Ziegenfuss Family History
Chapter 2, George Ziegenfuss

Our Migration in Pennsyvania and Into the USA

Story by Rev. Dr. William J. Ziegenfus, 1700 Butler Pike, Apt 26C
Conshohocken, PA 19428
zman42@cavtel.net (2011)

Leaving Philadelphia, after their term probably as indentured servants, the family settled in Springfield Township, Montgomery County, September 16, 1751. Andrew Ziegenfuss, the son of Hans Jacob died in 1778 at the age of 86. one of his children, Andrew, was born in 1747 and in March 1773 was married to a Miss Reichard of Bucks County. This member of the family was perhaps the beginning of our presence in Bucks County.

The Ziegenfuss-Reichard marriage yielded seven children. The oldest of the sons was George, born January 31, 1779 in Bucks County. At the age of 19, on February 18, 1798 George married Miss Susannah Nulf of Easton, Pa. Miss Nulf was the daughter of Captain Nulf of Revolutionary war fame. George was a miller by trade, which occupation was common among his descendants. George and his family was the start, indirectly, of our presence in Northampton County.

In the year 1800, George with his brothers Andrew and John, crossed the Blue Mountains and settled in the wilderness. They settled in what is now the village of Aquashicola, in Carbon County (Carbon and Lehigh Counties were originally part of Northampton County). There George built the first grist mill in all that section of the country. George was drafted for service in the War of 1812. With six small children to care for, his brother John volunteered as his substitute. George died at the age of 86 on November 25, 1865. Susanna passed away October 23, 1866 at age 89. They reared a total of 11 children: (Susanna was born June 21, 1777).

1) John A. b. April 14, 1797; d. March 7, 1869 age 72.
2) Catherine Z. (Harleman) b. March 19, 1801; d. April 7, 1872
3) George b. April 9, 1803; d. April 23, 1883, age 80
4) Daniel b. March 1805 d. about 1834 in Mexican War
5) Polly Z. (Fenstermacher) b. April 27, 1807, d. January 20, 1906, age 99
6) Charles b. 1809 d. 1889, age 80
7) David George b. July 11, 1811; d. April 22, 1894 age 83
8) Solomon b. 1813; d. 1814
9) Susannah Z. (Siglin) b. Nov. 14 1815; d. Jan. 1906 age 91
10) Simon b. Dec 30, 117; d. Oct. 24, 1884, age 67
11) Deliah b. Oct 18, 1820 d. no record?

George, the second son of George and Susannah Ziegenfuss was born (#3 above) on April 9, 1803. In the year 1830, George married Katherine Kershner. Their marriage resulted in seven more members of the family.
1) Cornelius b. Oct 19, 1831; d. Jan 19, 1914
2) Thomas H. b. Oct. 28, 1833; d. Nov. 15, 1888
3) Katharina Isabella (Meckes) b. April 21, 1836; d. Oct. 27, 1902
4) Susannah Z. (Bouser) (Kresge) b. March 8, 1839; d. March 8,1905
5) Stephen b. Aug. 27, 1842; d. Aug 31, 1910
6) Mary A. (Heiney) b. Jan. 1, 1847, d. April 13, 1877
7) William Elwood b. Aug 8, 1854, d. March 17, 1929

Several of the sons of the Ziegenfuss-Kerschner marriage deserve special mention. Stephen Ziegenfus was born in Ross Township of Monroe County on August 27, 1842. On September 29, 1862 he enlisted in Company A, 4th Regiment, Pa. Vol. Calvary. He served with Gen. Grant in the siege of Richmond and 31 other battles and skirmishes and was honorably discharged July 1, 1865 as a corporal.

Returning to civil life Stephen Ziegenfus located at Gilberts in Monroe County where he followed the trade of wheelwright and became Justice of the Peace. He married Salina Heiney of Gilberts with whom he fathered 10 children: Emma J. - wife of Lewis Smith of Lehighton; Mary C. - wife of Henry Trainer of Weissport; John A; Thomas H.; and Lydia M. wife of Wm. Walck all of Franklin Townshiip; Steven continued as a carriage and wagon builder filling various Township offices until his death on Aug. 31, 1910.

John A. Ziegenfus, son of Stephen was born July 25, 1882 at Gilberts, in mOnroe County. He learned his father's trade but began life as a bookkeeper in the packerton Office of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company. A year later he was into partnership with his father in the carriage and wagon business at East Weissport. He too served as Justice of the Peace and Notary Public in Franklin Township in 1911. He also served as Sunday School Superintendent of the St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Weissport. (John is written about in the Carbon County History.)

