The Ziegenfus Families....Supplement to Newsletter Number 4......Feb 1983

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(This newsletter is posted here by permission of the author "as long as it is for genealogical purposes and not for profit.").

This is a list of those who have written in about their ZIEGENFUSS ancestry. Birthdates, whether confirmed or approximate, are given in parentheses. Descendants are listed in this order: First, SIGERFOOS and SICKAFUS from Maryland. Next, ZICKEFOOSE from Virginia. Next, the SIGAFOOS ancestors from Virginia, followed by those from Pennsylvania. Last, ZIEGENFUSS from Pennsylvania.

As you can see, there are several basic branches. If you can help bring any more together, please write in and also be sure'.to share it with those who would be particularly interested -- the descendants!

Mark Amanns, 124 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201 ( or 512 Green Road, Cincinnati, OH 45230 ) grandson of Elmis Luther Atkins (1893) and RUTH NAOMI BLYLY (1896) dau of William Blyly (1870) and ELLA MAY SIGERFOOS (1874 MI) dau of CRAYTON HAIL SIGERFOOS (1848 MI) and Sarah Jane Lake son of ABRAHAM R. SIGERFOOS (1811 MD) and Cynthia Osborn son of ABRAHAM SIGERFOOS (by 1780 MD?) and Mary Cook

Kerry Lynn Stevens, 10581 East Oakwood Dr., Tucson, AZ 87515 grandson of Grant Whitmyer and EFFIE A. BLYLY (1894) dau of William Blyly and ELLA MAY SIGERFOOS (see above)

Mrs. Ferne Johnson, 4343 Wyandotte Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46815 granddau of JOHN W. SICKAFUS (1837 OH) and Sylvia Alice Hall son of JOHN GEORGE SICKAFUS (1800 MD) and Elizabeth Blazier son of ABRAHAM SIGERFOOS (by 1780 MD?) and Mary Cook

Mrs. Mildred Cherry, 3511 N. Taylor Ave., Decatur, IL 62526 granddau of Oliver M. Standerfer and SARAH ADALINE SICKAFUS (1864) dau of JACOB SICKAFUS (1828) and Martha Herendeen son of JOHN GEORGE SICKAFUS and Elizabeth Blazier (see above)

Mrs. Inez E. Jenks, 0705 N. U.S. 421, Michigan City,IN 46360 granddau of Sherman W. Hayes and MINNIE BELLE DRAKE (1877 MI) dau of Reuben C. Drake and LOUISA ANNE SWINEHART (1852 IN) dau of Jacob Swinehart and ELIZABETH SIGERFOOSE (1830 OH) dau of JACOB SIGERFOOS (1803 MD) and Mary Spitler son of ABRAHAM SIGERFOOS (by 1780 MD?) and Mary Cook

Judith A. Mays, 16616 Gaines Road, Broad Run, VA 22014 g-granddau of WILLIS CRONEN BUZZARD (1858 VA) and Mary C. Shrader son of SAMPSON S. BUZZARD (1819 VA) and Eleanor Morris Knapp son of Reuben Buzzard Sr. and SUSANNA ZICKAFOOSE (1775 VA) dau of PETER ZICKAFOOSE (1756?) and Catharine Hull

Mrs. Jennifer Hale, 406 Simon St., Plymouth, IN 46563 g-g-granddau of HUGH W. BUSARD son of SOLOMON BUZZARD (1799 VA) and Rachel Grimes son of Reuben Buzzard Sr. and SUSANNA ZICKAFOOSE (see above)

Larry C. Zickefoose, Rt 1, Box 244-A, Franch Creek, WV 26218 grandson of IRVIN G. ZICKEFOOSE and Lora Lee Cutright son of WILLIAM HENRY ZICKEFOOSE and Melinda Cutright son of EMANUEL ZICKEFOOSE and Anna Gooden son of HENRY ZICKEFOOSE (1805) and Barbara Simmons son of PETER ZICKAFOOSE (1756?) and Catharine Hull

