Ziegenfuss Family History
Chapter 4, John Ziegenfuss

Our Migration in Pennsyvania and Into the USA

Story by Rev. Dr. William J. Ziegenfus, 1700 Butler Pike, Apt 26C
Conshohocken, PA 19428
zman42@cavtel.net (2011)

After leaving Philadelphia, probably having served as indentured servants to pay their passage to America, the family settled in Springfield Township, Montgomery County in September of 1751. Andrew, the oldest son of our patriarch, Hans Jacob Ziegenfuss, died in 1778. He also had as son, Andrew, born 1747. In 1773 the son Andrew married a Miss Reichard of Bucks County. The marriage yielded seven children- the principal ones being George (Chapter 2); Andrew (Chapter 3); and John in Chapter 4 (this chapter).

In 1800 the tree brothers, George (b. 1779), Andrew (b. 1787) and John (b. 17??) crossed the Blue Mountains to settle in the wilderness. They settled in what is now Aquashicola, in Carbon County. (Carbon and Lehigh Counties were then part of Northampton County). There John Ziegenfuss married a woman by the name of Susanne, whose last name has not be discovered yet. They had seven children:
1) Jacob Ziegenfuss b. Dec 9, 1817, d. July 1, 1910
2) Thomas Ziegenfuss b. Dec 17, 1820, d. Jan 2, 1862
3) Mary Ziegenfuss b. ?? d. ??
4) William Ziegenfuss b. April 3, 1825, d. ??
5) Katherine Ziegenfuss b. Aug 20 1829, d. ??
6) Monroe Ziegenfuss b. Sep 9, 1831, d. ??
7) Rebecca Ziegenfuss b. Jan 25, 1834, d. ??

As of this writing (about 1973), I know of descendants from Jacob, Thomas, and Monroe Ziegenfuss. Below are the pertinent details known about the above ancestors:

#1 Jacob married Juli Anna Walken(r?) (b. 7-17-1819, d. 11- 14-1907). They had a son:
---A. Nathan Ziegenfus, b. 12-3-1848, d. ?? who married Emaline Sensinger on Jan 9, 1870. She was born 10-21-1852, d. ?? . They had 10 children:
-------1. Ida Ziegenfuss b. 3-19-1870, d. 4-8-1870
-------2. Erwin Edwin Ziegenfuss, b. Feb 1871, d. ??
-------3. Nathan Elias Ziegenfuss b. 7-6-1873, d. ??
-------4. Francis Calvin Z. b. 9-26-1876, d. 12-18-1887
-------5. Charles Wesley Z. b. 3-19-1878, d. ?? , married Augusta Berger. They have two children:
-----------a. Edgar Z. b. 2-26-1904 d. ?? married Ester ? b. 3-16-1905, d. ?? . They had 3 children:
----------------1. James Edgar Z. b. 5-30-1927, d. ? wed Elizabeth Wolf b. 10-28-??, d. ?? . They had 2 children:
---------------------a. Eileen Carol Z. b. 10-7-1948
---------------------b. Robert Darryl Z. b. 1-11-1952
----------------2. Marion Louise Z. b. 6-6-1928 wed James Harvey Rodgers
----------------3. Elaine Mary Z. b. 8-2-1935 wed Robert Shake Armbruster.
-----------b. Allen Z. b. ?? married Mary Miller. They had a son Allen( Jr. ?)
-------6. Mary Carolina Z. b. 2-18-1880, d. 12-25-1887
-------7. July Susanna Z. b. 2-8-1882, d. 12-17-1887
-------8. Anna Z. b. 12-29-1808, d. ??
-------9. Ralph Edgar Z. b. 2-22-1890, d. 5-27-1965 married Jennie M. Shirar on 4-11-1912. She was b. 9-27-1899, d. ???. They had four children:
-----------a. Dorothy M. Z. b. 5-12-1912 wed Howard Goldberg
-----------b. Nathan George Z. b. 5-6-1915 wed Ruth Arlene Berger on 8-10-1935. She was b. 12-5-1918. They had 3 children:
-----------------1. Ralph Merlin Z. b. 8-10-1937 wed Mary Ann Barbosa on 5-23-1959. She was born 11-13-1937. They had 3 children:
----------------------a. Nancy Jean Z. b. 10-26-1960
----------------------b. Donna Marie Z. b. 10-16-1961
----------------------c. Ruth Patricia Z. b. 5-27-1965
-----------------2. Billy Lou Z. b. 6-23-1940 wed Patricia Hawk on 3-21-1959. She was born 10-25-1941. They have three children.
----------------------a. Patricia Ann Z. b. 7-27-1961
----------------------b. Kathleen Ruth Z. b. 9-22-1961
----------------------c. Billy Lou Z. b. 6-24-1962
----------------3. Nathan George Z. b. 12-26-1946
------------c. Third child of Ralph???
------------d. Fourth child of Ralph???
-------10. Lillie Agnes Z. b. 1-17-1894, d. ?? wed Wm. Eugene Souders, b. 7-15-1890, d. ??