William Elwood Ziegenfus, the fourth son of Geo. Z & Kerschner marriage, a brother of Stephen and an uncle to John A. Z. (above). Wm. Elwood received a doctorate from the University of Michigan in Detroit where he took up residence. There he married Hattie Still in 1879. William E. had two sons - Max born April 23, 1884, died Aug. 1884; and George Still Z., born Nov 24, 1881. George and his family reside in Tacoma, Washington: Lorraine P. Z (Burke) b. Jan 15, 1907; Elwood Bruce b. Jul 16, 1908 ( wed Jean Manz); Margaret E. Z (Snow) b. April 15, 1911; and George Still (II) b. March 23, 1925 (These details as of July 8, 1938). This concludes as much as is known about the Ziegenfus-Kerschner line.

Next, let us turn to the 7th son of George and Susannah Ziegenfuss- David George Ziegenfuss born July 11, 1811. David left the area north of the Blue Mountains and travelled west by covered wagon to Lisbon, Iowa. His great-granddaughter remembers David sporting a long white beard. David was the father of two sons; Lewis Albert and West. West was born after David came to Iowa and went to Colorado after he grew up. No one ever knows what happened to West since then. Lewis Albert Z. was born in 1842 and died 1924. He married Mary Jane Arbuthnot who died in 1891. Their 7 children are as follows:
1) Mary Leone Z. (Peters, Arthur) b. June 21, 1869 in Anamosa,Iowa; d. Dec 30, 1961
2) Lewis Albert Z. -wed Almira D. Jordan; Lewis b. April 18, 1871 d. Oct. 1967
3) Frances Z. (Ray, Walter); b. May 18, 1873 d. ?
4) Alice Ziegenfus b. March 19, 1877, d. about 1904
5) Paul Herman Z. - wed Nellie E. Kitel; b.Mar. 24, 1882, d. Jan7, 1964 Children
--- a) Alice Beth Z. 1905-1906
--- b) Marion Z. (Lewis)(West Chicago, Ill) b. May 15, 1908 (Sarasota, FL)
6) David George - wed Zella Aiken) b. Jan 10, 1884, d. Jun 1966
7) Ruth Z. S. (MacQuire, WmB)(Claremont, Calif) b. Jul 22, 1887

Mrs. Marion Z. Lewis, now of Sarasota, FL reports that near Grand Rapids, Michigan is a "Ziegenfus Lake". Mr. Z. died about 1965 and his widow "Bessie" moved into town. A son and his family lived about a mile down the road. (1968 letter).

Finally, the remaining member of his descendants of the marriage of Geroge and Susannah Nulf Ziegenfuss is their oldest son John A. born April 14,1797. He married a woman by the name of Catherine who was born September 15,1797 and died January 22, 1871. They had nine children:
1) Solomon b. Jan 25, 1822; d. Jul 27, 1823
2) Samuel b. Nov 29, 1823, d. Sep 9, 1892 mar.Harriett ? b. Feb 13, 1829; d. May 5, 1910. Their children:
---a) Sarah Jane Z. b. Oct 17, 1854; d. Aug 28, 1861
---b) Eugene Albert b. Aug 13, 1858; d. Sep 10, 1861
---c) Adelaide E. b. Aug 6, 1863; d. Dec 18, 1923, wed Samuel Boyer b. May 21, 1847; d. Jan 9, 1889 (dau. Lottie Estella Boyer wed Samuel Ziegenfuss)
---d) Charles M. Z. b. Aug 10, 1864; d. Aug 29, 1864
---e) Harry Edgar Z. b. April 11, 1868; d. Aug 5, 1869
3) Sophina b. Nov 27, 1823 d. ??
4) Reuben b. Nov 25, 1825; d. Mar 13, 1907 wed Mary A. ?, b. Dec 7, 1827, d. Nov 3, 1896
5) Stephen b. Nov 24, 1829; d. Sep 12, 1831
6) Joel b. Nov 15, 1811(prob typo 1831); d. 1911 wed Lusetta ?? b. 1833; d. 1910
7) John Harrison b. Sep 26, 1834, d. Jun 23, 1853
8) Suzanne b. June 12, 1839; d. ??
9) James Monro b. April 30, 1846; d. ??

Proper credits for this chapter go to the Carbon County History, a letter from Mrs. J. A. Heiney of July 8, 1938; and Aug 1967 letter from Mrs. Wm. B. MacQuire; a letter from Mrs. Thomas R. Lewis of April 12, 1968; the work of former historians Lloyd and Gordon Ziegenfus. The next chapter #3 will deal with George's brother Andrew and his descendants.

Rev. Dr. William J. Ziegenfus, 1700 Butler Pike, Apt 26C
Conshohocken, PA 19428
zman42@cavtel.net (2011)

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