...mar. Nancy

SAMPSON (5 Aug 1792-20 Mar 1885; m. Sarah Wade 19 June 1817
..... Catherine 9 Jun1818...mar. Nimrod Kuykendall
..... Hester 22 Oct1819...mar. David Hannah
.....Phoebe 28 Feb1821...mar. James Mullenax
..... Otho 14 Jan1823...mar. Catherine Drake & Stanley & Sharp
..... ------- (stillborn)5 Feb1825
..... Mary (Polly) W. 18 may1826...mar. Jacob H. Smith
..... Martha Jane 14 Oct1828...mar. James B. Westfall & Mr. Snider
..... Peter Hull 26 Feb1831...mar. Mary Hammer
..... Malinda Ann 24 Jun1834...mar. William Thomas Mitchell
..... Asbury William 13 Oct1840...mar. Mary Simmons, Sarah Simmons, Mandy Williams

SARAH "SALLY infant in 1814" (1794-1871) m. John Samples 13 June 1837

ISAAC... 1803; died young

(Please note that there are some ZICKEFOOSE families in Greenbrier County that are not included on this list ... their connection isn't exactly known. Also note that ZICKEFOOSE rather than ZICKAFOOSE is today's common spelling.)

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