Mrs. Clarice Sisemore, 1372 Juliet Ct., Livermore, CA 94550 granddau of WILLIAM LEE WIMER (1879 NE) and Cordie Ellen Miller son of JOHN ELIAS WIMER (1837 WV) and Sarah Margaret Moyers son of George Wimer II (1793 PA) and SUSANNA ZICKEFOOSE (1802) dau of ELIAS ZICKEFOOSE and Elizabeth Armoncort son of PETER ZICKAFOOSE (1756?) and Catharine Hull

Mrs. Carol Blanscet, 14696 Candeda Pl., Tustin, CA 92680 g-granddau of JOHN ELIAS WIMER (1837 WV) (see above)

Rex L. Wimer, P.O. Box 194, Pollock Pines, CA 95726 g-grandson of George Wimer II and SUSANNA ZICKEFOOSE (see above)

Imogene Hastings, 7010 Burntmill Rd.,So., Beulah, CO 81023 her husband is: grandson of WM. FLOYD MITCHELL and PHOEBE S. ZICKEFOOSE WM. F. is son of MALINDA ANN ZICKEFOOSE (1834 VA) who were both... PHOEBE is dau of PETER HULL ZICKEFOOSE (1831 VA) @ children of SAMPSON ZICKEFOOSE (1792) and Sarah Wade son of PETER ZICKAFOOSE (1756?) and Catharine Hull

Pauline R. Mays, 4490 N. Hampton Rd., Springfield, OH 45502 g-g-granddau of SAMPSON ZICKEFOOSE (1792) and Sarah Wade (see above)

Larry G. Shuck, 164 Julep Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45218 has sent in some information on the Virginia ZICKEFOOSE familiy

Pat Williams, R 3, Beloit, KS 67420 granddau of John H. Stetler and ANNIE BELLE ZICKEFOOSE (1872 OH) dau of GEORGE CLARKE ZICKEFOOSE (1841 OH) and Mary M. McCord son of JOSEPH L. ZICKAFOOSE (1816 WV) and Elizabeth Davis son of GEORGE ZICKAFOOSE and wife Catharine (George and Catharine should be ancestor of next 4 families.)

Merle F. Zickefoose, 929 Williston Ave., Waterloo, IA 50702 grandson of HENRY CLARK ZICKEFOOSE (1840 IA) and Mary Yancy son of BENJAMIN ZICKEFOOSE (1804 VA) and Susan Buzzard ? son of GEORGE ZICKEFOOSE (?) of Greenbrier County, WV

Sharon L. Sanville, 624 Plaza De Las Sierras, Modesto CA 95350 granddau of Curtis Lusk and JULIA MAUDE HOBBS (1886 CA) dau of Horace Hobbs and ALICE A. M. METZKER (1862 OR) dau of JOHN METZKER ((1820 WV) and Mary E. Conner son of Henry Metzker and ELIZABETH ZICKEFOOSE (1798 WV) ? dau of GEORGE ZICKEFOOSE (?) of Greenbrier County, WV

Harold H. Seyferth, 50 Yankee Point Dr., Carmel, CA 93923 grandson of Charles F. Seyferth and MARY ALICE TONEY (1871 OR) dau of James P. Toney and SARAH ELIZABETH METZKER (1843 IA) dau of JOHN METZKER (1820 WV) and Mary E. Conner (see above)

Bill Marx, P.O. Box 294, Redding, CA 96099 g-g-grandson of WILLIAM CHARLES METZKER (1830 IN) and Ruth McBride son of Henry Metzker and ELIZABETH ZICKEFOOSE (see above)

Patrick N. Ketner, 1911 Alpha St., Lansing, MI 48910 g-grandson of EMMA A. CLYMER (1867) dau of John W. Clymer and CATHERINE SIGAFOOS (Putnam Co. OH) dau of JOHN SIGAFOOS (1801 VA) and Catherine McFarland

