The Ziegenfus Families....Newsletter Number 5......April 1984

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(This newsletter is posted here by permission of the author "as long as it is for genealogical purposes and not for profit.").


Glen Huffmann of Washington, D.C. is a descendant of Peter Zickefoose and Catherine Hull. He sent data that Catherine's parents, Peter T. Hull and Susanna M. Dieffenbach, were married 25 November 1750 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster Co.,,PA. No doubt these added details will be of interest to all of you.

Carole Blanscet of Tustin, CA sent several pieces of information, one of which was transcribed from LDS microfilm #818705 of Pendleton County, West Virginia records. Volume II Deeds 1833-38, page 390 recorded on 30 December 1835, says:

'This Indenture made 20 April 1833 between George Zickefoose & Katharine his wife of County of Greenbrier, Rudolph Buzzard & Susan his wife, formerly Susan Zickefoose, & Western Mills [or Miles?] & Frances his wife, formerly Frances Zickefoose, of the County of Pocahontas, Sampson Zickefoose & Sarah his wife, Jehu Flesher & Katharine his wife, Peter Flesher & Susan his wife, George Eagle & Susan his wife, formerly.Susan Flesher, & Joseph Flesher of Pendleton Co., Charles Dean & Barbara his wife, formerly Barbara Flesher of Greenbrier Co., John Flesher & Elizabeth his wife of Augusta Co. heirs of Peter Zickefoose dec'd & George Wimer & Susan his wife, formerly Susan Zickefoose, Elias Zickefoose & Sarah his wife, Henry Wimer & Elizabeth his wife, formerly Elizabeth Zickefoose & Mary Zickefoose of Pendleton Co. heirs of Elias Zickefoose dec'd of the one part & Sarah Zickefoose of the other part of Pendleton Co. for $640.00 paid by Sarah & also the said heirs of Peter Zickefoose dec'd for 318 pounds paid by Elias Zickefoose sold to Sarah their claims to one tract in Crabbottom containing 89 acres.

George Zickefoose
Catharine 'X' Zickefoose
Rudolph 'X' Buzzard
Susan 'X' Buzzard
Joseph 'X' Flesher
George Eagle
Susannah 'X' Eagle
Sampson Zickefoose
Sarah 'X' Zickefoose
Jehu Fleisher
Catharine 'X' Fleisher
Western Mills
Frances 'X' Mills
John Fleisher
Elizabeth B. Fleisher
Peter 'X' Fleisher
Susannah Fleisher
George 'X' Wimer
Susan 'X' Wimer
Elias Zickefoose
Henry Wimer
Elizabeth 'X' Wimer
Mary Zickefoose

Mrs. Blanscet also found an un-named Ziegenfuss in a book on the Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Series, Volume 4, Page 785. He had enlisted at age 22 on 30 September 1783 under Major James Moore. He was a potter by trade. His name, which I don't know, may not be as important to know as his birthplace. I thought it interesting that it said he was born in Gothern in Germany.

Of more importance (?) is this excellent information from "Two Hundred Years of Christian Service 1751-1951", History of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church,, Kellers Church, PA. It says that in September 1751 one of the deacons was:

"Andrew Ziegenfuss, b. 1726,, at Beydenkirchen in Darnstadt. Married Anna Magdalene Laurenz. They had two children by 1752, and came to Pennsylvania in 1738."

This is the last (planned) newsletter, I'm sorry to say. Time is just too hard to find to continue. I thank all of you for your help and I hope the information shared has been of help to you.

Mark (signed)

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