Ziegenfuss Family History
Chapter 5, Matthias Ziegenfuss

Our Migration in Pennsyvania and Into the USA

Story by Rev. Dr. William J. Ziegenfus, 1700 Butler Pike, Apt 26C
Conshohocken, PA 19428
zman42@cavtel.net (2011)

The exact relationship of Matthias Ziegenfus to any of the immigrant families is not presently known. HIs name appears in the 1790 census as married with 5 sons and four daughters and residing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His name also does appear on the Bedminster Township Tax Lists for 1785 & 6, assessed for 100 acres of land, 2 horses and 2 cows. Since he was a resident of Bucks County it is most probable that he is related to some part of the founding family. Of his nine children, we have knowledge of only the descendants of 3 sons- Adam, Abraham and Henry. Unfortunately little more than names and scattered dates are all that is known. For what they may be worth to the family at some future date, I offer them to you.

1) Adam Ziegenfuss wed ??? had 3 children.
---A. Lavinia Z. wed ....King
---B. daughter wed .... Peysert
---C. Jacob Ziegenfuss wed 1-Anageline Hoffman 2-Juliann Quadenfield. He had 9 children:
-------1. Ellen (2) Ziegenfuss wed .....Wagner (William H. Wagner, Sr.) For a photo and other information on this family click here.
-------2.Agenline (2) Ziegenfus b. 1861 wed Edward R. Amerheim, b.1854, d. 1919
-------3. George (2) Franklin Ziegnefuss
-------4. Catherine Z. wed ....Lous
-------5. William Z.
-------6. Sarah Z. wed Adam Dimmick
-------7. Cornelius Z.
-------8. Adam Z.
-------9. Elias Ziegenfus, b. 1824, d. 1877 wed Elizabeth Swope, b. 1826, d. 1904. They had 13 children:
-----------a. William Z. b. 1850
-----------b. Franklin Z. b. 1853, had 2 daughters Lizzie & Mildred
-----------c. Angeline b. 1857 wed William High b. 11-28-1861, d. 3-11-1930
-----------d. Hannah Elizabeth Z. b. 1861, d. 1862
-----------e. Anna Hester Z. b. 1868 wed Gordon Haney
-----------f. Elias Z. b. 1855 wed Ida ....?
-----------g. Clara Z. b. 1867 d. 1872
-----------h. Emmas Jane Z. b. 1867 d. 1889
-----------i. George Z. b. 1859 d. 1862
-----------j. Sarah Z. b. 1855 wed Jacob Pearson
-----------k. Jacob Z. b. 1852 d. 1853
-----------l. Isaac Z. b. 1849, d.1889 wed Emma....
-----------m. Mary Etta Z. b. 1847 d. 1858

2) Abraham Ziegenfus, b. 1793, d. 1851 wed Catherine Yost, b. 1796, d. 18??. They had 8 children:
---A. Elizabeth Z. b. 10-22-1815
---B. Elias Z. b. 1-11-1816
---C. Caroline Z. b. 4-3-1818
---D. Levi Z. b. 9-3-1820
---E. Mary Ann Z. b. 7-16-1823
---F. Sarah Ann Z. b. 12-5-1827
---G. Catherine Z. b. 7-3-1836
---H. James Z. b. 9-6-1838, d. 1907 wed Anna Savilla, b. 1831, d. 1926. They had 6 children:
-------1. Emma Z. wed Albert Tranger
-------2. Ella Z. wed Milton Apple
-------3. Margaret Z. wed William Transue
-------4. Phlena Z. wed Elmer Funk
-------5. Clinton Z. wed ??, had 3 children:
------------a. Charles Z.
------------b. Edith Z. wed Erwin Fisher
------------c. Mabel Z.
-------6. Catherine Z. wed Phillip Barron
---I. Aaron Z. b. 1828, d. 1902 wed 1- Rosannna Arney, b. 1829, d.1859. He had 7 children:
-------1. Emma Jane Z. (1), b. 1857, d.1858
-------2. Mary Z. (1), wed ......Amey
-------3. Amanda Z. (2) wed Martin Grube
-------4. Harvey Z. (2), b. 1873 d. 1874
-------5. Henry Z. (2) wed Clara Kulp
-------6. daughter (2) wed Quintus Raub
-------7. Mahlon Z. (2) wed Emma B. Trach. They had 3 children:
------------a. Lloyd A. Z. b. ?? , d. 1969, wed Della May Christine. They had one daughter, Christine Lynn
------------b. Otto A. Z. wed Lulu Beck. They had one son, H. Theodore Z.
------------c. Mary Laura Z. wed Walter Kelchner