#2 Thomas, 2nd son of John, married Hannah Rute. They had eleven children:
---A. Lyman Z. ? had 5 children, Edwin, Ida, Minnie, Carrie, and Alvesta.
---B. Jane Z.
---C. William Z.. had 6 children, Carrie, Alice, Gertrude, Sarah, Willis, Victor.
---D. Elizabeth Z.
---E. Frank Z. had 2 children, Sarah and Frank.
---F. Rebecca Z.
---G. Thomas Z. had one son, Charles.
---H. Sally Ann Z.
---I. Jacob Shelton Z., b. 8-1-1865, d. 9-10-1944 wed Mary Moyer in 1893. She was born 4-28-1874, d. ?? . They had 7 children:
-------1. Anna Laura Rebecca Z., b. 5-13-1894, d. 1899
-------2. Mary Agnes Z., b.5-12-1896, d. ?? wed John Steinson
-------3. Jacob Franklin Z., b. 8-26-1897, d. ?? wed Harriet Morgan had 1 son:
------------a. Carl Z. wed Caroline ?, had 5 children: Carolyn, Dom, Mark & ??.
-------4. Charles Andrew Z. b. 11-24-1899, d. 1936? wed Grace Dunkle. They had 5 children:
------------a. Paul Z. b. 4-25-1925 wed 1.Catherine Phillip and 2. Rose ??.
------------b. Albert V. Z.
------------c. June Z
------------d. Mildred
------------e. Betty
-------5. Helen Louise Z. b. 12-21-1901, d. ?? wed Thomas Brady
-------6. Violet Elizabeth Z. b. 9-7-1904 wed on 7-23-1923 to Henry Voll, b. 7-3-1898, d. ??
-------7. Lilie Arlene Z. b. 12-29-1907, d. 5-18-1930
---J. Susanne Z.
---K. John Z. wed ?? had 3 children:
-------1. Irene Z. wed ?? Zellers
-------2. Mary Z.
-------3. Stella Z.

#6 Monroe, 6th child of John, wed Annie Miller. They had 11 children:
---A. James Christian Z.
---B. Susan Z. (died in infancy)
---C. Elizabeth Jamina Z.
---D. Sara Lydia Z.
---E. John Z. wed Florence Cess. They had 4 children, 2 died in infancy
-------1. Doris
-------2. Merill
---F. Annie Z. wed Fred Frace
---G. Harrison Z. (died in infancy)
---H. Monroe Z. (died in infancy)
---I. Mary Jane Z. (died in infancy)
---J. Noah Z. (died in infancy)
---K Ruth Magdalene Z., b. 2-5-1896, d. ?? wed on 8-22-1920 to James Edwin Kunkle, b. 5-29-1896, d. ???

The above consists of the writer (Rev William J. Ziegenfus)'s knowledge of this branch of the Ziegenfus Family. In time to come, it is hoped more recent information can be obtained.

Proper credits for this chapter go to the work of former historian Gordon Ziegenfuss and Lloyd Ziegenfus; and to the family and relatives of Ralph Edgar Ziegenfus; all of whom have furnished the data in years past to the author.

Rev. Dr. William J. Ziegenfus, 1700 Butler Pike, Apt 26C
Conshohocken, PA 19428
zman42@cavtel.net (2011)

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