Elizabeth J. Hlavaty, 15064 E. Cullen St., Whittier, CA 90603 g-granddau of GEORGE WEBSTER RYDMAN (1843 Madison Co. OH) son of William Rydman and ROSEANAH SIGAFOOSE (1819 VA)

George W. Minor Jr., 339 Georgetown Dr., Athens, GA 30605 grandson of William G. Minor and HAZEL J. WEIBEL dau of George W. Weibel and MARY JANE GANO (1859 Wood Co. OH) dau of Wilson H. Gano and SARAH SIGAFUSE (March 1841 PA) dau of Pennsylvania father and New Jersey mother

Marge Weaver Salmela, Box 270, Spencer, NY 14883 granddau of DENNIS PURCELL WEAVER (1889 PA) and Margaret Rose Burke son of Isaiah W. Weaver and ELIZABETH L. SIGAFOOS (1865 PA) dau of HIRAM SIGAFOOS (1840 Luzerne Co. PA ) and Kathryn Wasser

Margaret Blatz, 11314 Conway Rd., St. Louis., MO 63131 g-g-granddau of James Martin and BARBARA ANN SIGAFOOS (1796 PA)

Ralph Woodward, R 2 Box 107, Carlisle, IN 47838 grandson of PHILIP B. GRIFFITH (1840 IL) and Mary Ellen Moore son of William Griffith and MARGARET MARTIN (1816 Bedford Co. PA) dau of James Martin and BARBARA ANN SIGAFOOS (see above)

Mrs. Yvonne Taylor, P.O. Box 972, Hot Springs, SD 57747 g-granddau of JOHN SIGAFOOS (1824 Bedford, Cuyahoga CO.OH son of (Frederick? or Solemon?) SIGAFOOS (probably related to Barbara Ann Sigafoos listed above)

Jon Ross Roe, 70 Valley Falls Rd, Vernon, CT 06066 grandson of Claude M. DePew and LILLIAN COLE (1883 NJ) dau of George N. Cole and EMMA KYTE (1854 NJ) dau of John Kyte and SARAH SIGAFOOS (1829 Walpack, NJ) dau of HENRY SIGAFOOS (1795 tavern owner) and Susan Kohl son of CHRISTOPHER (STOFFLE) SIGAFOOS (1770 PA) (immigrant Christopher Ziegenfuss had a son Christopher b. 1765)

Mrs. Horace Hall, 5347 Colonade Ct., Cape Coral, FL 33904 g-granddau of Enos Royer and LUCY ANN ZIEGENFUSS (1829 PA) dau of Mrs. HANNAH ZIEGENFUSS (1811 PA) (lived in Philadelphia, the Luzerne County, PA)

Barbara Kriss, 202 Linden Dr., La Porte, IN 46350 granddau of ANGELINE JANE ZIEGENFUSS (1849 Allen CO.IN) dau of PETER ZIEGENFUSS (1798 PA) and wife Elizabeth

Joni Spires, R 3 Box 532, Alachua, FL 32615 granddau of KATHERINE ZIEGENFUSS (1899 Montgomery CO.PA dau of JOHN ZIEGENFUSS (Dec.1865 PA) and Annie Snyder

Josephine Bogart Gregory, 10 E. 300 North St., St.George,UT 84770 4th g granddau of George Bachman and POLLY (MARY) MIEGENFUSS (1754 PA) (Polly perhaps born Northampton Co. PA, moved to Seneca Co., NY)

Judy Van Skike, 18331 E. Allegheny Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705 g-granddau of Thomas A. Brown and DELILAH MATILDA ZIEGENFUSS (1820 PA) dau of GEORGE ZIEGENFUSS (1779 PA) and Susannah Nulf son of ANDREW ZIEGENFUSS (1747 PA) and Miss Reichard son of ANDREW ZIEGENFUSS (1723 Germany) who immigrated as son of HANS JACOB ZIEGENFUSS (1694) who immigrated in 1738.

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