3) Henry Ziegenfus wed Nancy Nickum. They had 10 children:
---A. Elizabeth Z. wed S. Kinsley
---B. Sarah Z. wed Elias Benner
---C. Isaac Z. wed Late Cressman
---D. Anna Z. wed H. Stover
---E. Mary Z. wed F.. Hartman
---F. Abraham Z. died single
---G. Thomas Z. wed Lydia Sheip
---H. Jacob Z. wed Elizabeth Laubach
---I. Henry Z. wed Elizabeth Lambert. They had 2 children:
-------1. Elizabeth Z. b. 1831, d. 1892 wed Josiah Mann, b. 1825, d. 1892
-------2. William H. Z. b. 1826, d. 1915 wed Rosanna B. Kunsman, b. 1829, d. 1895. They had 8 children:
------------a. John Z.
------------b. Amanda Z. b. 1854, d. 1895 wed Henry Kliunkie
------------c. Emma Z. wed John J. Brau
------------d. Ellen Z. wed Allen Schrader
------------e. Annie Z. wed Oliver Peiffer
------------f. Clara Z. wed William Schaffer
------------g. Jacob Z. wed 1-Ellen Hixon, 2-Rosa Mossbach. He had one child, Mabel Z.
------------h. Edward P. Z. b. 1859, d. ??, wed Sara Ruch, b.1857, d. 1923. They had 5 children:
-----------------1. Eva Viola Z. b.1883, d. ?? wed Jacob Kauffman
-----------------2. Martha A. Z. b. 4-20-1885, d. 12-2-1893
-----------------3. Samuel P. Z. b. 1888, d. ?? wed Idella Rapp, b. 1883. d..?? They had 3 children:
-----------------------a. Edwin Kenneth Z. b. 1917
-----------------------b. Harold R. Z. b. 1922
-----------------------c. Truman Z. b. 1913
-----------------4. Stewart Z. b. 1896 d. ?? wed Cora Yost. They had 4 children:
-----------------------a. David Z.
-----------------------b. Paul Z.
-----------------------c. Franklin Z.
-----------------------d. Betty Z.
-----------------5. William Z. b. 1898, d. ?? wed Nettie Frey b. 1892. They had 4 children:
-----------------------a. Sara Viola Z. b. 1918
-----------------------b. Ruth Arlene Z. b. 1923
-----------------------c. Robert Henry Z. b. 1919
-----------------------d. Norman Z. b. 1912, d. 1919
---J. Peter Z. wed Mary Rosenberger. They had 11 children:
-------1. John Z. died single
-------2. Mary Z, wed Jonas Hillpot (For connection to this family click here and go to the eastern Pennsylvania Genealogy site of Josephine Stocker.)
-------3. William Z. died young
-------4. Ammanda Z. wed Aaron Wubbs
-------5. Emma Z. wed Daniel Hoffman
-------6. Lizzie Z. wed 1-Alfred Moyer 2-Daniel Hoffman
-------7. Katie Z. wed Pevare Heist
-------8. Sallie Z. b. 1849, wed George E. Boyer
-------9. Sophia Z. wed 1-Milton Wolf 2-Edward Carroll
-------10. Angeline Z. wed Reuben Crouthamel
-------11. Peter Z., b. 1847, d. ?? wed Lizzie Althouse, b. 1847. d. ??. They had 8 children:
-------------a. Thomas Z. b. 1868, d. ?? wed Sallie Seipe. They had 4 children:
------------------1. Frank Z.
------------------2. Lillie Z.
------------------3. Thomas Z.
------------------4. Edwin Z.
-------------b. Frank Z. b. 1870, d. 1874
-------------c. William Henry Z. b. 1874, d. ?? wed Ella Gilbert. They had one son, Charles Z.
-------------d. Anna Marie Z. b. 1872 wed Charles B. Knight
-------------e. Alma A. Z. b. 1872
-------------f. Albert Z. b. 1877
-------------g. Laura Z. b. 1882
-------------h. Lizzie Z. b. 1885

The material for this chapter came from the records of Mr. Lloyd A. Ziegenfuss of Hellertown, Pennsylvania which I (Rev. William J. Ziegenfus) copied in 1964. At the time I knew him, he was a house painter and employee of the maintenance staff of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa. Part-time he played piano with the Park Frankenfield Orchestra. He was the only member of this branch of our family I ever met, and served as one of our family historians during the 1930's along with Gordon D. Ziegenfus.

Rev. Dr. William J. Ziegenfus, 1700 Butler Pike, Apt 26C
Conshohocken, PA 19428
zman42@cavtel.net (2011)(written about 1975)

Annual Ziegenfus/Ziegenfuss Reunions

Annual Ziegenfus/Ziegenfus Reunions have been held near Allentown, PA since 1930, usually in August at the Macungie Memorial Park at the Quaking Aspen Grove, Rt. 100, Macungie, PA. The last notice that I have was of the 65th reunion in 1995. Officers at that time were President - Mrs. Florence Snyder (1029 Green St., Allentown, PA 18102), Vice-President - David Roth; Treasurer - Robert Ziegenfus; and Secretary - Donna Roth (907 Wyoming Street, Allentown, PA 18103)

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